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This is a discussion on Looking for Recommended Training Schools within the Gun Tactics forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Originally Posted by larry8061 Ok, ok....geeesh already...... Now, to MY point. As per usual I got the name wrong. Black Rock is big time investing, ...

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Originally Posted by larry8061 View Post
Ok, ok....geeesh already......

Now, to MY point. As per usual I got the name wrong. Black Rock is big time investing, Black Water is bang bang. So apparently if you want to learn illegal and pointless uses for a carbine read on. If not never mind.

I did get an email back and yes the "course" does exist and yes, no pre requisites. However, Black Water,is not offering civilian instruction in 2016, which explains why the calender won't come up.

Caveat #2.... if however, 5+ people want a class (or that class) they will teach it. I did find a thread on line from someone who did take the apparently illegal and pointless course and had a great time and learned a LOT. With Sigs increased pricing this an even better deal. Learning from the best no matter the field holds a great appeal to me even if what I learn is apparently illegal and pretty much pointless.
Did Blackwater/Xe/Academi say they were offering absolutely ZERO civvy training in 2016, or just a particular course you specified?

FYI, I've trained with an ex Blackwater guy who now does private instruction and is also an LEO instructor. In my book, that place is top notch and I've thought of getting a custom class together tailored to whatever the consensus wants for home/self defense. Is five really all they want to do one? If so, that should be a piece of cake. I know two people not including myself that already said they would go down to the Great Dismal Swamp for a couple of days in a heartbeat.
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While we are on the subject of illegal and pointless training.....anyone have any experience with E.A.G. Tactical?
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Tom and Lynn Givens at rangemaster
Great guy and a great instructor
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Originally Posted by Amsdorf View Post
Asymmetric Solutions, Farmington, MO is one option that is not wholly out of reach for you. We've had folks come down from Chicago. They offer truly top-notch classes and training. All their basic handgun classes are focussed keenly on the civilian shooter interested in self-defense of self, family, home. Their more advanced classes are awesome, and yes, you do get a taste of some operating operationally, but the basic courses are awesome. Basics of Tactical Shooting, Pistol I, II, III ... superb.

Also, Larry Vickers offers great classes, but if you had a few basic classes, you would probably benefit more from him. He is coming to the Springfield, IL area Oct 2016. I'm going to sign up again to take the same classes with him I took with him last time he was in the area.
My inaugural post - took a basic class from Asymmetric recently (my first exposure to anything like it). I have signed up for another one. The instructors we had were really good at least IMO. I have other more experienced friends and they speak highly of it as well.
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ou and your wife should head for Gunsite in Paulden, AZ. Their 250 Pistol class will give you a very solid grounding in combat mindset, situational awareness, marksmanship, and proper operation of your firearm/manipulation (gun-handling) will become reflexive. It will also give you a solid base to tune your antennae to Bovine Scatology (B.S.) Trainers/Training.

Gunsite is the training facility every other school wishes it could be. The only place that ever came close in both caliber of training cadre and facilities was Thunder Ranch when it was in Texas. It also offers training for shotgun, carbine, rifle, and Long Range Rifle as well as edged and improvised weapons, and advanced level training curricula in all of the arms.

Additionally, graduates of Gunsite (Ravens)are a loosely-knit family. A Raven can ask for advice or help from another Raven anywhere in the country and the call will be answered. Check it out.

After going to Gunsite, go to Thunder Ranch Oregon with Clint Smith (he used to be the Rangemaster at Gunsite before starting TR). Then try The Rogers School. It is purely a shooting school, and you will get a lot out of it.
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