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P320FS accuracy disappointing

This is a discussion on P320FS accuracy disappointing within the P250 & P320 Modular Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Pistols category; Good to hear that you are shooting your 320 better. I was right on target with both of mine but have shot some guns that ...

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Good to hear that you are shooting your 320 better. I was right on target with both of mine but have shot some guns that I had to "get comfortable" with the gun and it's sights.
I've never figured out just what it is but sometimes it just takes a bit more range time with some guns. I hope you will enjoy your 320 more now and the accuracy continues to improve. As stated numerous times in your thread... it's rarely the gun. It's the shooter gun combo. And it's that way with every gun you shoot. Happy shooting.
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I've posted this in other threads here also although some may think it's a waste of time/money but it helps me.

I bought a little cheap-o ($20 on amazon) laser sight to clamp on the rail, clamp it on and adjust the red dot to match the sight allignment for a 6oclcok hold at 10 yds, practice a little but of dry fire, start from low ready to on target, press the trigger and watch the Red dot til the click, observe your grip and the sights, build a muscle memory for point and shoot.

As said do this for a while dry firing, rack the slide, point and click. Watch what happens to the dot on paper, this can even be done at home before going to the range.

At the range the dot will show you any errors of compensating/anticipating the recoil ie: pushing the pistol forward or a torque in your grip method and yanking the trigger.

The cheap laser sight will eventually lose "zero" after a couple mags of ammo, but by then you should have a good rhythm of putting rounds on target.
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joe 320 Sorry you did not care for my last reply but I can be a bit to the point . Bottom line , the p320 was not the problem . Only a shooter that needed to take time get use to a new handgun and the minor differences from other models there use to . Enjoy your new pistol hopefully .
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Interesting concept of the dry firing with a laser. I bought a green laser but after 2 rounds on the 45 decided to go WAY out of zero! Where it was showing while I held the dots on the bullseye wasn't even on the target. Needless to say, I don't use that.. LOL

Be REAL careful dry firing. A friend of mine that was an avid shooter shot the door frame of his front door when I was over visiting him. He was wiping down his weapons (cleaning) and then dry firing at the TV. I was in the way of the TV when he got done cleaning his .38 and put the rounds back in it and took aim at the door that was open. Hit is pretty good too! Pretty loud in that living room. Never dry fire at something really important. Most won't even dry fire until outdoors and at a range.
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Originally Posted by Joe 320 View Post
I took my time between shots since my original post and began having some success. I found that holding at six o'clock yielded better results, got two bullseyes out of one mag, which is acceptable. It's a keeper.
Excellent! I'm glad you were able to get the results you're looking for! Part of the fun in getting a new gun is learning it. I've found that sometimes even two guns of the same gun platform, meaning two different Glock 19s, can sometimes shoot a bit differently. Getting to know the weapon is all part of it. Another thing I learned the hard way is that trigger discipline, or the lack thereof, is the biggest culprit in poor marksmanship. Once we master that little bear we somehow, almost magically, become marksmen!
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