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From Gaius: SIG 716, Nikon M308, 100 yard group.

Originally Posted by Gaius View Post
I first ran out my target at 50 yards, having no idea where the Nikon M308 would sight. Within 15 rounds I was dead zero. I then went to 100 yards. The short story, it was outstanding. It shot consistent 3 shot groups of 1 MOA, and yes, I do have pictures. I was very pleasantly surprised. I was shooting Federal AE 168 grain OTM. To wrap up the day, i tried some Herters steel case ammo to see if the 716 would eat it. It did and flawlessly. I found the recoil to be more than manageable. Less than my M1A. Needless to say I am delighted with the rifle and its performance. Likewise with the Nikon scope. Next time out, I will move to 300 yards, a more fitting distance for a man to shoot, and put both the gun and the scope through its paces.

A very happy new 716 owner.
Originally Posted by Gaius View Post
As to accuracy, my 716 has far exceeded my expectations. As you can see below, this group, measuring .375 inches was after about 60 rounds of original break in of the rifle. Subsequent groups at 100 yards typically measured 3/4 of an inch, with very few being one inch or slightly more. I am using a Nikon M308 which I find outstanding. With match ammo, this is a sub-MOA gun.

Originally Posted by Gaius View Post
Hi All:

In my earlier post, I showed a .38 inch group at 100 yards. Well now it was time to try this at a more respectable range. Below is my best group at 300 yards. I admit, this was my best group-2 inches benched. My average group was between 3 and 3 1/2 inches. This rifle is very impressive, and as far as I am concerned any doubts about accuracy are pure fiction. I used Federal AE 168 gr OTM loads. The same as I used at 100 yards.

Now, at least or more interesting to me was the performance of the Nikon M308 scope. I had zeroed the scope at 100 yards per owners manual with highest magnification, x16. At 300 I made absolutely no changes to the dope. I did not touch the elevation nob at all. I lined the reticle up using the "300 yard dot" and it was spot on. Elevation at 300 yards did not need even a one click adjustment. I am incredibly impressed the this BDC scope.

One last observation. Just for fun, I ran out some Herters 150 grain steel cased ammo, which I believe is made by Wolf. Previously, using my M1A I found this acceptable ammo at 100 yards and complete garbage at 300. I got exactly the same result with the 716. I went from consistent 3 inch groups with the Match ammo to where, well, I might as well have been throwing rocks.

To say that I am pleased with the 716 would be an understatement. I'll be quiet now.

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File Type: jpg Image2.jpg (37.6 KB, 1250 views)

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Sig 716 Range Report 01/12/13

I picked up my Sig 716 on the 18th of December but between waiting on my LaRue Scope Mount to arrive and then 2 weekends of rain, I was finally able to get out and shoot her yesterday with my brother. Unfortunately I totally forgot to take a camera with me, so no photos of the actual shoot.

Here is my Sig 716 with a Konus M30 6.5-25x44mm Scope mounted with a LaRue Tactical 20 MOA PSR Scope Mount QD model #LT112.

The area we shot at was in the Griswold Hills Recreation Area on BLM (CA Bureau of Land Management) land about 45 miles SE from home. It’s the closet area not on private property that we can shoot at distances of 100+ yards. We arrived at the area at around 11am. The temperature was 45° F at an altitude of 1,270 ft.

In the pic below the green X is my firing position and the red X is the target at a distance of 100 yards measured with a Bushnell Sport 850 Rangefinder. Targets used were Champion Redfield Precision Sight-In Targets mounted on 5’ tall cardboard boxes with the bases loaded down with rocks…worked out very well. The targets never tipped over once.

Note: The night before I had bore sighted my scope the “old school” way by separating the receivers and removing the bolt carrier group. With the upper receiver mounted in a rifle vice, I looked down the bore and centered on a target I had mounted 50’ away. I then adjusted my scope’s crosshairs till they were centered on the bull’s eye. I tell you right now…spend the lousy $15-$20 bucks for a laser bore sight tool . I wasted 10 rounds of ammo just to find the paper the next day.

All rounds were fired from a prone position using a Harris Ultralight Bipod Series 1A2 Model #BRM (more on this bipod later).

