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Cleaning & lubing new pistol before first time shooting?

This is a discussion on Cleaning & lubing new pistol before first time shooting? within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Why do I read from so many people that once they get their new firearm, they clean it and lube it before ever shooting it? ...

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Old 08-19-2012, 05:49 PM   #1
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Cleaning & lubing new pistol before first time shooting?

Why do I read from so many people that once they get their new firearm, they clean it and lube it before ever shooting it? If it is brand new, why do you need to clean it and lube it? When I first got my Sig I did not do any of this. Was that a bad idea?
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They fire it at the factory so its a good idea to clean and lube before shooting.
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Is that really the only reason why? I thought they only fired a few rounds to make sure it worked and was proofed. Every new gun I've seen looks like it has had hardly any rounds put through it.
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When most guns leave the factory they are covered in oil and grease to protect them from rust
One of the reasons for this is that gun may sit in that case for a day or a year
Who knows?
Not to mention very small particles of material left behind from the manufacturing process which could cause a malfunction
Do you need to clean your gun when it's new???no
But it's certainly a good idea plus it will familiarize you with your new firearm
And that's a good thing...
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it's not a bad idea
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It's not mandatory that you clean your new handgun prior to shooting it for the first time. It's just good practice. When you clean prior to firing for the first time, it will eliminate any malfunctions that can arise from a dirty gun. When I shoot a new gun for the first time, it should be a pleasant experience and not a day of jams and other malfunctions.
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Thanks for the heads up. I'm picking up my 2022 tomorrow and I'll be giving it a good cleaning before heading to the range.
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+1 to what everyone else has stated.

I rarely get a pistol that's been untouched since the factory. Usually it's straight from the display case where about a dozen other people have put their grubby, oily, cheese burger eatin' hands all over it, including the barrel and mag well! If anything, I'd like to clean it just so those oils don't get cooked into the pistol when firing it.

It also helps to get to know the state of your pistol's innards before you shoot it. I take pictures and document all parts before I shoot it for the first time too. Helps me track wear and tear over time and head off any issues.

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Yes that's a real minus one (-1)!

I wipe new handguns down including mags and unless covered in heavy grease or cosmoline, shoot them, period. Last handgun was this year S&W M&P 9MM and before that this year, SIG MK25,
If the handgun is so finicky that it won't function properly with out being spotless, than its of no use to me and goes. I routinely go through minimum of 500 rounds or more without cleaning. I usually use one of the pressure cleaners now and don't dissasemble and only dissasemble for a major cleaning.
I believe that you will find this cleaning issue a non issue with todays new pistols. 50 years ago maybe as these handguns were hand fiitted and many had function problems right out of the box. Today, the parts are made by machines computer controlled and require little fitting if any. In fact your internal replacements, add ons, may in fact, may decrease the reliabilty of your handgun. I do no modifications to any of my handguns unless factory parts and done by a Certified Armorer.-Dick
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first and foremost, doing a quick clean and lube as note before does two things. it maks sure there is no debris that can damage the weapon in the moving parts, it also lets you make sure the parts are properly lubricated and you become familiar with the weapon, and finally, it allows you to ensure the action of the weapon functions properly. every new weapon i buy i disassemble, do a visual inspection, lube if necessary then i cycle at least two full magazinges of ammo through it manually, so when i go to the range i won't be surprised. (usually)
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I always clean and lube a new firearm before firing it including the bore.

Alloy frame SIG pistols especially need proper lubrication of the frame rails and what I see from the factory to me is not adequate.

On any pistol I lightly lube the entire lenght of the slide on each side where it rides on the frame rails or frame inserts (poly pistol).

I have seen quite a bit of crud cleaning out the barrel of a factory new firearm also. I want to make sure there are no bits of metal from the machining process left behind anywhere.

As others have stated it is also a great way to get to know your firearm before actually firing it.
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Old 08-20-2012, 09:14 AM   #12
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i wipe down & lube the rails on new sigs & glock's & a few other spots with militec-1.
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A guy I worked with took his car to a garage for an oil/filter change. The mechanic drained the oil, replaced the filter, put the plug back in and drove it (a block) back to our office. He forgot to refill it with oil. Now I always check the dipstick if I don't watch the guy add oil. I check it if I change it myself, too.

About 30-years ago big band leader Stan Kenton's son put a rattlesnake in somebodys mailbox to murder him. Since then I always look in my mailbox before I stick my hand in.

Firearm? I'm taking it apart, wiping things off, making sure it is what it's supposed to be and putting it back together a few times before I open fire. Too many possible morons in the chain of events between the factory and my hands.

Odds are pretty slim a gun will ever blow up in our faces but, if one does, everyone's gonna ask, "Well, didn't you KNOW the barrel was plugged with epoxy before you shot it? I mean, how could you MISS it?"

Assumptions... whew.


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with the video's of jiffy-lube ripping folks off a while back, charging close to what my mech wants for an oil change, it's ez for me, plus i'm able to watch.
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The only thing I might add to what Vetteguy posted is that some manufacturers still coat their products, inside and out, with cosmoline or other heavy duty preservatives. These are protectants and not really lubricants, and while the firearm will probably run through the firing cycle just fine, I'm not sure thats the best way to be breaking a new gun in.
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