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Why do I want a Legion?

This is a discussion on Why do I want a Legion? within the Legion Series forums, part of the SIG Sauer Pistols category; Originally Posted by GoneBallisticInAlabama Okay. Maybe you meant to quote someone else? Clueless I am maybe, I'm not following you . . please explain?...

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Originally Posted by GoneBallisticInAlabama View Post
Okay. Maybe you meant to quote someone else?

Clueless I am maybe, I'm not following you . . please explain?
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Originally Posted by bumper View Post
Production started on the P229 in 1992, it was designed for the higher power of the 40 S&W, the .357 SIG came along a couple of years later. Thus most of the older SIGs you'll find for sale are in 40, some in 357 (they easily interchange with a barrel swap).

I mention this as many, myself included, have a preference for the earlier guns - up to about the mid-'00's. SIG was at the top of their game, and cost saving steps under Cohen hadn't kicked in. These guns will have no rail . . . which I think came out around 2005 IIRC.

If you want a 40 with no rail, this is still a good time to find one, even though used prices apper to have increased about $100 in the last couple of years. The LEO going to 9mm, had a glut on the market for some time. Prices for nice ones in DA/SA will now be 5 to 6 hundred with the occasional smoking good deal. DAK versions are $100 less, and unless you want DAK, skip those.

To the cost of the gun you might add $50 for short reset kit, if you want (I like it) and maybe new sights. When you're done, you'll have an irreplacable keeper. Here's one I got recently for $625 (out the door) in satin nickel - I added the SRT kit and did several bumper mods.

With apologies as I've posted this before - guess I need to take more photos

That is the second time I have seen that photo of that gorgeous pistol, and it is causing me to have seriously impure thoughts.
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Life is short and there are no promises for tomorrow. Purchase what you want so long as it doesn't put you in the poor house.
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Sometimes it's about triage order. Lol
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Originally Posted by DerBiermeister View Post
I could rave about all the upgrades too, but that would just be piling on.

Let me cut to the chase -- the gun felt absolutely perfect the moment I picked it up. From there, in my lgs, I quickly went on to discover the great trigger and the incredible reset -- all on a stock gun right out of the box.

I've shot the gun a lot and from all the reading I've done, I know that even this great trigger can be improved upon. But ........ Danged if I can figure out if I need it!
That is what hit me instantly. I was in my LGS the other day picking up some powder for my .223 loads. I took it up and set it on the counter, and made the mistake of going to the gun counter. As I was looking at a couple others, the boy behind the counter handed me a 229 in 9mm, the minute I had it in my hand I knew it was for me.

A Legion will soon be my EDC as long as I find the right holster and see how it conceals.

I was truly struck by how it felt in my hand, and the feel of the trigger was, well, perfect IMO. Not to mention it was purdy!
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