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What ammunition do you use for self defense?

This is a discussion on What ammunition do you use for self defense? within the P250 & P320 Modular Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Pistols category; Hey Sig guys and gals. I would like for whoever wants to to share what self defense round they choose and why. And please refrain ...

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What ammunition do you use for self defense?

Hey Sig guys and gals. I would like for whoever wants to to share what self defense round they choose and why. And please refrain from criticizing someone else's choice, that is not my purpose for starting this thread. To kick things off, I use Hornady Critical Defense 115 grain, from all the Youtube. testing and reviews, it offers consistent expansion and performance. Love to hear what you all like.
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Federal Tactical Law Enforcement HST 147 gr. 9mm. It's expansion and penetration are amazing.

Or anything in .357 Sig. Because it's .357 Sig (kidding--I like Underwood for that).
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I'm not an expert, but learn from advice on multiple internet sources to make my choice...
Speer Gold dot 124 grain 9mm.
Underwood makes really good stuff too, I just haven't bought any in 9mm. I do use it in my .380 Sig P232. Great little gun! Actually, it's not that small. Wish it were 9mm, but that's okay.
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I carry 147gr HSTs as well.
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I've never been too picky about my defensive rounds as long as they feed reliably. I think I'm currently using the Critical Defense 135 gr. I place more emphasis on shot placement as I feel that trumps all other factors. Poorly placed shots with the latest magic bullets won't be as effective as a well placed shot with less popular rounds.
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I was Federal HST for a long time, but recently went to Speer Gold Dot 147 and Lawman 147 for practice because they are supposed to work roughly the same.
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Count me as another who uses 147gr HST. I practice with 147gr Lawman.

The picture, examples of expanded 147gr HST, from left to right:

1) bare gelatin, 2) Four layers of denim, and 3) human tissue (gore-tex jacket, fleece vest, cotton shirt).

"Handgun test shots into bare gelatin (BG) provide information on best case performance, but do not typically reflect results seen in actual OIS incidents. A more realistic assessment is the IWBA four layer denim (4LD) test or the FBI heavy clothing test. The 4LD test is NOT designed to simulate any type of clothing--it is simply an engineering test to assess the ability of a handgun projectile to resist plugging and robustly expand. One of the senior engineers at a very respected ammunition manufacturer has commented that handgun bullets that do well in 4LD testing have invariably worked well in actual officer involved shooting incidents. Most handgun bullets recovered from human tissue in surgery or at autopsy tend to look like those same type of projectiles after 4LD testing."

Attached Images
File Type: png HSTexample.png (987.5 KB, 67 views)
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SIG V-Crown in 9mm 124gr and SIG V-Crown in .45 ACP 200gr. I like the expansion, and it's been well documented to pass the FBI test of heavy denim, and cloth before entering ballistic gelatin. I also test them in my back yard with water jugs just to see how well they do. Aside from Golden Saber, and Winchester Bonded (wish it were Talon) these have the nastiest V petals that protrude in the mushroom.

I wish the Winchester Black Talons were still around. Find me a bullet that explodes 30 milliseconds after it hits... I'll buy it!

9-and-45ACP_V-Crown by Vernon Jenewein, on Flickr
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147 HST or 147 gold dot. Expansion and penetration are excellent with the 147 grain bullets.
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9mm I use hornaday critical defense.

Same for 40 cal.

357 sig it Winchester ranger. Testing on live animals, deer and cows I had to put down, lung shot, small hole going in fist size coming out. Mix master in between. Head shot cow, enters keeps most mass but does not exit.

45 acp, Winchester ranger( black talon bullet) in my p220. Currently have 2500 rounds on hand, police dept trade in. Nice damage on cow meat.

Nosler current loads in 185gr and 230 grains. Have not tested on meat but shoots a consistent group at 25 yards.

Speer fling trash can in 230grains, drops a charging boar at 15 yards in it's tracks. Current carry round.

I test on a working ranch when a need to humanly put down an animal is needed.
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Thank you all for your responses let's keep em coming.
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Assuming reliable cycling, I try to compare and see which I shoot best from a particular gun. Rarely anything expensive or fancy though. I usually end up carrying pretty common stuff. For me, as long as its JHP, it'll do. However, I am probably on the naive side.
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Whatever you decide, check out TargetSportsUSA... they sell it in boxes of 50 for a fraction of most places... example: Federal HST 147 gr is 0.40 / round (out of stock this second): https://www.targetsportsusa.com/fede...t2-p-3547.aspx

Here's all of the other variants of HST... https://www.targetsportsusa.com/csea...=federal%20hst

Here is the Speer Gold Dot 147 gr... 0.46 / round: https://www.targetsportsusa.com/spee...19-p-3527.aspx

All other Speer Gold Dots: https://www.targetsportsusa.com/csea...rch=gold%20dot

My friends and I bought a bunch of HST and Gold Dots in 9mm/124 gr, .40 S&W/180 gr, .45 ACP/230gr and .357 SIG/125 gr over the last few months... quick delivery too!

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If you haven't already, check out Ballistics 101. Handy reference guide.

I use Speer Gold Dot in all the calibers I carry. 40 cal- 165 grain. 9mm- 124gr. 357 SIG- 125gr.
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hst 124. i just got 4 boxes of 147. i may switch over
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