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This is a discussion on What would you do if you’re in a car... within the Concealed Carry forums, part of the Gun Forum category; And got surrounded by several rioters/looters/thugs? I just took a CCW class and my instructor said the second a door was pulled open or the ...

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What would you do if you’re in a car...

And got surrounded by several rioters/looters/thugs? I just took a CCW class and my instructor said the second a door was pulled open or the moment a weapon hit glass/windshield, he’d pull the trigger. I had the same response.

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Keep the vehicle moving and if the threat feels deadly to you- accelerate out of the threat zone- regardless of rioters who might get run over.

I won't deafen myself with use of my firearm unless I see a gun, explosive, or molotov cocktail. Gotta protect the hearing.

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I fired my 9mm in my empty warehouse once without ear protection and I’ll never make that mistake again. I asked about the deafening noise that comes from unloading in a vehicle and he was retired LE and said he’d done it once, and would do it again.
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Originally Posted by Lancer L5 AWM View Post
Keep the vehicle moving and if the threat feels deadly to you- accelerate out of the threat zone- regardless of rioters who might get run over.

I won't deafen myself with use of my firearm unless I see a gun, explosive, or molotov cocktail. Gotta protect the hearing.

+1, what he said.
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Both of my main vehicles are larger size and with 4 wheel drive. Keep it moving, have all the doors locked and the windows rolled up tight. Have the vehicle in 4 wheel drive and have headlights, blinkers, flashers, horn on. Keep moving slowly until you are out of the mess. It a mob scene situation, your vehicle becomes the primary offensive and defensive weapon. Always be prepared and have a full tank of fuel.
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I tried my P226 with the .22 conversion in my indoor range with no hearing protection once. Never again unless absolutely necessary. ��
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Reminds me of the scene in the movie Heat, when McCauley (R. De Nero), Shiherlis (V. Kilmer) & Cheritto (T. Sizemore) are all in the car after the bank heist and all are firing their Colt Model 733 out the windows. Yeah, that’ll cause permanent hearing loss
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Well unless I see another weapon pointed or the shooting starts use my car to get the hell out of there.

When it comes to guns I've always stood by my love of life and if my life is in harms way I must stand my ground but if not never pull my weapon as a show of force because that's when you've unzipped your fly and this ain't a pissing contest.

Just my 2 cents.
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Keep moving slowly. First hand in the window would probably get a taste of my Benchmade Mini Grip.
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Do not drive into a group of demonstrators. Your car has a reverse gear. Use it.

Situational awareness is your best defense. No one has ever lost a gun fight that they avoided.

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I saw that episode on The Walking Dead. Exit the door where there is least commotion and run like hell!!
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Hard to say, depends on where you live. If Dem controlled you will not receive "justice" either way. But unlike the 2 Tulsa officers recently shot and one died that tried to use less than lethal force after being resisted and fought, you could still be alive if you use lethal force when you fear for your life but end up in prison or worse. Pretty much a lose lose situation all the way around.

WE have proof that Antifa(or was it BLM or both?) will shoot a driver for just trying to drive home. Did the driver even see him before being shot?

We have 911 telling woman with a child in car to "call city hall" after 911 told her, 911 was told police will do nothing to help her.

Youtube feed wont play below video for me trying to fix. I guess an ad is running before this link and will not play. If I copy paste in private window it runs. Even Bonginos web link will not run for me. It is really worth listening to. It starts at 12:51 if you can get it to run.


"Sergeant Johnson was backing up another officer who had pulled over a Chevrolet Cobalt with expired paper license tags at about 3:25 a.m. Monday when things turned violent, the authorities said.

The driver, whom the police identified as David Anthony Ware, 33, refused to get out of his car when the officers told him that they were going to have it towed, Chief Franklin said at the news conference on Monday.

A struggle ensued, in which Sergeant Johnson fired his Taser at Mr. Ware, who removed the stun gun’s prongs from his body. Sergeant Johnson then used pepper spray on Mr. Ware, who pulled out a handgun and fired several rounds at the officers as they removed him from the car, the chief said."


Best to just stop and turn around if you see a large crowd ahead and avoid all towns with any protests.

I had another video I wanted to post but can't find it off hand.

