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I "need" a new dedicated priming tool

This is a discussion on I "need" a new dedicated priming tool within the Ammo and Reloading forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Fellas, my "needs" just keep on coming! Since I started reloading 357 Sig in a single stage, I've found priming to be a pain in ...

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Old 01-10-2017, 12:24 PM   #1
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Question I "need" a new dedicated priming tool

Fellas, my "needs" just keep on coming!

Since I started reloading 357 Sig in a single stage, I've found priming to be a pain in the *** on the press. I use Lee components (safety prime Safety Primer Feed Small and Large - Lee Precision) and it just doesn't feel natural like it does on my turret press.

In the end, I'm looking for suggestions for priming off the press and I'm wondering about a dedicated bench mount primer...

Like this?? Auto Bench Prime - Lee Precision

Come on SigTalk, school me and give me ideas.
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I have the RCBS and it's not perfect, but it's pretty nice.

I really like being able to use primer tubes to load 100 at a time into the tool, I believe the LEE does something like that as well, and the best is the changeover from large to small primers is super fast and the priming is very consistent as well.

I would buy it again.
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I have a Lee hand primer that will convert from small to large. I like the feedback feel of the hand priming. No issues with it.
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Originally Posted by TN Paul View Post
I have a Lee hand primer that will convert from small to large. I like the feedback feel of the hand priming. No issues with it.
Same here, but that bench mount looks interesting too.

I tried using the press to prime years ago, never worked right for me, either crushed or sideways or whatever.

went to hand priming, works much better for me.
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+3 on the Lee hand primer.
All I have used for everything I reload for many years now.

Nothing like being able to feel that the primer is seated fully below flush of the rim.


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Make it +4 on the Lee...
It also allows you to get away from the "bench" too!!
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Add me in on the lee hand priming tool. Easy to use.
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Priming tools

i used a Lee hand primer for a long time, until it broke. Got the RCBS Universal Hand Primer

Universal Hand Priming Tool - RCBS

Like it so far,
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Never used the press to install primers. Started off with a RCBS hand held primer tool and have gone through a few thousand with it. Works fine for me.
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Hand priming is best. Just be careful when visiting pornographic sites. They're notorious for being hacked...so I've heard.
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Lee hand primer for the last thirty years so is all I use
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I used the Lee hand primer for rifle small and large but when the handle broke lee would not replace it unless I paid for the part because it was 3 years old.

I then bought a RCBS hand primer and they have a no BS life time warranty.

I can prime as many as 1,000 cases in a sitting and for such extended use the RCBS has better ergonomics (IMO)

I got a couple of the new style Lee and they are an improvement but still inferior to the RCBS (again, IMO) so I sold them

I use 2 RCBS one large one small just easier and even with a no BS warranty I like knowing if something goes down I am still priming

Try and handle both and see what fits for you.
A bench set up forces you to maintain too much of the same position. With a hand primer you can change your sitting position making it more comfortable but again, IMO
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Thanks fellas!

So, for those of you using the Lee hand primer...
is it this one?

Or is it this one?

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Mine looks like the 2nd hand primer. The one that you use your fingers, not the one that you use the thumb.
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The Ultimate Reloader does a nice review of both of Lee's stand alone priming offerings. Here is the link to the bench version and you should see the hand held version show up in the similar links on the right.
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