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Sig 226 lr magazine modifications

This is a discussion on Sig 226 lr magazine modifications within the SIG Sauer Gunsmithing forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Seen on New Jersey gun forums a mod made to a magazine follower to hold the slide open on the last round. Was seen on ...

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Sig 226 lr magazine modifications

Seen on New Jersey gun forums a mod made to a magazine follower to hold the slide open on the last round. Was seen on the Sig Forum. Any info?? Could not locate on Sig Forum.
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There are two ways to do a mod that I'm aware of. One is to install a small block or extension to the top of the magazine follower. You give up one round of capacity. The block sticks up far enough to stop the slide from going forward into battery. Slide release will not release slide and you have to pull back on the slide and push mag release at the same time to remove mag. Mag capacity can be increased to account for the lost capacity by modifying the bottom of the follower. Someone sells a follower with the extension block.

Another method is to modify the magazine involves using a mill to cut a slot in the magazine to accommodate a screw or protrusion to ride in the slot and push up on the slide lock when the magazine is empty. Unfortunately, this doesn't work well, or at all, as the 22lr magazine spring is too weak to operate the slide stop against the slide stop's normal down tension.

A company in Canada sells a replacement mag which is reputed to work properly. According to reports, the mag spring is so strong they sell a mag loader for it. I have no experience with that mag.
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I just got one of those GS Design 3D printed 22 LR P226 Magazines. It works as advertised. And yes, the spring in stout, it's work to get 10 rounds in it. I have not gotten a loader for it yet. They also sell a replacement follower for the SIG magazines that will prevent the slide from closing.

Before I got it, I used those grey plastic dry wall screw anchors to prevent the firing pin from hitting the breach lock when I lost count of my shots. It costs you one round in the magazine but they feed just fine. After they get chewed up, I just replace it, they are cheap.
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Has anyone ever tried loading a once-fired 22 case in the mag first?

With my Kimber 22 Conversion Kit (on a 1911) it allowed me to load that first, and then still fit in 10 live rounds on both mags that I had.

Without a bullet in the empty case, it would not feed straight into the chamber and jam between the slide and barrel -- effectively telling you "you're out".

Wonder if this works on the SIG 226 rimfire kits.......... ???

It's "worth a shot" I think.

Let us know!

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