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That time of year again: back to basics

This is a discussion on That time of year again: back to basics within the Gun Tactics forums, part of the Gun Forum category; *warning- Words * Does your training regiment include a deliberate back to the basics element? I love training. I can quite easily become consumed by ...

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That time of year again: back to basics

*warning- Words*

Does your training regiment include a deliberate back to the basics element?

I love training. I can quite easily become consumed by training and it's easy to get into the habit of progressions. Get this skill set down, build on it to achieve the next skill set: 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m....etc. Not training time would be a series of preparations for the next training session, eat sleep in order to train. Down time was a progression of unwinding and reset in order to come back fresh, a properly executed recovery day- sleep "x" hours, rise, drink this much of that, spin achieve "x" heart rate, maintain, lower heart rate, stretch, meditate, eat this not that. Rest, get up get active, but not stressed, make sure you laugh this much, breath heavily, remember what life smells like (don't experience too much- life is messy, brings distraction, unhelpful stress), run for fun, stop when you don't need to run when you don't need to, today I'm lighter than yesterday?- check- move to tomorrow. progression.

Back to the basics would be stretching before a jump into and time in the box. Dime and washer drills seemed more an exercise in discipline (Seriously Sarg'? I'm wet, cold, tired, I've got more sand in my underwear than we left on the beach and you want D&W's now? -Now.-yes Sergeant.) Using bino's to find a paperclip and other random items in the grass 10' away was time to bs with your co-sufferers than it was basics training.

I got into bowhunting and archery a number a years ago and when I began to take it too seriously I developed an archery training regiment to help me succeed better the following year. Every year after all the seasons were over and I'd stepped away long enough I would go back to the basics and work back through those.....progressions.

I'd loose 15 or so pounds off the draw, step point blank away from a backstop and blind bail for days on end. Then blank bail. Then tag dots a few feet away paying detailed attention to the shot progression. shoot from a sitting, various kneeling, squatting, crouching and standing positions. Time drills, draw and hold drills, let down drills. Participate in a schedule of paper target leagues, then animal target leagues, field leagues, 3d/hunter league, 3d tournaments. Intentional to incrementally turn up the draw weight until I regained the 15 or so pounds months later a couple of weeks before the summer. all the while maintaining a regiment of basics drills. I'd follow a similar habit concerning equipment, tear it down, revist, tweak, change, introduce something new, etc. Come Aug I'd head into the box every December I'd pop back out, wash, rinse- repeat. follow?

Now, I'm a (present) husband and father. I have a job that doesn't pay me to train nor use said training. My efforts to train are often interrupted with picking up dog poop and school board meetings and holding hands and explanations of why Spiderman is his favorite. I worry more about what they are eating than what I need to eat, how much sleep should a preteen get and am I shouldering enough that my bride is, get some. So worth the experience.

This year the wife developed some odd grip glitch, and I got so into aiming with my thumbs and gun (rather than exact sight alignment), body close engagements, creating space, using your body, being reminded what it is to stay on task while taking punches or having someone intent to tear your ear off that I'd gotten away from that guarantee exact 1st shot placement. Follow? Basics became dry fire and working the trigger reset, draw and aim (with my thumbs first ) rather than basic gun technique. I picked up the kids .22 intent to stack rounds with the iron lack of attention to the basics showed up quick.

Recently the wife managed a session with a trainer she learns from, on they way out she spies on a training calendar a course that is more about basics than progressions. Says that's what she wants for Christmas..... D&W's are about discipline and basics; do you have the discipline to work the basics, to be instructed -re-instructed- in the basics, even when you'd rather not, will you determine yourself to re-learn from someone? Humility and being teachable is a skill set.
It is the perfect time of year.

So how's about you, do you "start over" on an annual basis?
What does that look like for you?
We are doing a shooting science course (walking through understanding the science of technique and welcoming critique) and I'm getting back into some precision work.
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All I can say is WOW.
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Nice post!
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