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How good is .380 ammo for ccw, really?

This is a discussion on How good is .380 ammo for ccw, really? within the Concealed Carry forums, part of the Gun Forum category; So, I keep going back and forth. I like carrying my Sig Ultra in 45. Sometimes, it's a little awkward depending on clothing and even ...

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Old 04-27-2017, 03:30 PM   #1
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How good is .380 ammo for ccw, really?

So, I keep going back and forth. I like carrying my Sig Ultra in 45. Sometimes, it's a little awkward depending on clothing and even places I frequent. I like the ease of the pocket carry .380 but is it really sufficient to stop a threat? Thoughts please.
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Yes. Much more efficient though in the warmer months when potential threats aren't wearing heavy jackets. But if you want to pocket carry, maybe consider a 938. It's the best of both worlds and the same manual of arms as your 1911.
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I'd think it better than 25 ACP but not as good as 45 ACP.

Honestly, I'm a believer that something is better than nothing. Are you going to thwart a terrorist attack at a shopping mall with a small 380? Likely not. (Unless you have mad mall ninja skills that I don't posses.) could you possibly fend off or stop a single attacker who wasn't particularly interested in dying that day? Probably so.

I know I feel much better prepared to protect myself with something than nothing.
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Oh, and shot placement is king.

Two well placed shots with a 380 trump two bad shots with a 45 every day.
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With today's bullet technology, a .380 is essentially as good as a 9MM was back around 10 or so years ago.

Carry with confidence.
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I wouldn't want to get shot with a .22 let alone a .380.
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I have a G42, great pocket carry. The ballistics test look good.
I rather carry this than a poor shooting not accurate pistol.
When I go to the range the G42 comes with me and I always put a box of shell
down range. I am getting better and better with it.
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Old 04-27-2017, 06:39 PM   #8
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I have both, a P-238 Equinox (.380) for summer carry and the 938 Equinox (9mm) for winter. Yes as stated above the 9mm pill penetrate winter clothing better the .380 is good for light clothing. Yes shot placement is a big factor. One well placed shot with a .22 will do the job Vs a miss with a .45.
There is very little difference between the 238 and 938. The 938 is slightly larger at a quick glance had to tell apart. The 938 barks a little louder and kicks more. Both are manageable......
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Old 04-27-2017, 06:53 PM   #9
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A .380 is quite effective, along with the 9x18 rounds. You gotta understand that ALL handgun ammunition suck for self defense. If you want to drop a guy with one shot get a shotgun or a rifle.

The .380 is responsible for millions of deaths during World War 2 next to the 9mm. Everything has changed since then. Even if you do FMJ's, a .380 isn't neccesarily going to pass through. But my favorite self defense ammo for the .380 is the Winchester Train and Defend 95 gr, and the Hornaday Critical Defense.

Don't pass up a .380, especially a double stack one. .380 ammo is super cheap too.
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Old 04-28-2017, 03:45 AM   #10
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Absolutely! The .380 is quite a potent little round, and in most cases no one is undergunned with it. I've carried it with no qualms. Now, you don't want to storm the beaches of Normandy with it, mind you, but, again, as a defense side arm it is more than adequate.
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I don't carry my Ruger LCP Gen 2 as my EDC. But if I'm walking my dog in my neighborhood I usually drop it in my pocket in a Remora holster, with an extra magazine in my weak side pocket. I feel pretty comfortable with it loaded with Speer Gold Dot 90 grain HP's that it will do the job if needed.
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I carry a P238 or a Walther PPK/S, both use .380, JHP Hornady Critical Defense ammo.

I am comfortable, at close range of 3-10', with these guns.

.380 ACP is gaining popularity with smaller carry guns. Ammo is great.
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I personally will not carry any caliber less powerful than 9mm. Having said that I wouldn't want to get shot with anything period. I may change my tune this summer while sporting shorts at the lake and go for an LCP.

.380 definitley beats nothing at all.
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Old 04-28-2017, 04:57 AM   #14
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You have to concider world wide the 380acp [ 9x17mm] and its close cousin that go by 9mm short in a number of translated names like 9mm Kurz . Then there is that close cousin , the 9mm makarov [ 9x18 ] used but those that did not adopt the 380 /9mm short .

Good round and if ever need given distance and skills but let the first shoot be followed by a few more !!

After all , most of us know the 45acp is not a gar-O-teed one shot man stopper ether .

We have several TCP 380's in the family that are reliable pistols and a couple to big for pocket carry bersa's like a 380 CC model and a 15 round bersa thunder plus a couple of the ladys have for carry options .
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The best .380 ammo for bipedal self-defense comes in .45 ACP.

I like living. The lives of my kids and me are too important to rely upon a .380. My rule of thumb, which might be different from other thumbs, is that bipedal self-defense cartridges begin at .4.
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