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This is a discussion on I was bored within the P250 & P320 Modular Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Pistols category; I was bored this morning when I got off work so I decided to play around with a 320 front night sight. I replace the ...

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I was bored

I was bored this morning when I got off work so I decided to play around with a 320 front night sight. I replace the sights on all my pistol with something like the Trijicon HD, or sig Xray sights. I prefer a high vis front sight for duty work.

On my 320's, I like the profile of the Factory Sig night sights, so I black out the rears, and replace the front usually with an Ameriglo Pro Glo front.

Anyway, just cuz, I took one of my Sig front night sights, and surgery began. I removed the coating on the sight, and then painted over the white with some florescent yellow. You could use orange as well, yellow is what works for me against the type of backgrounds I may encounter.

Anyway, let the pain dry, and then I re applied the coating with an epoxy type clear resin. This stuff sets in 5 minutes, and is resistant to all kinds of chemicals. I have used this stuff to re coat the back sight when I black them out.

After a little bit or work, I now have a high vis Sig factory front sight, should I need it. Here is a pic of it next to the Ameriglo that is on one of my 320. Oh well at least I know it can be done.

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Nice job!
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Hey, that looks good.
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nice job
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nice work
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That looks great!
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Well done. 👍🏼👍🏼
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What the epoxy you used?
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That reminds me, somewhere I've got a little bottle of glow-in-the-dark paint I did the same thing with, to an XDm..

... I need to dig that bottle up, esp. as I start in on my p320 adventure.
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Originally Posted by Brianjkeene View Post
What the epoxy you used?
Bob Smith Industries 5 minute epoxy. It's used a in RC modeling. I used it on the rear sights on my 2015 320 and it is still there and no problems came up. Stuff works great, but you have to be pretty quick with it, cause it sets fast.

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I was asked to post up a step by step of how I accomplished work on the sights. I dod not get any pictures, but I will explain the process in detail. I have a #6 front sight I am going to do just to make up and orange one.

Here is what you will need for the project. Most all of these things can be found at a local Bobby Lobby, Michaels, or local hobby center.

1. A sharp knife, or exacto knife.

2. A jewelers headset magnifiers, its not required, but my eyesight isn't what it used to be.. You can use any type of magnifiers if you need them.

3. Testors model paint, bright white, flat black, florescent orange or yellow whichever you like.

4. Box of tooth picks.

5. Bob smith Industries 5 minute epoxy, this is the best stuff as it is resistant against most of the chemicals that would come in contact with the sights.

First step is to remove the coating that is over the night sight. The coating is not super hard, and the best way to remove it is with an exacto knife or other small sharp knife. Cut into the coating and start digging it out. Try not to be too aggressive as you don't want to scar up the metal on the sight too bad. Once to have removed some of the coating, a dental pick works well in getting it out also. Make sure and remove all of the coating material. What you should have left is a nice round hole with the tritium tube and a white outline remaining. Don't worry if you scrape off some of the white paint, we will fix that later.

Once you have all the coating cleaned out of the sight, use a toothpick to run around the area, to make sure everything is clean and clear. The sapphire lens on the trituim tube may have some particles on it, again use the toohpicks to rub the glass to clean it.

Go this route if you are doing the rear sights. Take your black paint, shake well and make sure it is mixed throughly. Take your tooth pick and apply a very small amount inside the sight channel, covering any white that remains, and the make the inside of the channel black. Don't worry if you get some on the tritium glass we will clean it later. Let everything dry, I would recommend a few hours depending on your temp and humidity. If there is areas that need aren't completely covered, repeat the painting process and let dry again.

Once dry, if you have some paint on the tritium, take a clean toothpick and rub the sapphire glass, being careful not to disturb your black paint. This isn't to difficult since the toothpicks are round, and they help keep a clean border on the glass and black paint. Once you are happy with how everything looks, move on to the epoxy.

This epoxy sets up very quickly, I recommend mixing a set for each one of the rear sights. Once you have followed the instructions on the epoxy and have your mixture, get a little bit on a tooth pick and place it inside the sight. a little goes a long way on this stuff and it will form itself to the round sight hole without much help. Place enough in the hole so it slightly rounds upwards. repeat this step for the other side. Again this stuff sets quick, so don't mess around, once it's mixed, get it in there. This is also why I recommend mixing two batches, one for each side. Give it about 12 hours or so and you are good to go in using it. it sets completely in 24 hours, so the longer you can leave it the better.

This is the step for the front sight. same process for removing coating, cleaning and such. Now you will use your shite paint and again using a toothpick put the white paint in the sight channel or hole. The front will likely require two coats of white to cover the metal or any dark spots. Once the white is dry, again clean the tritum glass with a toothpick, being carful of the white paint. Once this is done, take your orange or yellow florescent paint, and put a coating of it on the front sight. This will only take one coat, and will be extremely bright, this is why you do the white first. Once that has dried, follow the above steps for applying the epoxy coating. (Note: let the front sight paints dry very well, since you are doing multiple coatings.

Once you are finished you have a custom set of sights for your 320. The epoxy will be shiny, but not to worry, if it too shiny for you take some 1000 sandpaper, and very lightly rub the raised parts of the epoxy. ( Now you know the purpose of applying the epoxy enough to raise it up slightly.

Let me know if I missed anything and I will do my best to try and explain better.

The finished product should look something like this. Excuse the crappy photos


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I have that sight on my Springfield XDs. It really pops and picks up well. Have an orange one on my Glock 34MOS too.
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