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P320 100% Failure Rate Observation and Research

This is a discussion on P320 100% Failure Rate Observation and Research within the P250 & P320 Modular Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Pistols category; Originally Posted by scsu74 Ah gotcha, ya I called them after I received my first one and apparently they did a new mold because people ...

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Originally Posted by scsu74 View Post
Ah gotcha, ya I called them after I received my first one and apparently they did a new mold because people were having issues. Just received the updated one and it's not any better. Might be time for a heat gun and dremel..
Yeah I wish I could tell you on the light bearing holster, but I don't use them. The place where we get our gear did have a full sized P250 ALS, that I tried mine in, just for kicks when I was ordering mine for the Carry. It fit the P250 ALS perfectly without any issues.

The number on the will fit chart is the same for the 250 and 320, and I talked to them about it also and they said they remolded their holster mold to work with the 320 and 250.

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As for me, my Sig P320 compact has functioned with five different brands of ammo, no issues other then the lose nut behind the wheel.
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Sig P320 Carry, 95% Failure w 17+1 Configuration

Cleaned a new P320. Went to range and had same issues as original post. Fired a total of 175 rds of WW 115gr. Racking slide was difficult, but possible with 17 rds. First round fired, but slide did not cycle back. The round did not eject. Both mags that came with the pistol had the issue. With 16 +1 configuration there were virtually no problems. A couple of times a round was left in the mag when the slide was locked back.
Have not experienced this with Glocks, Springfield XD,XDM or M&Ps.

Not happy about this.

There are some helpful comments here. Two local gun shops never heard of this issue.

Sig Customer Service's response: "Fire 500 rds through the gun and the problem should go away."

They won the Army contract???
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I have 2 p320's that shoot every kind of ammo and work with 15,17 and 21 round mags, with zero problems, even with the mags topped off.
Send yours back to SIG...

I might offer this advise, do not load your mags to the max.
Most all of the big gun gurus , like Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch, strongly recommend this
no matter the firearm.
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I don't have the full size 320. I have the s.c.(wife carries) and compact. Mags are all ways loaded to max.. The guns have no problems. I am not a gun smith but have been around guns for somewhere around 50 years. I think you should relube that gun and shoot it some more before sending it back. Some guns same model need break in some don't. Those springs will loosen up with use. The first outings I had with the 320,s mentioned above had about 350 rounds put through them. Once that gun is working right for you, I think you will be very happy. They are accurate guns. Seems that many people use them in matches.
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I have a P320 kit with about 1800 rounds, a P320F-RX, and P320C-RX, each with around 500 rds. I have dozens of mags 15 rds. up to 21 rds. US and Italian made. I load all mags to the max, and occasionally +1.

To date no issues with either RX or the optics. I do have 2 "click but no bang" and one FTF on the original P320, but those happened somewhere in the middle of the mag. I use only Speer Lawman for practice and Gold Dot for defense. Both 124gr.
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For what it's worth. 320 C w 6 : 15 rnd mags (Italian and USA) various 115 gr standard amo / full mag loads and no issues w over 500 rnds
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The springs on my magazines were incredibly strong at first.
Though I have encountered zero issues with my pistol
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Old 05-18-2017, 10:03 AM   #54
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As you can see from my sig, I have a number of P320s. I will run your test on all the guns this Saturday. However, I do carry the compact 15+1 and haven't run into any problems there. The other non-carry guns I haven't done the +1 approach.

One note, I had this exact problem with my MPX and the 30 round magazines when it was new. Took about six weeks of loading and unloading the magazines for them all the be broken in and function flawlessly.
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I have one in 40 s&w with 700 rounds no problem. Also have 320 rx with 200 rounds and no problems. Will be shooting both this weekend.
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Quite the necropost, but I'll contribute as well. Two observations: First, this would not be a turn-off for me if my new pistol behaved this way...as Twistedracer pointed out a couple times already, this is one of the absolute easiest issues to fix, especially since it's actually a magazine related issue more than a gun issue.

Secondly, I'm a big believer that the SIG pistols, in particular the P229 and P320, are designed for combat/ duty use, with appropriately strong ammo. I take great comfort in knowing that. So when someone uses weak, cheep target ammo and has issues, it actually makes me even happier with my pistol, since I load mine with +P and +P+. If it has a tough time with light stuff, it means it will enjoy a steady diet of heavy stuff without issue. That's what I want in a pistol.
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Originally Posted by Mills View Post
I might offer this advise, do not load your mags to the max.
Most all of the big gun gurus , like Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch, strongly recommend this
no matter the firearm.
I've heard this both ways, but I kind of figured if they sell it as a 17+1 then it should function as a 17+1. As I said early, I'll run all my mags and all my guns through the +1 setup (only one I know works is Compact b/c that's my EDC).

I'll report back to this thread when I've done so.
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Sigs magazines are noted for stiff springs. Most of the time you can't get the last round in the mag till you've softened up the spring by loading it and letting it sit, then top off. Let the mag break in for a few weeks before you call it a lemon and give up. Load those mags and let em sit for a spell. Wait till you don't have to fight that last round in then give it a try!
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Yeah may have to actually load and unload the mags for the springs to break in. Or just load them with one less for a few range trips and you should be good to go.

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I ran the following guns (and my 8 accompanying magazines for each gun) in the +1 configurations today at the range:

P320 Full .45ACP
P320 Carry TacOps 9mm
P320 Compact 9mm
P320 X-Five 9mm

All of them, and each of their 8 magazines performed flawlessly in the full mag +1 configuration.

I would guess that you are experiencing what happened to me and my MPX when it was new (well, when the mags were new, I would load them to 30, then download them to 20 for the range and then load them back up again for storage.) It took about 6 weeks but now all 6 magazines function flawlessly.
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