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Home defense 12 gauge shotgun?

This is a discussion on Home defense 12 gauge shotgun? within the Guns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Currently we've got a KSG doing HD duty for the shotgun catagory....

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Old 08-24-2016, 04:11 AM   #31
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Currently we've got a KSG doing HD duty for the shotgun catagory.
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I would recommend the Remington 870 or the Mossberg 590. I have the Rem 870P magnum and got it for about $450 I believe. Either of these are great options.

Now if you want to go a little less expensive, but still want a solid shotgun, the Maverick 88 by Mossberg is a great choice. For less than $300 you get a nice gun that will serve well for home defense. I had a 8+1 gun, and it shot well.
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If you're going for nothing fancy, Mossberg 500. 2 or 3 times a year, Cabelas will have a sale on a home defense shotgun (18.5in barrel) that comes with a 28in barrel for the field for $399.00. Lately, I've been shooting trap with it.


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+1 for the Mossy 590A1
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The Mossberg 590A1 with a light built into the pump or added aftermarket makes an excellent home defense weapon. The factory police version with the Insight light needs a steel plus 2 magazine extension. The 9 shot military version of the 590A1 needs the Surefire pump-light to avoid the bayonet lug. There are less expensive ways to add a light, but a light in the pump keeps it fast and simple.

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Benelli M4 if you have the funds other wise I recommend an 870. I don't like Mossbergs much. Mossberg feels flimsy to me and I don't like the safety on top of the receiver. My muscle memory is for safety on the back of the trigger guard.

I wanted the Benelli M4 but at almost $2,000 I couldn't justify it. I went hard the other way and got a Rem 870 "Tactical"and paid about $450 for it. I hate the fact that they call it tactical but if you can get past that it's a great SD shotgun. It's basically an 870 Express but with a scope rail and ghost ring sights. Also comes with a door breach choke tube. Holds 7 rounds (6 +1)

I added a Mesa Tactical Urbino stock and an Arch Angel 7-round side saddle shell holder (the shell holder covers up the word "Tactical" on the side of the receiver so that makes me feel better). I have a light mount that I can use if I want for night use and if so I just attach the Surefire Fury for that purpose. I am really happy with this 870 and glad I didn't spend the $2k on the M4.
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Elzetta makes a good shotgun light mount for the Mossberg, and is about $38.


Considering one for my AR.
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Also remember this, VP Biden said to buy one and to discharge a few shots into the air if you're worried about home protection. And I believe he said it's a lot harder to aim an AR 15 than a shotgun, and a lot harder to use an AR 15. Who would need 30 rounds to protect yourself?

Do you really want four more years of this BS and morons in charge? Go Trump!

Nuff said.
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I have a Mossberg Model 500 ATP. It was a former Alabama State Trooper gun and a police trade-in. It has a 20" barrel with a 8 round magazine tube. Total capacity is 9 rounds when you have one in the chamber. The round count is reduced by 1 round when you use 3" shells. In the acronym ATP, the A means 12 gauge and the TP stands for Tactical Police.

Its second career places it behind the night stand next to my bed.

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I have had several over the years, the one I miss the most is an Ithaca 37, 8 shot with a 20" barrel. They didn't have a disconnector in the trigger assembly. You could hold the trigger back, and basically "slam fire" the magazine empty. Years ago I was out to the range with the local PDs SWAT team. One of their members had a highly modified model 1100 Remington. We timed both of them 8 rounds rapid fire.... and I beat him.
Another fond memory is of Winchester 1200 Defender, another 8 shot pump with 20" barrel.
Currently I've got an 870, that I had the Scattergun Technologies initial refurbish on for $165, back when they first started in Nashville, TN. That's what I carried most of the time I was a cop, except for a short period I had an 11-87 Police 7 shot, with the 18" barrel.
Got a 6 round shell holder on the left side of the receiver, and a 5 round shell holder on the right side of the "Youth" length buttstock, and a G.G.& G. wrist mounted sling loop for a single point sling.
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Originally Posted by haldir View Post
I grew up in a Remington family... I bought one of those fancy 870 tactical hd shotguns and have pretty much decided it was a silly purchase. I already had shotguns including a Wingmaster with 18 inch open choke barrel. So I bought this other for two extra rounds? Silly...
Yes especially since that Wingmaster is a better gun and you could buy the mag tube extension!
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Here's mine! 870P with surefire G2X in Elzetta mount. I may add a magpul sga stock for the shorter lop but that's it. Make it as simple and light as possible.
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Remington 870 Synthetic Express Tactical with Streamlight TLR-1. Loaded with 00 Buck & slugs. Considering changing to 0 Buck. Replaced the stock with a 12" LOP Hogue overmolded. The standard 14" LOP stock was just too long for me. On my to do list is to make a 1/2" spacer as the 12" is just a bit short.
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Ken, have you considered a pistol for home defense? It's quicker and easier to pick a pistol and aim in on your target than a shotgun. Also, it's much easier to conceal in a convenient location.
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Remington 11-87 Tactical. no need for anything else.
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