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What type gun belts do you guys use?

This is a discussion on What type gun belts do you guys use? within the Gun Gear forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I use a 1 3/4 wide leather belt and some suspenders I found at Wallymart that has wide plastic hooks that fit under Your Belt ...

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I use a 1 3/4 wide leather belt and some suspenders I found at Wallymart that has wide plastic hooks that fit under Your Belt to hold Your pants up. They even work well when I carry My 54oz Lipsey P220 10MM.
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I use a 511 Tactical 1.5" TDU Belt for inside the waist band. For outside the waist band I use the same belt but in 1.75".
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I used to be interested in Kore Belts until I found out they were made in China.
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Mine is local - 1.5" leather - purchased at a gun show. Owned a Mitch Rosen paired with an ARG for a Hi-Power. Sold it with the gun. Historically carried a Galco Horsehide Royal Guard / Titanium .38, but have transitioned to a P365 SAS in a Milt Sparks SSII.

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5.11 riggers belt. It's 1.75 so it works with 5.11 and LAPG pants fine, but barely fits through the belt loops on my Mountain Hardwear pants. I just have to make sure I'm not wearing those if I'm flying or going somewhere with metal detectors
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Nexbelt AIWB
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“A Better Belt” brand has served well for 6 years and I recently bought another. Leather looks good and has held up well.

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Blade-Tech, Nexbelt and DM Bullard
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I went without a gun belt for years. I finally purchased one from TAC Beltz because they were incredibly cheap (especially compared to what's out there) AND made in the US. The night and day difference immediately made me realize I had been wrong for not having one. It's been a few years and the one I have is starting to show wear. I am probably fine with getting a new one every couple years for such a low price.
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Versacarry leather belt and Bigfoot steel core gun belt.

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Armour belts! I had a Kore Essentials belt and the lining broke about the 4th time I wore it. Junk stuff as far as I'm concerned. I gave it to hubby who wears it a couple times a year when he has to get "all dressed up."

Armour makes gun belts that are over 1/4" thick, which can be a challenge for fitting some holsters but they will hold up literally anything and last forever. I have one of those. I also have one of their thinner models which is exactly 1/4" thick and it is every bit as sturdy, while fitting through holster openings and clips much easier.

I have a Better Belt but almost never wear it anymore because it is just not all that sturdy. I also have a $25 embossed belt, single layer, thick hide, that I bought at a saddle shop. It is not as stiff as my Armour belts and mostly is my everyday around the house belt - but I only wear a SIG P238 as my carry gun, so that is really all I need for everyday use.
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Just a real thick 1 3/4 in quality leather belt. Had it for maybe 25 years now? Perhaps longer

If you get an actual good belt the first time, shouldn't really ever need another. Certainly don't pay extra just because its a "gun" belt.

Not to say there's anything wrong with some of them, I just can't see paying a premium for them.
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Does anyone know of a hybrid type of belt? A belt with a front and buckle that is leather and the side and rear is nylon.
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Every time this question comes up on every forum, I post the same information. I have several, including a Beltman that was very expensive.

Crossbreed has a 'seconds' website of which few seem to be aware. The belt part of the website has excellent gun belts for a fraction of what the others are asking. I guess they're getting more well-known because the inventory is much smaller than it used to be. I've bought three and never could find a blem on any of them.


I post it every time, and people still would rather pay triple for the same thing.
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