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This is a discussion on Eye Candy - My Preetiest Firearm within the Guns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; This is a customized Winchester Model 12 Shotgun in 12 Gauge. It was manufactured in 1916 and is now at least a hundred years old. ...

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Old 01-05-2017, 08:27 AM   #1
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Eye Candy - My Preetiest Firearm

This is a customized Winchester Model 12 Shotgun in 12 Gauge. It was manufactured in 1916 and is now at least a hundred years old.

I purchased it about 5 years ago from a local person needing funds for his Mom with medical issues. I ended up buying several firearms from the gentleman. I did not and subsequently do not know him. My purchases were based upon what I considered fair to me and what he ask for the guns.

His story is this shotgun was customized by a Mr. Harry Dale of Birmingham, Alabama, a gunsmith, who was deceased. He stated this gun was customized by Mr. Dale in the Mid-1960's. Supposedly, Mr. Dale also plated one firearm for John Wayne. So the story goes. There was no reason to lie to me other than maybe passing on a story. My purchase were based upon the gun and not the provenance. The seller had no tales about the other firearm I purchased.

My photo skills do not do this shotgun justice. The barrel has been shortened to 18 & 1/2". The smooth services to including the barrel, portions of the slide and the flat surfaces of the receiver are all a highly polished nickel finish. The other metal surfaces have a satin nickel finish. It is hard to see in my pictures but it is striking how the surface finishes change on a single piece of metal. The screws have all been nickeled. The lettering and numbering on both sides of barrel, and the serial number under the receiver are very distinct and easily readable.

Again, the old gun looks far better than the pictures depict. Hope you enjoy the pictures all the same.
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WOW - She's a beauty - Congrats!! Thanks for sharing your pics too!

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Beautiful !
I'd be tempted to contact Winchester about it
Plus a Winchester Forum to see if You could locate
an Old barrel that was made around that time.
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Beautiful!!!! Anyone would be very proud to own it and show it off. Hold onto it and pass it on someday to someone else who will appreciate it.
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Wow! Never saw that one before.
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Beautiful finish, on a classic. You're right about the "polished" meeting the "frosted" nickel, has a distinct touch. I may be wrong, but if it was originally nickel plated, it would have been polished nickel from that time frame. With that short of barrel, you may want to look for some faint cartouche on the buttstock, as it may have been made for the trenches in France.
True "collectability" was lost, when it was "refinished" 50+ years ago, just as many other classics were in the period after World War II, from the 50s through the later 60s.
It is still a beautiful weapon, and a feather in the cap of the artisan involved. Thanks for sharing!
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Old 01-05-2017, 11:42 AM   #8
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I love the model 12. My dad had a set of them, 12, 16 and 20 gauge. His 12 was his father's gun. I used it as my primary gun (duck and goose hunting) for many years. Had to quit using it after steel shot became the law because it was only for 2 3/4 inch. As far as I know there was never a 3 inch version of the Model 12. It is a very well built gun. Very solid and smooth action. My two favorite "old" shotguns are the Model 12 and the Browning A5.
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Awesome shotgun!!

I inherited a Model 12 that was my grandfathers. I have probably used it too much but its a great shotgun
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A real beauty.
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Thumbs up

Amazing! Thank you for sharing.
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Incredible....just gorgeous. I saw the thread title and thought about my nickel M4 but.....never mind.
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Old 01-06-2017, 01:11 AM   #13
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Gorgeous, thanks for sharing. How does it shoot?
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Thanks all for the nice comments.

The shortened barrel does remind me of a trench gun.

First thing I did was ensure it was chambered for 2 & 3/4" shells. Then I put just under a box of bird shot thru it. It is a very tight gun, and I doubt it was shot much after it was customized. It is a devil to clean-up since any and every little speck or smudge jumps out at you.

It might make for a good quail gun. I suspect there would be a lot of snickering from other hunters and possibly even from the bird dawgs.
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