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A Drop Safety and an Adverse Trigger on the P320

This is a discussion on A Drop Safety and an Adverse Trigger on the P320 within the P250 & P320 Modular Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Pistols category; Does anyone know whether the P320 includes a drop safety? According to their customer service representative this pistol does have a drop safety device. However, ...

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A Drop Safety and an Adverse Trigger on the P320

Does anyone know whether the P320 includes a drop safety? According to their customer service representative this pistol does have a drop safety device. However, the P320's Five Point Safety System fails to state anything about a drop safety and I was unable to find anything on the Sig's website relating to drop safeties on the P320s.

Additionally, when I asked the Sig customer service representative about Sig's "Adverse Trigger" he stated that all P320 are now being shipped with the Adverse Trigger. Perhaps I am mistaken but I thought this Sig Adverse Trigger was a flat trigger that differed from the regular stock trigger on the P320.

I figure that I would turn these issues over to you members with greater expertise. I hope you can clear this up for me. Thanks.
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Drop safety is just a general term meaning the gun will not discharge with one chambered if dropped. These striker fired pistols all have different ways of doing that. Probably have scientific names behind their safety mechs.

As for the Adverse trigger. To my understanding it is a factory trigger on newer models. Fixing the issues the field was having with older runs of the gun and is not flat. What you are thinking of may be the Apex trigger. Which is a flat, aftermarket trigger.

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320's have a striker safety lock which keeps the pistol from firing unless the trigger is pulled. They are "drop safe."
The adverse trigger has a slightly different curve, hard to distinguish visually. It also has a flat portion parallel to the grip module that fills in the gap at the front where the trigger enters the grip mod. It is the only trigger currently offered from the factory.
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As far as 'drop safety'.....

Originally Posted by MoRivera View Post
This is an animation I made some while back in another conversation comparing the Sig P320 and Glock trigger mechanisms. This at least shows how the 'blocking lever' (blue) is lifted by the trigger pull...as opposed to a firing-pin-block plunger being pushed up.

Both essentially do the same function, blocking the striker from going forward under momentum from being dropped or struck enough to strike a primer unless it is lifted out of the way during the takeup on a trigger pull. But pretty much all semi auto pistols have a 'blocking plunger' that is lifted out of the way by a trigger pull takeup....in the case of a hammer-fired gun, to guard against firing from the aforementioned momentum and/or being dropped on its hammer. Earlier 1911's didn't, but started to with the 'Series 80' versions.

The Glock and other pistols have that little extra trigger tab safety which is really more of a drop safety....in that it hinders the metal trigger bar from moving rearwards under momentum if the pistol is dropped or hit hard on the rear. The P320 doesn't need this (even though it's technically available as an option) because unlike the trigger shoe-to-bar linkage in other striker-fired pistols, the P320's trigger bar actually pulls forward when the trigger shoe is pulled rearward. So with any sharp impact on either end of the pistol, the momentums of both the trigger shoe and bar would essentially cancel each other out being in different directions. But with a Glock, PPQ, and M&P for example...both the trigger shoe and bar move rearward as it's fired....hence the little trigger-lever dingus that stops that unless the trigger is actually pressed manually.
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Some striker fired pistols are designed that the trigger bar moves to the rear to fire. In that design if the pistol is dropped on the rear of the gun, the weight of the trigger bar and trigger can combine with the sudden stop of being dropped to provide enough force to fire the pistol. With that type of design a drop safety is needed and usually is found in the form of a separate toggle in the trigger that prevents trigger travel unless the trigger is deliberately pulled.

The P320 trigger bar moves forward when the trigger is pulled to the rear. This type of design results in opposing forces when the pistol is dropped. The momentum of the trigger bar when dropped on the rear has a tendency to push forward on the trigger counter acting the force of the momentum of the trigger attempting to move to the rear. Actually, the forces counter each other regardless which end the pistol lands on.

Both methods provide a safe condition in a dropped pistol event.

Just reread the thread and see that the design info was already posted.

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Thank you all for the explanations. As for the safety, I posted this thread because of a 2014 article by John Farnam on the Sig Sauer new striker fire P320. He had examined at the Shot Show. He wrote: “Absolute, mechanical drop-safety on serious pistols has become an institutional requirement and a universal consumer expectation. Frankly, that article puzzled me because I couldn’t see how any modern firearm manufacturer would place their pistol on the market without a drop safety. And when I was unable to locate any facts that confirmed or denied the existence of a drop safety on the P320. You all have put my mind at ease. MoRivera, thanks for the creative animation. You had posted it before in another thread and I had forgotten all about it.

As for the "Adverse Trigger" I had mistakenly thought the Adverse Trigger was a flat trigger similar to the Apex Flat Faced Trigger. In 2016, Sig's website listed the "Adverse Trigger" as an option and if I recall correctly one of their customer representatives told me that it was an extra $20. I suppose that Sig upgraded the trigger sometime following Apex's release of their aftermarket replacement trigger. I noticed that some shooters who had pinched trigger fingers wrote that the condition disappeared after using Sig's Adverse Trigger. When I was researching which pistol I was going to select for my new "edc", after shooting I got a pinched trigger finger however, by that time I didn't know which pistol was responsible. It could have been either the P320 or the VP9. But this is all a non-problem and I won't have to order the Adverse Trigger now since all P320s are now shipped with the Adverse Trigger. Thanks again for all your help.
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