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This is a discussion on Gun Grease Evaluation within the SIG Sauer Gunsmithing forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; I been using wilson greasy and it work great for me . I'm trying froglub on the gun and wilson greasy o slide and spring...

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I been using wilson greasy and it work great for me . I'm trying froglub on the gun and wilson greasy o slide and spring
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Just remember, guys, that just because it is "greasy" doesn't mean it is the best.

I got canned from the SIGForum for simply making that point {admittedly, among others... } but the fact is that some thin films work as well as greases. Modern lubricants can be crazy slick...and hold up very well over time, too.

I use G96 a lot as it is so easy to apply and gets down everywhere in the gun. My pistols and rifles are exposed to constant "weather" of the worse sorts. And...I do no like to spend a lot of time cleaning. Sometimes all I do is "hose".

I always cite the RCMP test because it is one of the few I've seen that actually tests a GUN mechanism in reciprocation and actually measures the wear on the metal. And G96 was one of the best, bettering some greases.
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I just wish we could get a test like the RCMP test using Seal 1 or froglube. Want to see the wear measurements on some one else's gun not mine. Only the mike will tell...
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Old 04-16-2013, 06:50 AM   #34
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This should be stickied! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for when searching gun lubrication products. Thanks to OP for this write up. Teaching noobs one at a time.
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This is a great thread!! I just bought my first semi auto in the last year and now have 3 (all Sigs) and have been wanting some input on this subject. Thanks OP
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Since my TW-25b ran out, I switched to Red N' Tacky.
My 1911 Scorpion has never run smoother.
Stuff is super thick, have to be sure to apply sparingly.
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Originally Posted by raf66 View Post
Forgive me for jumping into a thread that's been around awhile (though thankfully has been resurrected recently), but I've got a question regarding grease/lubrication.

I just pruchased an SP2022 and have cleaned it with Break-Free CLP. I assumed that the "CLP" designation essentially meant that the product was an all-in-one solution to, well, cleaning, lubricating and preserving. Hence there'd be no other product I'd need to keep my new polymer Sig operating properly for years to come. Maybe I'm assuming incorrectly? Should I be lubricating the gun with something else?
It's late in the game (months later), and might have been answered and I missed it, but I'll give my thoughts.
I wouldn't risk/trust my expensive guns to an all-in-one product. For very little more money and work, use that stuff to clean it, then use a quality grease and oil (different products for different conditions in the gun) of your choice. Sigs run wet, and a cleaner/lubricant doesn't instill confidence, for me, in it's ability to lubricate a Sig.
I definitely want a heavier product on the rails and barrel, instead of a cleaner/lubricant.
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Old 05-12-2014, 03:35 AM   #38
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All my pistols have ran flawlessly since I switched from TW-25b to Brian Enos Slide Glide. It really stays where you put it. I also noticed that cleaning the pistol after a range is so much easier. I still use a CLP(M-Pro 7) and Slide Glide on the barrel and rails.
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Old 05-12-2014, 04:33 AM   #39
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I should add that I picked up some Lucas Gun Oil at a local Pep Boys auto parts store I was in recently. I bought it out of curiosity. I swear the stuff is nothing more than ATF. It looked a lot like it, right down to it's viscosity and rich, red color. It worked fine, but if there was any difference between it and ATF I certainly could not detect it. And neither could the guns I used it on. A small 2 ounce bottle costs almost as much as a full quart bottle of name brand ATF. So from an economics standpoint the ATF is certainly the better purchase.
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Originally Posted by billt View Post
That would be a good assessment. A lot of this is personal preference. I really don't think a firearm is that difficult of a piece of machinery to lubricate. I think what's important is where, when, and how much to apply, more so than what type. The Aerosol greases are very easy to work with. I found that to be one of the most attractive features about them. They are also very thick when they bind up after application. But to be perfectly honest, I doubt one could go wrong with any of them. I would stick with the Rig for Stainless guns though.
As an old mechanic friend of mine says, "any lube is better than no lube son".
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Old 10-16-2014, 05:52 PM   #41
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I have too many lubes and grease here. I really like Wilson Ultimate-Lube II and use it on 1911's and Sig's, Mobile 1 on some guns(2 quarts here) Ballistol exclusively on my Glocks, & CLP on others. For bores Hoppes 9 or CLP. As far as grease Tetra, the gold anti-seize grease that GLock puts on their new guns (Can't remember the name) I have a pound of this stuff and a new find that I really like so far......really smooth slick stuff called Super Lube. Also have it in an oil, really slick stuff but a tad heavier than I like for oil. Oh! Also have some MPro7 oil.

Tried many.

I probably have other lubes lying around but looks like I have enough to last my lifetime.

If I were to cut it down to just a few it would be Wilson Ultimate-Lube II, Ballistol, Hoppes 9 or CLP and for grease Super Lube.

When I was 10 I had two 22 rifles and all I used was 3 in 1 oil and Hoppes 9 and those rifles are still around in great shape. That was in the 50's!

I do make a point of lubing very light.
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Old 02-21-2015, 02:28 AM   #42
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Originally Posted by jcraven View Post
Just an idea but i remember when I was in school that fifth wheel grease for tractor trailers sticks to anything and is almost permnent when it comes to clothing. Has anybody tried that at all??
don't even think about fifth wheel grease. or better yet, try some and get ready for clean up city. if you are married, get ready to fork out alot of honey do's for forgiveness. stuff is nasty and and seems it keeps smearing and smearing. truck driver experience here.
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I'm old skool.. This stuff was found in my dad's stash. Probably over 50 years old.

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Thanks for the research! I'm going after the Red n Tacky #2 and some acid brushes!
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Originally Posted by SauerMash View Post
Thanks for the research! I'm going after the Red n Tacky #2 and some acid brushes!
I was in a local Pep Boy's Auto Center near my house the other day, and Red-N-Tacky #2 now comes in a 1 pound tub, as well as the conventional tube. The tub is more handy for gun owners.
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