As I stated in the note above, it took the first 10 rounds just to find the paper. I was that far off on my “old school” bore sighting. The 10th round found paper on the lower right corner of the target. After that it was a cakewalk. I adjusted 2.2 Mils up and left and I was in the zone. First 3 shot group as follows (data compiled using Balistic AE for iPod Touch):

Max Spread: 0.78 moa
Min Spread: 0.57
Grp. Distance to Center: 1.22 moa
Avg. Distance to Center: 1.25 moa
Group width: 0.53 moa
Group Height 0.78 moa
Group Offset Horizontal: 1.18 moa
Group Offset Vertical: 0.32 moa

After a 4 mil click adjustment left my final 3 shot group for zero:

Max Spread: 0.71 moa
Min Spread: 0.46
Grp. Distance to Center: 0.13 moa
Avg. Distance to Center: 0.38 moa
Group width: 0.64 moa
Group Height 0.64 moa
Group Offset Horizontal: 0.12 moa
Group Offset Vertical: 0.05 moa

I’m very, very happy with the performance of the Sig 716. I fired 3 different loads and had zero malfunctions in 80 rounds fired. Ammo used was: One box of Remington Premier Match 168 GR Matchking BTHP, one box of Remington UMC 150 GR and two boxes of Winchester 150 GR Power-Point.

The only problem I had the whole day was with the Harris Bipod. No matter how much I tightened the damn thing, after every magazine fired it would work itself loose again. Looks like I’m going to have to save some pennies and get myself a BT10-LW17 - Atlas Bipod from B&T Industries.

Oh...and I broke the rear Scope lens cap off when I flipped the rifle over to retighten the stinking bipod .

Now I have to find a place were I can get some real distance shots 300-700 yards.
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Hey, thanks for taking the time to post those details!
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From Phinhead: SIG 556R, 4x Scope, 200 meter group.

Originally Posted by Phinhead View Post
This is non sandbag and non bench. This is shot standing off the of a toolbox and using a range bag for support with a 4x scope.

The distance is 200 meters from a Bushnell Sport 850 laser rangefinder using highly reflective materials.

Ammo is Winchester white box.

Attached Images
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From: Tim_McBride: SIG 556R, Trijicon ACOG TA31, 100 yard groups.

SIG 556R stress test: 1,260 rounds in under 4 hours (Now with Range Report for accuracy) - AR15.COM

Originally Posted by Tim_McBride
Made it out to Rio Salado Sportsman Club this morning. I shoot 100rds through the gun this morning, no problems of course. I will also state that I am by no means a good shooter from the bench, a friend who is a great bench shooter was going to show up but he canceled at the last minute. I blame myself for some vertical stringing you'll see later.

Here is the setup for this portion of the review
Sig556R, Trijicon TA31 ECOS 4x

Gun Zero'd at 25m with minimal rounds (~8)
Moved out to 100yards

First String, 7 rds of Yugo Surplus M67 ball

Mean was 1.7inches
Max was 2.5inches

Second String, Winchester 'Whitebox' 123gr FMJ, 10rounds

Mean was 1.7 inches
Max Horizontal was 1.2 inches
Max Vertical was 3.2 Inches

Third String, 30rd of Yugo M67 fired rapid

Mean was 3.1inches
max was 5.8 inches

Fourth String was 10rounds of Winchester fired Rapid with the gun hot

Mean was 2.7 inches
Max was 4.8inches

Rest of the Ammo was fired at the 300yard Steel, which was very easy to make ring.

I was very happy with the gun, a bit unhappy with myself.
I am going to try and pick up some of the new Hornady VMAX ammo and see how it runs
Originally Posted by Tim_McBride
Steel Case Ammo report;
I fired 20rd of each of the following boxes of Ammo. I also fired a few mags of Yugo with no issues.
Brown Bear SP No Issues
Brown Bear HP No Issues
Brown Bear FMJ No Issues
Golden Bear FMJ 2 FTE(Fail To Eject)
Golden Bear HP 1 FTE
Seller & Belliot FMJ No Issues
Silver Bear FMJ No Issues
Silver Bear HP No Issues
Silver Bear SP 4 FTE
Tula 122 FMJ 2 FTI(Fail to Ignite) All rounds fired on second strike, all that failed first strike had very deep set primers
Tula 124 FMJ 3 FTI, All rounds fired on second strike, all that failed first strike had very deep set primers
Tula 124 SP No Issues (Lucky I guess)
UCW 122 FMJ No Issues
Wolf SP No Issues
Wolf FMJ (Black Box) 2 FTI All rounds fired on second strike, all that failed first strike had very deep set primers
Wolf FMJ (Camo Box) 3 FTI All rounds fired on second strike, all that failed first strike had very deep set primers
Golden Tiger 2 FTI (I saved one, the other fired on second strike

