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Sig M400 verus Colt LE6920 9pic heavy)

This is a discussion on Sig M400 verus Colt LE6920 9pic heavy) within the SIG Sauer Rifles forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Here are some photos of my new M400... Receiver roll marks Bolt carrier group (nicely statked gas key) AR15 bolt carrier group Gas tube, M4 ...

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Old 02-19-2012, 03:23 PM   #1
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Sig M400 verus Colt LE6920 9pic heavy)

Here are some photos of my new M400...

Receiver roll marks

Bolt carrier group (nicely statked gas key)

AR15 bolt carrier group

Gas tube, M4 marked upper, etc

Barrel markings

F marked front sight

M400 with Burris AR332


In contrast, here are some Colt 6920 photos...

M16 bolt carrier group

MP marked bolt

MP marked barrel

The whole thing...


All in all, the Sig compares nicely the Colt. Except for the MP marked bolt and barrel, there are few differences. The QD swivel mounts on the Sig lower are the most obvious differences. The Sig did have a nicer finish out of the boxe. The Colt has various small silver spots on the lower receiver. No dings, just silver spots. I corrected them with a Sharpie. The Sig, on the other hand, was cosmetically perfect.

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Sorry, ran out bandwidth on photobucket and had to upgrade.

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Great pictures! Enjoy your rifles!
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i want them both
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Droouling over here . I want the od green so bad, it hurts
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The pics of the bolt carrier group didn't come through - how did you think the stacking compared between the M400 and 6920?
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Yeah, I deleted those photos off my Photobucket account and replaced them with some better photos. Here they are.

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What kind of railguards are those on the Colt in the 3 & 9 positions?
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They're ERGO
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Very NICE!!!
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Interesting comparison. Thanks. I hadn't realized how similar the designs are! Obviously, I'm not well versed in current AR technology.
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Here's a comparison of the Colt and the Sig I posted on another forums:

Both have an F marked front sight base.

Both have M4 feed ramps cut before anodizing.

Both are chromed in the same spots.

Both have equal staking on the gas key and castle nut.

Colt has an M16 bolt carrier.
Sig has an enhanced AR15 bolt carrier.

Colt bolt is MP marked.
Sig bolt is not MP marked.

Colt comes with an H buffer.
Sig comes with a standard carbine buffer.

Colt barrel is MP marked.
Sig barrel is not MP marked.

Colt has a standard mag release.
Sig has an ambi mag release.

Sig has a upper/lower tightening device in the lower, the Colt does not.

Sig has built-in sling point attachments in the lower, the Colt does not.

Sig has an extractor support in the barrel extension, Colt does not.

Sig has 6-position mil-spec diameter buffer tube, Colt has 4-position mil-spec tube.

Both have equally bad single stage triggers.

Out of the box, the Sig had no blemishes or marks and was cosmetically perfect. The Colt had various nicks and dings from careless assembly. (Notably around the trigger guard where the rear pin was installed, but also on the delta ring and on various spots on the upper receiver.)

The Sig upper/lower fit is tight. There is not play whatsoever - either in the vertical or horizontal. The the pins can be pushed out with your fingers. There is a lot of slop in the Colt that can be fixed substantially with an accuwedge.

Both consistently eject to the 3:45 position with everything from cheap PMC Bronze and UMC ammo to NATO M193 and M855.

The Sig is proving to be a bit more accurate than the Colt.

If you absolutely have to have magnetic particle tested bolt and barrel, or an M-15 bolt carrier or H buffer, go Colt. Otherwise the Sig is a great rifle. I have well over 1000 rounds through both of them. Both have been 100% reliable.

I like the Sig lower better than the Colt's. I use the ambi mag release quite a bit even though I'm right handed. I also like the upper/lower fit better on the Sig.
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