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Help me understand the .22 LR

This is a discussion on Help me understand the .22 LR within the Guns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Originally Posted by PatFranklin .. So, we always hear that more people are killed with .22s than any other caliber combined. First, what my findings ...

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Originally Posted by PatFranklin View Post

So, we always hear that more people are killed with .22s than any other caliber combined.

First, what my findings are thus far: .22 LR is the second most deadly caliber behind the .357

Second: the .22 LR is the third least incapacitating caliber.

How can we reconcile the above conflicting data?

Based on the first stat, can it still stand that the .22 has killed more people than any other caliber combined?

If true, can someone show me a study that quantifies the .22 caliber death rate as compared to other calibers in terms of the numbers of people shot?
I do not believe that it is "deadlier" than the .357.

You have to be careful interpreting the data from your research.

I would suspect - without seeing your data - that the .22LR is probably associated with more deaths by shootings, both intentional and accidental, than any other caliber???

Guns chambered in .22LR are VERY PLENTIFUL, available in countless brands, new and old, revolvers and semi-automatics, pistols and rifles, and they can be obtained DIRT CHEAP compared to any other caliber.

Does the data you have discount accidental deaths from things like juveniles playing with guns?

If I'm not mistaken it is a pretty common knowledge that .22LR bullets tend to deform or fragment so much that ballistics tracing is seldom possible.
Either way, they are so DIRT CHEAP that they are easily a throw-away gun for those "special criminal needs" because it costs practically nothing to get another.

Do the statistics capture data such as distances that they are typically used? Or locations where the shooter hit the victim? A .22LR enters a skull and just ricochets around turning the brain into mincemeat.

Statistics can be a funny thing. They are easily misinterpreted and incorrect conclusions drawn from them; especially when the data is incomplete.
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There's also the whole "Golden BB" thing. That round entered under the officer's armpit and traveled down into his aorta. Almost ANY round hitting his body at the same point and same angle would/could have had the same lethality.

Paul Carlisle, on my watch and a friend, was on a traffic stop downtown Oakland. Guy didn't have ID, Paul got him out and told him to put his hands on the police car roof for a pat down. Guy said, let me take my jacket off, Paul said okay. Guy started to do that and drew a .38 from small of back. Swung around and shot Paul, the bullet entering under Paul's arm (missing the vest) and travelling by *just by* his spine.

The bad guy was on parole for being accessory to an execution murder during a gas station robbery - made the attendant kneel. He got 17 years for shooting Paul. Don't know if he got out early.

Paul got a life sentence of paralysis from the waist down. Paul died a few years ago - he was younger than me.

Paul did not control the suspect, should never have agreed to let him take off his coat. I was at the other side of the city as they needed an evidence tech for that end of town. I'll always remember that night . . .
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Tragic, Bumper. So sorry to hear of your friend, Paul. 17 years???

I recall riding with an observer on midnights (a guy interested in becoming a cop) and a call went out of an in-progress burglary - roof job - in which detectives had a surveillance on a known black bag gang. Instructed to switch to car-to-car radio channel I was directed to park my patrol car at the end of the block and walk in behind the business thru the alleyway. I killed the headlights and parked. As I got out of the car and started down the pitch-black alley I looked back and saw my observer still sitting. I walked back to the car and asked, "Do you wanna come with me or stay here?" He replied, "I wouldn't walk down that alley for a million bucks." Smiling at him I said, "If you become a cop you're gonna do it for a lot less." He withdrew his application that morning after shift.
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Pat, the men and women of the police forces across America definitely deserve to be paid a lot more for what you do.

Years ago, before Obama and his bottom-feeding followers demonized LEOs and drove a wedge between races and between blacks and Law Enforcement, I began to think about what it is really like for patrol officers. I've had my share of "pull overs" due to my personal disagreements with the posted speed limits. But I never really thought about the job much beyond that.

But a few years ago, there was a young officer in Huntsville, Alabama who pulled over a suspected drunk driver. It should have been just another routine stop to keep our streets safe from drunk drivers. The officer walks up to the car, and I'm sure he approached it as he was trained to do. But the intoxicated driver, an old man, had a gun waiting and shot the officer in the face, killing him.

That's when I really started to think about all those men and women out there that face serious "unknowns" every day. Never knowing what will happen with the next traffic violation, or knocking on someone's door, or with the hell in this country thanks to Obama, just sitting in their patrol cars.

I don't see how LEOs still go out there and do their jobs.

And I can say that I would be willing to pay a little extra tax if it was guaranteed to go to my local law enforcement agencies to increase their pay and health benefits, and to make sure they are properly equipped and well trained. You sure deserve it.
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