Seeing the comments on leftist websites shows many are out for "revenge and payback". Act accordingly.

I pretty much ignore everyone and spare pleasantries now. The crazy SJW's set the rules, not me.
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It’s about time I picked up a Knights Industries Two Thousand.
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My answer depends upon which state you live in, and this is dependent upon whether you have the Castle Doctrine in place, how it's written and whether your state obligates you with a "duty to retreat" or not.

As a director for Grass Roots North Carolina, in 2011-2012 I helped move H650 through the legislature and into law in my state. It's one of the strongest Castle Doctrine laws ever enacted.

In our state, if you do everything right (there are a number of caveats) you have an affirmative defense for both criminal and civil (lawsuit) charges. The perp's mother can't successfully sue you for damages.

If you're in your home, the surrounding living space, your motor vehicle or in a business where you have a right to be, the Castle Doctrine generally applies.

If someone without a right to be there intrudes on these spaces, you have the right to ASSUME that they are utilizing lethal force in the process of their invasion, and you can immediately respond.

That's it. No duty to retreat in North Carolina. No "warning" commands or shots. You can defend yourself with lethal force against the intruder's lethal force.

Homes and businesses have the concept of the surrounding living space around buildings (it's legally called "curtilage") but motor vehicles don't. I would probably consider the attempted breech of a motor vehicle's secure compartment (inside) evidence of an attempt at invasion, especially if it's violent.

Note that a motor vehicle can be a lethal weapon. You don't necessarily need to respond with a firearm.

In my own case, I would likely respond with command voice and order the invaders away. If they did not retreat, I would access my firearm, and attempt to drive away slowly. If I was swarmed, I would probably respond with the firearm to defend myself.

Each case is different. Each witness is potentially flawed. Forensic evidence can be handled sloppily or improperly so you are ALWAYS at great financial and physical risk in such a situation. The best approach is avoidance. Should that fail, a sequence of escalation of steps is probably best. You can only do this with adequate training.

- - - - - -

I do applaud all the new gun owners that were motivated in the last weeks to finally make the decision to protect themselves. Gun sales in my area have literally been off the charts since March, and show no sign of slowing down. Most of the new owners have no firearm handling skills, and urgently need safety training and tactical training.

I teach all the NRA courses, and also certify my state's concealed carry course - in fact wrote the material that my teaching team uses for the course. We take two 8 hour days to teach this class, and even that is just minimal safety, holster draw training, qualification and some minor coaching.

Carrying a firearm outside the home entails a huge number of potential situations that each pose their own self-defense challenges. That is why ongoing tactical training is wise.

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Avoid, avoid, avoid!

I forget which instructor I picked this bit of information up from and I'm butchering the terminology he actually used but it amounted to this...

Humans have a tendency to plot a course to a destination and mentally have this bias that they must complete the course they plotted. They will tend to want to adhere to this course regardless of whatever obstacles or threats may appear in their way.

He advocated that one should be mindful that your plotted route and destination may need adjustment whether out of necessity or an abundance of caution. The path of least resistance/greatest safety may not be the one you originally set out on.

Example: Walking down the street on the right side and a 'shady' character or two appears between you and your intended destination (the end of the block). Avoid your inherent desire to see out the completion of your mentally assigned task (get to the end of the block by walking down the right side of the sidewalk). Instead, either cross the street to the left side or perhaps take another route entirely.

I find this most practically applied when walking my dog. I've found many regulars in my neighborhood are poorly trained and cause a commotion when I walk my own dog past them. I've found that simply giving a friendly wave and changing direction entirely is preferable to trying to walk past the mongrel engaged in a tug of war with it's owner.

To bring this back to the issue of being mobbed while in your car... whatever your destination is probably isn't important enough to get into a life threatening confrontation. If you have any ability what-so-ever to avoid places with unrest do so. If you're unfortunate enough to live/work in a place like Seattle where they've blocked the highway 19 days in a row (and counting) then it might be time to elect different politicians or find a new place to live.

If despite my best efforts I end up in a situation where my car is mobbed by 'peaceful protestors' carrying bricks and molotovs I'd say that foot on the gas happens as soon as they start beating on the car. The shooting starts as soon as any glass breaks.
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