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This is a discussion on sig p238 within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; I bought this p238 for $618 , then the after I got it, I took it to the range to test it using the Rams ...

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sig p238

I bought this p238 for $618 , then the after I got it, I took it to the range to test it using the Rams ammo. After the the 11 bullet the barrel swell up.

I contacted my gun dealer to send it in to it it fix they said the manufacturer will cover it but a month later the gun deal call me back and said that I have to pay $200 to get it fix, the reason is the bullet defect not the gun itself.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

The gun is brand new
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I'm not sure what you mean by " the Rams ammo" unless that is a typo and you mean "range ammo".

By saying " the barrel swell up" I can only assume that you mean it bulged. If that is the case I doubt the dealer or Sig will cover it under warrantee.

I have to assume a few things - if any of this is not true then my whole theory might be invalid. Most likely what happened (from the little info you gave) is that you bought range reloads and one of them didn't have any powder in it (called a squib) and that bullet was #10. When it fired the primer had enough energy to lodge the bullet in your barrel. When you fired #11 it was blocked by #10 and pressure went very high, bulging the steel of the barrel.

Your only recourse is to get the range to cover it but it may be a little too late for that as how are you going to prove it was their faulty squib load ammo that stuck in your barrel causing the bulging of your barrel? Did you notify the range or show anyone the problem when it happened?

Most likely you are going to have to fork over the cost of repair or get an attorney involved.
Another reason not to shoot someone else's reloads.
Sorry this happened to you.

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I agree with Syber Sig's theory of the squib load... Also, if you did not shoot new factory ammo, I believe the warranty gets voided.
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238 Barrel Bulge

My 238 is about one year old and has approximately 1500 rounds of factory ammo (mostly PMC and Fiocci) through it, There have been a some FTE and FTF's and a few stovepipes, but no more serious malfunctions in that time.

I just happened to notice a bulge in the barrel, about center and not very large, but there. Noticed it now because I was cleaning the gun and decided to lube the barel with my fingers rather than a swab and felt the bulge. So, of course, I have no idea when it appeared and no way to correlate it with any particular shooting event.

Anyone else out there had a problem with a 928 barrel other than the earlier posts here ???
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Ram is a local company brand sold in Kansas, that makes new factory and remanufactured ammo.
I used it over the years with little thought, until I got a bar-sto barrel for my 229. About 25 percent of the rounds were to big to cycle into the barrel. That is when I first paid attention to the fact that they are reloads. The local ranges sell it in a black box and remanufactured is visible on the label. Also sold in bulk.
I never had a squibb round with Ram, and never heard bad things from others, but I agree that is a possibility.

I would suggest talking to the range with any information you can get from the Sig gunsmith. Find out if they sold you new factory or remanufatured. Do you still have the receipt? Your dealer may help you talk to the range. Both ranges in town are good, talk to them both about Ram.
Ram is in Hillsboro Ks 67063, try talking to them directly after the range. Find out if your dealer carries Ram as that could sway them.The ranges could help sway them.
Ram may help you with this.

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I'm glad the OP didn't have anything more damaging than a 'bulge in the barrel.'

Frankly, squibs scare the peanuts out of my M&M's! They're just one more reason that I never use re-loads!
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Originally Posted by GravitonWaveRider View Post
I'm glad the OP didn't have anything more damaging than a 'bulge in the barrel.'

Frankly, squibs scare the peanuts out of my M&M's! They're just one more reason that I never use re-loads!
New factory fresh ammo only for me also.
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