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This is a discussion on SIG SAUER P226 PROBLEMS - Chapter Two within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; A few months ago I experienced persistent, and consistent, problems while firing the P226 9mm by Sig Sauer. It would fail to feed from the ...

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A few months ago I experienced persistent, and consistent, problems while firing the P226 9mm by Sig Sauer.

It would fail to feed from the magazine properly with every magazine load I put through it.

The diagnosis was that it was magazine related, but I was unable to test that theory until recently.

The solution to the problems? Use Mec Gar mags.

But, while shooting it I also discovered that due to my large hands and the way I grip my other semi-autos (1911, HK, FN, Glock, etc.) I was getting my thumb on the top of the slide release on the SIG and therefore the slide failed to lock back while shooting.

I wish SIG put their slide release forward of the decocking lever.

Anyway, here's a video report, I was very pleased with the accuracy of the SIG P226.

Has anyone else had a fail to feed issue with their SIG? What was the solution for you?

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Man, I have found 210, 220, 226 and 229 to be remarkably free of any FTF problems of any kind. Except for stories about the 226 X5 in 9mm extractor problems [that you don't seem to hear about anymore] the classic SIGs seem to be outstanding in this regard. After thousands of rounds through this quartet without a single such problem, I am surprised to hear of yours.

Dunno what kind of magazine SIG supplied with your pistols, my SIG logo'ed mags and additional mags I have purchased have all been Mec Gar made, so that may be it. Exception being the 210 that have the old zig zag construction--which may be Mec Gar too, but were not so marked.

To your point about locking open, I do extend my right thumb straight, parallel to the barrel and below the controls, and so maybe avoid such problems that way. Any chance the bulk of your shooting gloves compounds the large hands issue? I wonder if cutting the thumb off your glove on the right side might help keep you from interfering with the slide release.
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It was definitely a magazine problem, MecGar cleared it up.

As I said, I do not like where SIG places the slide release lever, would work better for me if they put it further forward as is the case with my other semi-autos.
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I'm not sure what model of the 226 you have but my Tacops 9mm came with 4 of the Checkmate mags when I bought it and I was worried about the same thing because I had researched it long and hard before I bought it. I haven't experienced any magazine problems save the fact that they swell just a bit when they have all 20 rounds in them! If I take one out the mag drops in and out of the magwell just fine. Fully loaded I hit the mag release and I actually have to grab the mag and pull it out. Other than that not one problem operationally.
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You are not the first, nor will you be the last, to have slide lock issues as a result of thumb placement. Most of us who have been shooting Sigs a while use a thumbs forward grip with the strong hand thumb placed "over" the weak hand thumb. While it may feel a little awkward at first, once accustomed to the grip you'll never have to worry about slide lock problems again.

Here's a video by Bruce Gray explaining the grip: OpSpec Training – On the slide failing to lock back : Grayguns by Bruce Gray

Hope this helps...Sig Marine
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my technique too
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I place my shooting hand thumb right on top of the first joint of my support hand's thumb. Very simple and easy to get used to, because it's an excellent "indexing" point.

Seems like your Sig either had the wrong magazines or something slipped through QC in Italy! Only problems I've seen with Sig mags are weakening springs after tens of thousands of rounds through them...
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Sirsigalot here
Never had that pro but glad its working for you.
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Maybe the .40 S&W would be a better choice, never had a problem with my 226.
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My friend had a 2011 built p226 9mm tacops was jamomatic with fact mags

I bought a 2012 one with fact mags and have zero issues with a dogs breakfast of diff ammo run thru it, but hey my sig p290 is faultfree as well so maybe i amjust lucky!

Perhaps sig finally figured out the root causes and addressed with either a design or tolerance change...
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SIG isn't going to move their slide release design just because you have big hands. Grip adjustment is necessary pistol to pistol, manuf. to manuf.
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If you like you can replace the Slide Catch Lever on that P226 with that part that goes on the X5. The tab that you press down to release the slide is higher and a little more out of the way.
X5 slide release

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Hi fellows, I´m new here, but old Sig owner.

Mi new Sig P226 Enhaced Elite 9mm have feeding problems with made in USA (no Mec Gar) magazines, my friend same with your TacOps 9mm too. any knows any solution for foreigner owners? thanks in advance.

I´m agree, slide release is nightmare! Pretty difficult modifying gripping for every pistol... I hope X5 slide release works.

Greetings from Perú.
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