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Keyslinger 07-12-2020 11:00 PM

EDCíing a subcompact with rds
Iíve been going back and forth in my head about attempting this for my P320. Iíve seen plenty of posts of people carrying red dots everyday. But does it defeat the purpose on a subcompact (adding ďexcessĒ attachments)?

Iíve never handled a handgun with a red dot by the way. Is it worth it to just buy a already milled slide?

Lastly, if anyone has pictures of their P320sc with red dots, I would love to see them!

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Lancer L5 AWM 07-12-2020 11:34 PM

Have Robert Burke/The Sig Armorer, L&M Precision Gunworks, or Jagerwerks mill your slide for a Trijicon RMR type 2.


Keyslinger 07-13-2020 08:59 AM


Originally Posted by Lancer L5 AWM (Post 5481782)
Have Robert Burke/The Sig Armorer, L&M Precision Gunworks, or Jagerwerks mill your slide for a Trijicon RMR type 2.


Is this what you did? Iím assuming it isnít worth the extra bucks to just buy a already milled slide. Happen to have this on a subcompact frame?

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hardluk1 07-15-2020 08:18 AM

I have not had the eye sight for shooting nice tight controlled groups in many years well short of going straight out of bed to my out back gun range I can shoot my old colt huntsman good for a little while . I wear trifocals and my wife wears progressive lens that make my eye sight pretty good !

But I have used a 2moa red dot to hunt with on a revolver since '78 for well placed shots out to 100 yards and my wife and I have a have a M&P core and a ruger mk3 with dot optics 6 moa and 3moa dots far more for fun shooting but they keep use sharp too . MY wifes EDC is a P365xl that is optic ready but no optic wanted yet . We are both 64 now so maybe in 5 or 6 years both of use will need a dot optics just not yet for defensive needs !!

I would tell you to put a dot optic on a fun gun that you have so you can can learn to be come good with it .

have your P320SC milled for an optic you like and it will look like today P320XC or the RXO XC with a sight upgrade but with a shorty grip ! Speaking of Grips you might find the P320 X compact grip module would be a good carry upgrade . I like it . Ha

Dingleberrydad 08-08-2020 12:33 PM

There are lots of options for purchasing already milled slides...I've gone that route on my 4 handguns with red dots (Slideworks Engineering for a G19 and P320 Carry, Lonewolf for a G20, Sig for a P226).

I've seen/felt NO issues concealing with the red dots.

For those of use with less than perfect vision, and even many I talk to with perfect vision, red dots get described as the "easy button" has been so for me. Of course, you need to train with them, and develop other habits vs. when using iron sights. I'll never go back to just iron sights, I still shoot a few guns with irons, but anything that's going to be my primary EDC or home defense will have red dots.

Plenty of good videos out there on this topic (Sage Dynamics, Samurai Project to name a couple of sources).

Eyegor 08-08-2020 04:32 PM

Because you seem undecided and not yet committed to RDS I would purchase a 3.6” slide already milled. If you find it’s not for you, the resale would be pretty easy.

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