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New Sig P938 is nice

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Uhhh Great report until I had the picture of your safari shorts burned into my brain......
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Originally Posted by Zone5 View Post
I got lucky and pickup up a sig P938 Extreme yesterday. I am left handed and really liked the P238 I got for my wife 8 moths ago..but they made no ambi safety for it at the time.... plus I wanted more firepower in a easily concealed package. Do not be scared off by negative comments regarding shooting low, misfeeds excetra. this was my experience... I had 3 fail to eject in the first 4 mags with 115gr federal fmj.... took it home cleaned and oiled it and took it back to the range. It worked flawlessly with 115 gr federal fmj, 124 winchester fmj Nato load, 124 gr winchester pdx+P hollow, 124 gr fiochi extrema hollow.

A police officer happened to be giving a couple next lane over some tips on shooting and he recommend getting a gun for the wife like the 238 I was shooting ( his wife carries a 238). He was shocked to find it was the new 938 not a 238. I let him shoot it and he put 3 of 3 shots in the middle of the target at 21ft. His eyes glazed over!!!
It may not be for every one but I am very very happy with it. I paid $725 and got 2 mags ( 1extended and 1regular)...they are pricey

I posted this cause I was one of those guys starved for information and feedback and used to read anyones post that had an opinion on this newly released gun. I thing most people in the short term are going to luck up on a gun and have to make a quick decision if they purchase or not...cause if you don't the next person will.
The cost benefit decision though is personal.
Hope this helps someone!!!!
Thanks for the info. I just posted my first thread today on the very same gun. I hope to purchase it in the near future.
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What is the felt difference in size and weight between the P938 and P238?

I have three sub-compact 9mm's and have settled into the Ruger LC9 because of caliber, weight and size for my CCW/off-duty carry. It is not perfect, I hate the trigger pull, but I am working on it.

I had been looking at the P238 but I am not sold on the .380 for caliber yet. I am a 1911 fan so the platform works for me. I bought my 1st .380 two years ago when I picked up a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380. I like the concept of a pocket gun for year round carry but still on the fence for the round.

Taking the .380 out of the do you like the P238 vs the P938?

Have you had any cycling issues with the P238?

The GF likes the feel of the P238, even more so when she saw the Lady version! Geez that's ugly but the women have the added category of 'cute' in their requirements for CCW.

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Originally Posted by ScottD View Post

Ammo shot was:
Winchester WB 115
Federal champion 115
Blazer brass 115
Hornady duty 135gr
I hate the Winchester WB! I had no feed problems ever from my duty gun for 12 years until we switched to it for our range ammo. That could be a culprit for some of your feed/ejection problems. I expect a problem of two out of the Blazer but I will take the annoyance because of the low price of the ammo when going out to the range.

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Not sure on the exact weight differences they are so similar in size. I can tell which is which if I have one in my left pocket and one in my right. As I said earlier in a post that my wife loves the 238 which has extremely mild kick...the 938 has a slightly more powerful kick but well worth the comfort of the bigger caliber
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very happy with my 938 extreme (early oct 2012 manu date). 300 rounds of target ammo and zero problems. the trigger started to lighten up a bit and i put the houge wraparound grip on it because i like the bump. ran a couple of mags of hornady critical defense ammo through it and it worked great. very pleased with the accuracy for such a small gun. the firs time out at 15' everything was in the 8 ring or tighter. very easy to handle, my 13 year old even likes it. haven't tried +p and i probably won't i don't see the need for me to carry it with that load. picked up a couple of extra mags from gunbroker for $35/piece.
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I have both the 938 and the 238.. The 938 does not fit in the kydex holster that came with the 238..Just a tad wider..The 938 is less than a half inch longer.. Height is the same... I found that a old 1911 holster worked great for the 938...Hoping to get a cross draw holster from Concealment Solutions once Jason has the time to complete the design... Still in the breaking in process due to all the rain here in Oregon.... I found after a lot of dry fire practice the trigger smoothed up a lot...Looking forward to the +500 round count...470 to go... First 30 were a blend on 124gr factory and failures so far...Damn those mags are a bitch for the last round...
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