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This is a discussion on P938 Nitron Range Report, Part 3 within the P238, P938 Pistol forums, part of the SIG Sauer Pistols category; Yesterday, I fired my 1,835th round, came home, and changed the recoil and firing pin springs for the first time. Since Iíve almost got 2,000 ...

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P938 Nitron Range Report, Part 3

Yesterday, I fired my 1,835th round, came home, and changed the recoil and firing pin springs for the first time. Since Iíve almost got 2,000 rounds through the gun, I thought Iíd write a little "Part 3" to my P938 journey. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here.

Since I got the gun back from Sig in July (upgraded mag catch and polished feed ramp) and switched ammo, Iíve had 900 flawless rounds through the gun. Since my Part 2 Range Report, the VZ grips with the modification (rounded off the edges near the MSH) have been fantastic. I still really like the Crossbreed IWB MiniTuck holster and IWB mag holders. I bought a single mag holder and have been using it exclusively. I donít see a need to carry around two mags everywhere, plus the single mag holder is a lot smaller. For right now, I feel no need to change anything else (trigger, sights, etc.).

Regarding accuracy, since I took a shooting course back in May, I have changed two things which have seriously improved my accuracy with the P938. The first thing I did was watch Chris Sajnogís video on front sight focus (linked below). I was so impressed with the video that I bought his book ďNavy SEAL Shooting,Ē which also helped a lot. Using those resources from Sajnog helped me tighten my groups up. But I found that I was still shooting high and to the right with the P938 no matter what I tried, which was very frustrating. I did some more digging into possible causes, and did a lot of trouble-shooting at the range. It turns out that I still had a serious flinch issue, which boiled down to a problem of trigger-control and relaxing. Iíve been working on that for the past few weeks, and I am no longer shooting high/right. The fix was to stop myself if I found myself tensing up before a shot, relax and breath, and then focus on the front sight again and getting a clean, smooth press. I also changed my grip (hard to explain in writing). When I concentrate sufficiently, I can get a tight group at the center of a target out to 25 yards, and Iím confident I could go farther if I wanted to. I canít yet do it reliably, though. I still get occasional flyers, but Iíll keep working on it. The P938 is definitely ďsnappy,Ē and so controlling the recoil reaction and relaxing during shooting are very important. I dry fire almost every night and go to the range once a week. Now I never go ďfor fun,Ē I always go for verification and practice to feed into dry fire, which feeds into live fire, etc. Also, I go to the range less (once a week now), and shoot more ammo each time (200 rounds or so with each gun).

Regarding maintenance, I no longer clean the gun and mags after every range trip. Now I clean the gun every two range trips (300-400 rounds), and the mags (4 7-rounders) every 4 range trips (600-800 rounds). I just recently replaced the springs (after 1,800+ rounds) and will do so every 1,500 or so rounds from now on. For lubrication, I also lube somewhat less than I used to. Iíve found that the residual Ballistol from cleaning, plus a little Slide Glide on the frame rails, barrel, barrel hood, and hammer ramp are plenty of lubrication. If Iíve already shot 200 rounds or so, Iíll put a drop of Hoppes #9 on those same spots. Almost 1,000 rounds and no issues with this new regimen, so I think itís working for me.

All in all, I really like the P938.

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Nice write-up, thank you. I have about 600 rounds through my P938 BRG with no issues. I bought springs knowing that the day will come, buts it's a ways off yet. I'm just glad to hear that yours is still running well with 1,800 through it. I love my P938. As I recall from my Marine Corps days, some 100 years ago, they taught me the BRASS technique. "Breath-Relax-Aim-Slack-Squeeze". It still works for me today, but only when I use it, and when I don't it doesn't take long to figure out why I'm off.
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