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Cost of your ammo stock?

This is a discussion on Cost of your ammo stock? within the Ammo and Reloading forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Rifle ammo around $1500. Match ammo isn't cheap Pistol I would say close to $2500. I have too many calibers and keep a 200 rounds ...

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Rifle ammo around $1500. Match ammo isn't cheap

Pistol I would say close to $2500. I have too many calibers and keep a 200 rounds of hollow points in each and a lot of 9mm FMJ's for range use. My a lot probably is nothing compared to what some have
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Originally Posted by SteveAikens View Post
No. I have zero dollars wrapped up in anything related to guns or ammo.

I do have a significant investment in tools and training supplies that insure I can properly protect myself and others when necessary as I go through my daily life.
That is what I have as well.
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If I answer that question Homeland Security will have my house surrounded within an hour
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Originally Posted by rlpryer View Post
Ever think about how much you have wrapped up in ammo? Multiple calibers really add up. I have rounds for -
380, 9mm, 357 Sig, 40, 556, 17HMR, 22, 22mag, and 28 gauge AA. That's a lot of $$.

my sanity means a lot to me...
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I try not to go there.

When I think of how much money I have in ammo or guns, I want to crawl in bed and assume a fetal position for a few days.
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Originally Posted by SteveAikens View Post
No. I have zero dollars wrapped up in anything related to guns or ammo.
Same here
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I've probably been on Their list for a couple of years
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I'm quite fond of the 5"/38. Not practical for every day carry and tends to print even if you are wearing a tarp. Reloading components are expensive (as well as the hgh explosive rounds each requiring a tax stamp). Those BATFE guys are just no fun at all.

On the USS Vesuvius* AE-15(ammo ship, '65-'66) we had a 5"/38 fore and aft . . . on a non combat ship, this was a leftover from WWII, but made us feel a little more secure when deep down inside we knew even a BB-gun hit would turn us into a mushroom cloud.

The mighty Vesuvius' guns were singles, but still pretty cool.

*What kind of sick mind would name ammo ships after volcanoes?

As with airplanes and many other avocations, it's best I not know how much I've spent. Wife has a lot of cloths and shoes, no prob. I convinced here long ago that tools were off budget as far as my toy account goes.
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At least $15K at the moment.

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I shoot $500-1000 worth of ammo a month.
I like to have a few thousand rounds on hand for each caliber I own.
Don't remember how many calibers that is.

The cost of my ammo is continuous as I am constantly resupplying myself from last month.
It's a disposable commodity I enjoy using.
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My collection

I stock the following:

.45 ACP
.357 Magnum
12 gauge

have somewhere around $5K in ammo at any one time, at my house, and at my cabin.
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more then some, less then others, and always never enough.
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