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This is a discussion on Review: SIG 1911 within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; I ran across this article earlier today...didn't seem positive and it was written by a SIG Fanboy to boot. Has anyone else experienced similar problems??? ...

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Review: SIG 1911

I ran across this article earlier today...didn't seem positive and it was written by a SIG Fanboy to boot.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems???

Gun Review: SIG SAUER 1911 Nitron | The Truth About Guns

Thoughts? Comments?
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Maybe he did truly get a lemon. SIG is not exempt from making some. I am slightly surprised at his difficulties. I will be holding off on judgement until he get the aformentioned replacement from SIG and shoots it.
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it's one perspective.
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I don't have a SIG 1911, but everyone I know who has one loves it and says it's one of the best 1911s they've ever had. Perhaps he did get one of the rare lemons SIG puts out. Or perhaps his issues could be characterized as "operator error" (i.e.--he's a *******). I think both are equally likely possibilities.
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I happen to have a Sig 1911 looks like the same model he has in his pictures. No "strange" protrusion on the slide, and this gun works flawlessly like every other Sig I own. Lets see if he just got a lemon, I betting he did. When you work with steel, iron, stainless just a few tenths of a thousands of an inch can make a difference. Buy one you will love it. This is my first full size 1911 since shooting my military Colt 1911. It shoots far more accurate than that one did ;-)
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funny how he "couldn't get a good" pic of the strange protrusion on the back of the slide. i have 2 sig 1911's that have been nothing but spectacular in the performance and reliability department. i am sure sig will take care of this.
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No problems with my SIG 1911.
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My 2008 vintage SIG GSR 1911 has been a stunning pistol to own and shoot.

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he didnt look very comfortable with the recoil off that 45! i have a polymer Springfield XDm chambered in 45 and the recoil on it doent rock me anywhere near what it looked like he was experiencing. Looked like he might have been limp wristing it a bit.
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Old 12-05-2012, 04:12 PM   #10
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He's an experienced shooter and I'd bet it was just a lemon--they happen. I ended up getting a 9mm x-change kit fr my P226 that had a problem with the hood. SIG replaced the barrel and it works flawlessly.

I bet he does a follow-up as they have for other problem guns.
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My Stainless Carry has been flawless. It has cycled FMJs as well as Gold Dots, Golden Sabres and Hydra-Shocks without a hitch.
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I bought my first Sig 226 9mm 30 years ago. I put over 4,000 rounds tru it without trouble.I also had a P220 45acp worked great. I have a P230 380acp over five years never a hang up. I now have a Sig 1911 TACPAC, a sig1911U 45 compact, a Sig P938 9mm, I have two P238,s 380ACP. One my wife carries. They all work great right of the box. I have other guns H&K,STI. they all work.

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All my Sigs run perfect. RCS 1911 compact, P938, P238.
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I'm sad to read this... On top of my nearly paid for P229 (being a high school teacher with a quality firearm addiction ain't easy ), I'm working on a 1911 Stainless Rail. I got it because I love Sigs and 1911s and figured they couldn't go wrong. It won't dissuade me from my purchase or make me lose any sleep. I own a Taurus or two as well (can I admit that here?). Still, hate to hear so many whiners condemning an entire brand's line, especially when that brand is Sig!
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my ultra has been flawless so far . I will let ya know how my fastback does this weekend
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