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This is a discussion on Urban Carry Holster within the P238, P938 Pistol forums, part of the SIG Sauer Pistols category; Originally Posted by Sigandcz If a standard holster is not your thing then take a look at Sneaky Pete holsters;- SneakyPete . I occasionally use ...

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Old 08-10-2016, 07:27 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by Sigandcz View Post
If a standard holster is not your thing then take a look at Sneaky Pete holsters;- SneakyPete. I occasionally use one for my P238. They do not have a version for the P938 with the Hogue Rubber Grips.
Another alternative is a PDA Holster:- PDA Holsters - Firearms Concealment Made Easy. Again for occasional use with my P938.
Both these holsters are a lot less ungainly to access than the video in the second post, and are worn in positions similar to regular holsters. Watching that video actually made me cringe, and as was stated above, I expected the guy's underwear appear and a flying pistol to hit him in the face.
Grandkids and Myself play a game called find the gun when we are out in stores, the grocery store, public .. they know I carry and are well schooled on what to do in case there is an SD incident ..

But anyway the Sneaky Pete Holsters are the easiest to find of all the carry methods that they can pick out so it really does not conceal your weapon very well .. if a 12 year old child can pick it out its not very concealed even though it does hide it from view from most people but anyone that has ever picked up a gun magazine knows your carrying a pistol .. I would rather no one knows that I am armed even others with conceal carry weapons .. The matter of complete surprise might save your life ..
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I keep my EDC holster extremely simple. An inexpensive belt slide holster with an un-tucked shirt over it. I think I spent all of $20 on this one. (Shirt tucked in for illustration) Very comfortable, even in a bucket seat.
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Comfort of the holster is more about where you wear it than the holster itself. You can buy a cheap sleeve holster that can be worn IWB or OWB and clocked in any position to see where is the most comfortable place to carry. For the P938, I found a nice leather pancake holster with sweat guard OWB at 3 o'clock works best for me.

Sleeve Holster

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Old 08-12-2016, 08:53 PM   #19
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I got one of the TechnaClips for my 238 and I love the way it carries!
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Old 11-10-2016, 10:00 AM   #20
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Has anyone seen or worked with the new holster Urban Carry made, its called the G2. I have been hesitant about buying the original due to certain reviews but this new holster from the videos looks like a breeze to draw, even for more heavy set men like myself. Not sure of the design but this could be an option if it is that easy to draw as well, I can't even see any kind of imprint at all which is a big plus.
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Old 11-10-2016, 10:34 AM   #21
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I tried the urban carry holster and maybe I ordered one too small, but the 238 I had didn't secure very well. So I sent it back.

I mainly pocket carry both my 238 and my 938, and I use a modified Sig concealment holster (took off the pancake flap that is supposed to stop printing). It works great for both the 238 and 938.

When I carry iwb, my favorite is the N82 tactical holster. It is by far the most comfortable for me (I'm a bit large). I also like the way the gun locks into the holster, requiring a slight twist to release it, and it fits both guns perfectly. I ordered the one for the 238, and lucked out the 938 fits too.

I also have a sneaky pete, and while the quality is awesome, everyone knows you are carrying a gun. I do have it in my holster box tho. I do use their magazine holders for the pocket carry of all my spare magazines. This is a neat item.

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Old 11-14-2016, 10:13 AM   #22
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I went with the N82 tactical holster and Desantis pocket holster.
Haven't used the N82 holster yet because I've been pretty happy with the pocket holster. But now the winter months are coming I am going to give the N82 IWB a good try. Never carried IWB before so I'm sure it will take some getting used to.
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Old 01-31-2017, 05:17 AM   #23
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try a **** iwb holster. my p938 is my daily carry and i have used that holster every day well almost two years. like any holster it will need some break in time but it is a great holster and hold the firearm very well.. i have even ran a 5k while wearing the holster. never once did it come out

keeps it nice and close to the body

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Old 02-04-2017, 11:10 AM   #24
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I've been using a SmartCarry holster for years with my 938 and for my XDs. Very comfortable IF you orient it so that your gun is around you left pocket (for right handed people). It's ok up front the way they demonstrate it, but after a while it becomes uncomfortable. I also occasionally use one of those neoprene belly bands. Also comfortable and you can wear it in multiple locations. I mainly use that if I'm going to be in the car for long periods.

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Old 03-04-2017, 05:22 PM   #25
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Belt holster at 4 o'clock for me.
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I'm suspect of any holster the demos do not show being drawn from a seated position. Since I spend more time seated than I do standing it's a no go for me.
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For standard 3-4:30 IWB carry, nothing beats a Milt Sparks Leather Co. Versa-MaxII or EX.
For a pocket holster, get a Pocket Concealment Systems holster. For appendix carry, anything made of kydex that fits You and covers the trigger and trigger guard is the best solution.

A "belt slide" or "Yaqui Slide" type holster is great for casual range wear when shooting handguns of the same type with different barrel lengths, but for everyday carry (EDC), just sitting down in a chair can cause the pistol to be pushed out of the holster, which can either be just embarrassing/aggravating or cause you some legal problems. They also do not protect the muzzle or slide from nicks or scratches.
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Originally Posted by royal View Post
I'm suspect of any holster the demos do not show being drawn from a seated position. Since I spend more time seated than I do standing it's a no go for me.
That's because you basically can't draw from that holster sitting down. I tried one for a few minutes with an M&P Shield and I can also say that the draw is not as smooth as in the videos. Also, in the case of the Shield, the size they suggested was too small for the gun. For the Shield, in the size they suggest, the pistol couldn't get under the belt line to offer the deep concealment that is the main point. It rode high enough that it was basically an IWB appendix carry and it was rather painful.

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NOPE.....Way too much to get it out, even standing, and no draw from a seated position...Dangerous in my book.

I carry a 229 SSE @ 4:00-4:30 in a Nightingale IWB, with a new 1 week old Bigfoot Gun Belt (18oz steel core) and no issues with sagging...In fact this morning, I was standing there, going thru the mail, and forgot I had it on, until i started walking. Even then, I just felt the gun against me, not the weight pulling my pants....Great Belt, and the holster is a perfect match for my rig... I've been wearing it for a week, everyday, all day, at the office, at home, while driving, and it doesn't bother me like my saggy belt days.
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