Attached Images
File Type: jpg SIG556R_ACOG.jpg (65.5 KB, 1211 views)
File Type: jpg SIG556R_Yugo7rd.jpg (32.8 KB, 1203 views)
File Type: jpg SIG556R_Win10rd.jpg (57.7 KB, 1208 views)
File Type: jpg SIG556R_Yugo30rdRapid.jpg (69.3 KB, 1205 views)
File Type: jpg SIG556R_Win10rdRapidHOT.jpg (67.7 KB, 1206 views)
File Type: jpg Sig556R_fte_steel.jpg (227.5 KB, 1191 views)

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More fun with the SIG 516R, using the Aimpoint CompM4, at 50 yards.

Not sure how many shots were fired - probably just under the usual 30 - round clip (gaaasp!). No sandbags, just elbows on the table.

The next one's with offhand shooting, standing up, in various contortions trying to find the sweet spot. Went a little crazy, and figured out that "drifting" the dot along a straight line and firing when over the target seemed to work somewhat... Probably not the best way of aiming.

Attached Images
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File Type: jpg target_41.jpg (97.6 KB, 605 views)

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Originally Posted by Edsel View Post
I'm pretty much a novice shooter who doesn't really have any thoughts of using these rifles for self - defense, much less any tactical paramilitary fantasies (but my toys would suggest otherwise!). I shoot primarily for the fun of hearing the "bang," with hits on the target being somewhat secondary.

Tactical Paramilitary Fantasies being exemplified by...

Daniel Defense - Choose Daniel Defense - YouTube

...which I think I may have mentioned before.

I just thought it would be good idea to have a thread with range reports from all your various SIG rifles (and "pistol" versions of these rifles, as well) together in one spot.

I'll be cutting and pasting from other threads that I come across.

I'll start off with mine.

This is the first time either of my rifles have been fired with any intent of getting accurate shots; these come from the most recent outing, a 25 - yard preliminary zero.

Rifles were stabilized on one of the earlier versions of the Lead Sled.

SIG 516

Modifications: Geissele SSA - E Trigger, POF Roller Cam Pin, Surefire Three - Prong Flash Hider, MagPul ACS - L Stock.

Optic: Aimpoint CompM4.

Round Count: Barely broken in at 240 rounds, including this session. No issues whatsoever up to now with the ammunition listed below.

Federal .223 Remington, 55 grain, FMJ
PMC 5.56 x 45mm, 55 grain, FMJ BT, NATO, M193
Federal .223 Remington, 55 grain, FMJ BT
* Lake City 5.56 x 45mm, 62 grain, FMJ, NATO, XM855

Comments: All internals ride on a thick layer of NLGI - 1 (previously NLGI - 2 + Oil) grease.

Below is a 30 - round group. I could only count something like 23 discrete holes. The fliers started coming in after the earlier holes started making the way the red dot appeared look different when superimposed on the circle - only for me to realize that I should have been using the black squares as references instead. Subsequent shots started landing back in the center.

I have to say, the SIG 516 is really easy to shoot when partnered with a 2MOA Aimpoint.

SIG 716

Modifications: Same as above (Geissele SSA - E Trigger, POF Roller Cam Pin, Surefire Three - Prong Flash Hider, MagPul ACS - L Stock).

Optic: Trijicon ACOG TA648 - 308H.

Round Count: 250 rounds, including this session. I've been using CBC rounds exclusively. No issues whatsoever up to now.

* CBC 7.62 x 51mm, 147 grain, FMJ, NATO, M80

Comments: Same as above (all internals ride on a thick layer of NLGI - 1 grease).

