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EDC P320C vs Glock 19

This is a discussion on EDC P320C vs Glock 19 within the P250 & P320 Modular Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Pistols category; I own a Glock 19. Damn good gun. I like my 320's and VP9's better. I shoot both better. I'd trust my life to any ...

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I own a Glock 19. Damn good gun. I like my 320's and VP9's better. I shoot both better. I'd trust my life to any of them.
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at mil/le pricing, for me it's a no brainer, buy them all.
it's a toss up as to what fits you better and what you shoot better with. With that said, everyone should own at least the three basic 9mm pistols.

Beretta 92FS, Glock 19 and SIG P228/9.

I've only shot my uncle's 320 recently, I've shot my dad's VP9, P225, Glock 19, but I'm so used to shooting the M9.
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i have a G19, and after putting extra cash into it to make if perfect to me is not a great gun. it is one of my EDC's but the 320c is a way better firearm out of the box and much cheaper. both are great guns, but the G19 is needs to be modified for me to use them...

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Originally Posted by Surtur View Post
i carry a p320 and a g19

heres how i got them ready for carry



both are gtg from the factory.
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My P320C in its current carry configuration, I don't think it needs anything else done to it!
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Originally Posted by mattkissel88 View Post
My P320C in its current carry configuration, I don't think it needs anything else done to it!
I don't know about that configuration man....that knife looks like it would either cut your trigger finger or stab you in your side while carrying.
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Techmc - Hope you don't mind but my thoughts will expand your thread to include my 320 vs my beloved da/sa sigs, specifically my legion/tacops which are my favorite shooting guns. Also sorry for the long post.

First my thoughts on the g19. Simply put, for me from a edc perspective, there is no better option from a size/weight/capacity standpoint than the 19. To me the "perfection" comes from the 19 with regard to it's size/capacity. Now that said, I edc the 320c. I've gone back and forth for over a year between the two and I always end up with the 320c because it just feels better upon presenting and shooting the gun. I'm slightly faster and my times tend to be more consistent and more accurate with the 320. Over time the 19 starts to give me the dreaded glock knuckle, but used to that. I am pretty accurate with it and the only reason I ever revisit it, is because of the concealability factor it brings and I actually like the 19 quite a bit and easily edc this gun. However, every time I run drills between the two, I always prefer the 320. I seem to try and go back to the glock 19 about every 3 or 4 months but I always come away from the range preferring the 320.

Also the flexibility of the 320 to turn into a sc gives me even better concealment for when I need it. What often isn't mentioned or considered sometimes is really the holster set up can make a significant difference. I carry aiwb w/ the new JM 2.0 wing claw and without a doubt it allows better concealment and more comfort than what my g19 even though the 19 is a couple oz's lighter, which does make a difference after a while. (I used to carry it in the g-code eclipse but switched to the mastermind claw/wedge from mastermind tactics) But all things being equal if I were to carry both in the same holster, I would still choose the 320.

What is most surprising to me is that I have actually gone with the 320 over my legion/229's/239. The ergos/feel of my 229's or any of my da/sa sigs are spectacular and they always feel as if they were made specifically for my hand. Well the 320c gives me almost the same feel as my other sigs which no other polymer gun has (PPQ, Cz's, Hk's) HK's are the closest but the 320 seems like I am shooting a lighter 229 which is my favorite variant of the sig line or any line for that matter.

The 229 legion (and maybe my tacops) is still king from a pure shooting perspective and I can carry (229) somewhat easy but the 320 is just really easy, however, the additional weight can make a big difference over time as I mentioned earlier, especially when using a wml. That said, shooting the 320 is almost as good as a shooter for me. Really at this point, I feel I can shoot all my guns very accurate (at least for me) and that's not much of a factor as they all are more that than good enough.

I won't even go into much with regard to the triggers, my glock19 has an excellent trigger (it has the gen 3 trigger bar in the gen 4 19) and it is lighter than my 320, as was my PPQ but the action and feel I have with the 320 is just better all around. Sights and things are not relevant to me because I will put on my preferred sights anyway, not a fan of the sig ns so that doesn't matter.

To me the reliability is a wash as I have zero issues thousands of rounds through my 320 with not one issue. Actually had my orignal 19 have an extractor issue (hitting me in the face) but don't have the gun anymore. There is no "perfect" manufacture, all can have issues from time to time. If you don't like sig/glock or whatever, go find one you do like and please move on. There are plenty of quality pistols on the market today.

In the end I'll take the 320 because to me it's kinda like this. I can have a strip steak and it will provide me with a full stomach and an good meal, or I can have a filet mignon, and while it will also provide me with a full stomach, the enjoyment of actually savoring and enjoying every bite is a fantastic and enjoyable experience.
This actually goes for all my sigs. Just some food for thought.
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As i Just caved and Am being pulled to the Dark Side .....

I just purchased a OD green Glock 19 gen 4

Waiting on coupon. I will let you all know when i start comparing it with my P320s
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^^^New GSSF member? Or LEO?

I joined GSSF last year its worth it to get Blue Label Glock's once a year!

I got a G26 last year and added a G19 a few months ago - not sure what I'll use my coupon on this year, I don't get it until May so maybe the 19M / Gen5 will be out then, or just go for a nice single stack 43 -

I <3 my Glocks - OEM extended slide stop, Vickers mag release, BT Guide rod, and Trijicon HD sights and gtg -
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Originally Posted by Br3nd0 View Post
As i Just caved and Am being pulled to the Dark Side .....

I just purchased a OD green Glock 19 gen 4

Waiting on coupon. I will let you all know when i start comparing it with my P320s
I also just purchased a Gen4 Glock 19 MOS (not easy to get in these parts) and can tell you I'm pretty underwhelmed. I spent the afternoon and evening puttering around with it and I don't see what the noise is about. I think that pre-P320, VP9 and some other nice polymer pistols sure it was a great gun but there's so much better stuff out there now that it's just not that appealing to me personally. I'm on my way to sell it now and make a few bucks. I'll stick with the P320 platform for now. Probably do everything I can to pick up a CZ-P10 once they are released.
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I have 6 glocks.... all factory, all work great... never felt the need to customize pistols.
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