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Advice for a gunsmith telling me a cleaning wasn't necessary

This is a discussion on Advice for a gunsmith telling me a cleaning wasn't necessary within the SIG Sauer Rifles forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Please allow me to start by sharing how thrilled I am with this community. VERY helpful. I have had the 716 for 2 months now, ...

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Advice for a gunsmith telling me a cleaning wasn't necessary

Please allow me to start by sharing how thrilled I am with this community. VERY helpful. I have had the 716 for 2 months now, a few weeks ago I took it to a gunsmith and asked that it be deep cleaned. I have NOT fired a round thru it yet, I prefer to wait until I can afford a scope for it. I'll try training with iron sights first, but I'm not in a hurry to spend range time yet, I'm planning on reading and learning more first. With that, the gunsmith ( and I respect his honesty if it was accurate ) flat out told me that cleaning it wasn't necessary. I don't know wether to never return to him again or believe him. I am familiar with gun cleaning, I've owned 5 ar-15's. the truth is that I am a VERY busy person and as much as I love cleaning guns, I'm way more inclined to pay 50.00 for a deep cleaning while saving myself what seems to take 2 hours. Also, there no question a gunsmith ought to be more proficient and precise when cleaning a rifle than I am.. That fact ought to stand on it's own. He added that because of the piston system ( and I quote ) "you don't need to do much more than run a few patches thru it every 500 rounds or so".
What gives? I'm way lost.... I'm unsure if that makes sense to me. Of should it? Or..... Do I need a new gunsmith? In advance, I'm WAY grateful for any Input. May God bless all of you.
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First off, it never hurts a piece of machinery to be clean. There are no adverse effects, unless it isn't lubricated afterwards. It sounds like this is his opinion and not fact. I would not lose faith in him, but recognize that he may not be interested in performing the work. He is a human with opinions, and may be really saying to you "I would not deep clean mine, so you don't need to deep clean yours". If you want it cleaned, find someone willing to do the work. It may function perfectly fine without it, but it certainly won't hurt it.
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+1 With Hodge.
He sounds LAZY to Me.
Would not trust Him
Get a new GS
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A deep cleaning CAN hurt a gun if disassembly is required. Parts can be lost, put back together wrong, and damaged if pieces are forced.

You also have to read the owners manual, some guns say to clean it immediately, some say field strip, and some even say don't clean the gun until you have 500 rounds through it. Some even specify what brand of ammo to use when breaking it in. I haven't read the manual to your gun, that is up to you.

I love clean guns but I always read the owners manual. Most of my guns tell me not to ever go past a field strip, so that is where I stop.

Please tell your gun smith to head down to Virginia Beach, there aren't any good ones around here and the ones I have found only install sites.
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Words well taken gents. Thank you.
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Two different issues here. First, should you detail clean a new gun, especially a Sig 716? Easy answer - yes, absolutely. When I got mine, I saw that Sig used a lot of packing grease, none of which is designed to increase accuracy out of the box. So yes, clean the thing. (Also, you do not want to find out the hard way that there was some obstruction down the bore. This is true with any new gun.)

Now, on a going forward basis, I know of a few guys who regularly run 400-500 rounds out of their rifles without any meaningful cleaning. That said, even if you are busy, buy a bore snake if nothing else and take the ten seconds to run it up the bore and the barrel should be fine. As the the BCG, different opinions with the piston system, but for me, a simple wipe down and squirt of oil seems to work fine every few hundred rounds, whether it needs it or not.
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Cleaning is always a good idea. Why leave corrosive materials in a gun?
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I always clean my new guns before firing. It may not be required I it gives me chance to inspect gun and ensure no manufacturing or shipping derbies in it. I would talk to your gunsmith and not write him off until you understand why. A lot of gun enthusiast will clean first but out of all the new guns sold I'm guessing a small % actually get cleaned prior to firing.
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