Below is an 80 - round cluster, with the last rounds making my frustration obvious (by then, I had lost it and started aimlessly plugging away). Can't say I was too happy with what happened. What I think I was experiencing was a huge parallax issue - this BFACOG needed way more room to get zeroed in. The reticle and the target just didn't seem to appear on the same plane at all despite my best efforts. Either something's wrong with my eyes, or there's simply no way one could "Battle Sight Zero" this particular model at 25 yards (granted, the manual indicates 25 meters).

Well, the optic was meant for machineguns, horseshoe reticle and all... I think it would be at Aimpoint - level awesomeness on wider, more open ranges. Need to find one first, though.

Sure is some high dollar stuff just to hear a bang.
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Originally Posted by Sgt Ed View Post
Sure is some high dollar stuff just to hear a bang.
My Ma would say the same

It's all about liking one's own toys.

What doesn't cease to amaze me is how some fancy equipment can make a total dunski like myself land shots without looking like an idiot...

These optics make it too damned easy.

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Originally Posted by Trotter View Post
Guess that would depend on who was looking.

Nice snide comment from the warrior elite!

I'm at a total loss for a comeback.
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I finally got to try out the newest addition to the stable!

SIG 556R

Modifications: SIG Sauer Rotary Diopter and Hooded Front Sight (the Zurich Wedge is in storage - there doesn't seem to be any play between the two halves).

Optic: Aimpoint CompM4.

Round Count: 100 rounds.

* Tulammo 7.62 x 39mm, 122 grain, FMJ

Comments: Internals heavily lubricated with NLGI - 1 grease, once again. One thing I really like about the Kalashnikov layout is the presence of nice, gaping spaces as well as Tonka - sized parts. Cleaning this rifle takes a fifth of the time I'd usually spend with the SIG 516 and 716. The most welcome feature was not having to deal with those horrid barrel extensions and feed ramps. There's nothing but cavernous space here, no sharp extensions to hurt your fingers, so easy to wipe off debris with the bolt held open...

The group below's the first rounds ever fired from the rifle, a 10 - round zeroing cluster at 50 yards, after a laser boresighter was used (note the very first shot, the flyer to the right). The rifle was steadied on a Lead Sled. Like I mentioned earlier, these Red Dot Sights make aiming so damned easy... It's almost scary.

The next group is a 20 - round cluster steadied with elbows on the table.

The last group is a 30 - round cluster shot offhand. Not sure why my shots seem to be falling into Quadrant 3, I thought I had the rifle zeroed in pretty well.

I think I've found my new "fun" rifle - I've always wanted to own a Kalashnikov operating system, and it definitely doesn't disappoint. I like the long - stroke piston, and the fact that all of the internals are so... Tonka - sized huge. Barely any tiny little sharp parts to hurt your fingers. Cleaning is a breeze, and the furniture's quite ergonomic. The bolt carrier travels on reliable, old - school, steel rails! There even is a *** gasp *** reciprocating charging handle! And barely any Picatinny Rails! The trigger does have a lot of creep to it - but the pull is relatively smooth, feels like it's probably in between the Glock 4.5 and 5.5 pound triggers (I have been spoiled by my Geissele SSA - Es).

I did mention the big, gaping spaces already, right?

My rifle does not exhibit any play between the upper and lower halves (I have a Zurich Wedge in reserve for that),...

...but the foreend is loose, and I have to admit - it does annoy me somewhat. This shouldn't happen in a rifle of this price. There have been a number of remedies suggested for this online, the cleanest of which involves inserting zip ties into the channel.

Backup Iron Sights may be a problem for some - I personally do not like the offerings from either Samson or Midway Industries, but am certain they would work fine. There is some mention of the Samson model having some to - and - fro movement when raised. My sights are permanently Lower 1/3 Co - Witnessed (not what it appears like in the picture), but it doesn't seem to bother me that much - the circular hood + post does have the benefit of drawing attention to the vertical center and aids in aligning the rifle plumb line down (the steel magazines help a lot with that, too!). When the Diopter Sight's set at "V" notch, the Red Dot sight's unobstructed from behind.

One of my only concerns, from a design standpoint, is the location of the recoil spring - I'm not sure if keeping it in a "hot" area (not to mention the fact that the gas tube's probably full of corrosive stuff when shooting cheap ammunition) would do it any good.
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File Type: jpg target_51.jpg (82.3 KB, 567 views)
File Type: jpg target_61.jpg (96.8 KB, 565 views)
File Type: jpg target_71.jpg (123.2 KB, 571 views)
File Type: jpg 5838350350_e206ed77d8_o.jpg (209.6 KB, 649 views)
File Type: jpg Zurich Wedge.jpg (20.8 KB, 565 views)
File Type: jpg Zurich Wedge Installed Edited.jpg (110.5 KB, 561 views)
File Type: jpg SIG 556R Sights Edited.jpg (73.2 KB, 768 views)

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From ddnc: SIG 716, Hi - Lux Leatherwood CMR1 - 7.62, 100 meter group

Originally Posted by ddnc View Post
Hello to all,

Concerning the SIG716 rifle, I was in the market for a 7.62 NATO piston drive rifle and chose the SIG over the HK because:

1) The SIG has an adjustable gas system the HK does not.
2) SIG's carrier is better machined and addresses the carrier tilt issue.
3) Ambi mag release and QD sling appointments.
4) The rifle was developed by a former HK engineer that worked on HK's 556/762.
5) MAGPUL furniture, which I prefer.
6) Takes MAGPUL Pmags ($20) and DPMS/SR25 mags, not very expensive proprietary HK mags.
7) Shoots MOA or better.
8) If you install a Geiselle trigger it is half the cost of the Geiselle HK trigger.
9) Finally, mine was less than half the cost of the HK rifle.
10) It comes with the flip up sights.

I began to read all these stories here about how the 716 needs to be broken in and so on and so forth. So I was a trifle concerned. I did read a post here about cleaning the gun before initial use which is basic initial care anyway. My gun was made May 23, 2013 and when I got it, stripped it to the basic components, removed the copious white grease and lightly oiled with LSA as well as a primary bore clean and re-oil.

The first round chambers about 3/4 of the way. I removed it and mag and rechambered. It chambered fine and proceeded to function without issue 100% with Wolf, Tula, green lacquer Monarch and SA brass case. I don't find the gun excessivly heavy or the trigger gritty/heavy. Total round count for 2 days was 350.

This is an excellent rifle and easily strikes 8x14 steel plate 300M. The 3 round group pictured was with the Wolf Military Classic only after 10 rounds to zero. The Monarch shot 2inches left but was easily compensated with the scope.

Maybe I got lucky but the gun is top notch.

EDIT: This one's a 100 meter group; thanks for the clarification, ddnc!

Attached Images
File Type: jpg 98aaca22-144f-4d18-95ed-f61d4667dce8_zps8dcb2181.jpg (179.9 KB, 564 views)
File Type: jpg photo2a_zps3b045998.jpg (274.8 KB, 561 views)
File Type: jpg photo3a_zps3c052f74.jpg (82.0 KB, 554 views)

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Adding to this Mother

I took my new 716 ODG out to the Range and it shot flawlessly 40 rounds of 168gr federal gold metal match. Prior to firing I had a similar issue with cycling manually as in this video.

Cleaned bolt assembly with break cleaner(non-chlorinated) and and sprayed and wiped it down with CLP right after.Reassembled and the rifles was very noticeably smoother in action. didn't clean to buffer assembly but it too has a good deal of grease on it.

First crappy shots. I know, no rest function testing was the mission.

It you clean it it will run!
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Almost two years ago, here are among the first shots I made from my Gen 1 516 sighting in three round groups using iron sights from a portable bench at 100 yards shooting American 55 grain 5.56 M193. The covered holes are either from a springfield that is like shooting bottle rockets at a target or from earlier shots much closer to get on paper.

The weapon remains as consistent.

The next time I went I tried sighting in a Lucid HD7 with an unexpected result.

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Thanks for the contributions, guys!

Keep them coming!

I noticed that we don't have much from the 550 series of rifles...
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Originally Posted by cbrobertson View Post
Sig Sauer 716 Patrol Rifle 5 shot group fired at 100 Yards measuring 5/8th inch. 168gr Sierra HPBT Match 42.5gr Reloader 15 fired at pioneer Gun Club McBride Range on 08-June-13 8 to 10 MPH cross wind approximately 75 degrees 40% humidity sunny day patchy clouds. Scoped with a Bushnell Elite Tactical 4-12X40.

Special note: This rifle is EXACTLY as arrived from factory. No special trigger or other alturations.
Did you happen to get a velocity on this load ?
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