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Iíve never seen the shelves so empty

This is a discussion on Iíve never seen the shelves so empty within the Guns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Originally Posted by Double Tap With all due respect to everyone here, I think it is preposterous to believe that even if the worst possible ...

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Originally Posted by Double Tap View Post
With all due respect to everyone here, I think it is preposterous to believe that even if the worst possible election outcome happens that gun confiscation will happen.

Why? Because of a number of factors. First and foremost is gun ownership is so widespread it becomes a war against the average citizen. Second, there would be significant armed resistance. A very significant percentage of police would not be willing to risk their lives to enforce a policy that they believe is questionably legal. Policemen and policewoman want to go home after every shift and fighting armed fellow citizens is not conducive to that. Third, if the police tried to enforce the confiscation laws the population would actively go after the politicians to either incarcerate or do worse to them. We have to be vigilant and take the necessary precautions and make sure that the sliced salami method of eroding or rights is not successful.

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Even here in California, I see signs on our bigger guns stores, "No guns, no ammo." I ordered two P365 mags six weeks ago. Still waiting.

Police in my neck of the woods are not going to get involved in confiscations. Except maybe the Cal DOJ.

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Originally Posted by CZSIG-Vinny View Post
With cheap ammo prices over the past couple years I was shooting 300-400 rounds/wk of 9mm and 45.
Although I have a large supply, I don't want to just burn it up with replacement cost at over $.40-.50/round. So I've dusted of my nice 22LR pistols and I'm balancing my practice with those so my 'average' cost is tolerable. Competitive shooting 22LR knock-down plates with some buddies outdoors is a hoot!
Just bought an ample supply of CCI Mini-Mag 40gr CPRN from TS for <$.08/rnd.

Also just bought an ELMS 'Expert Laser Marksman System' from G-Sight as recommended by several other SIG Forum members for ammo-less timed/accuracy practice Draw and shoot. Captures image of the exact P.O.I. of each shot to your cell phone. I figure at $59 It'll pay for itself in no time!

Draw and Dry-firing a Red Dot can also be excellent practice as you can see any dot movement off target as you dry-fire.

Where there's a will, there's a way!
Keep on Practicing!
I would shoot two or three matches every week....one plate night and probably 1-2 IDPA's and throw in a monthly USPSA or a mulligun/PCC here or there which could bring it up to four for that week. Probably average around 180 rounds for each match, so I already had my normal supply before all this started to hit. Have pretty much doubled that stock, but trying to keep it to one match a month now because pretty soon I may have to just to stop and rely on what I have until, what, Summer of 2021?
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Just got an email from Ammunition Depot. Federal 9MM HST are now a DOLLAR a ROUND.
Glad I Got All Of Mine When I Did. YIKES !
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Living here in Gun World (WVa) it isn't quite as bad as others are talking about. I live on the outskirts of a small town just west of the capitol city. There are six or seven new gun dealers within 15-20 minutes of my house ... not counting Cabela's or the pawn shops.

I was in my favorite shop twice last week and they had lots of handguns.... saw at least six 365s, maybe ten 320s and two cases full of 1911s and revolvers. I picked up a new Ruger MK IV Competition .22, just because I wanted something new and I have about 40,000 rounds of .22 LR ammo. Something to shoot right?

Ammo was a little thin. On my first trip they did have ammo cans (500rd) of Winchester 9mm, 115gr FMJ for $139.00 but on my return trip this had sold out. They did have some Federal 50rd boxes at $14.99, limit of four ... I got four. I was also able to get 5K small pistol primers ... so I will have some .38/.357 to shoot.

This shop was pretty busy and had four or five guys working behind the counter all the time. Let me know if you're really looking for something I'll pass on their info ... good guys to deal with.
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i don't have lots of guns or collect them, especially after the tragic boating accident.

but if i did still have them and had to get some kind of gun spending fix, maybe i would resort to accessories. or take up long range shooting and buy a bolt gun.
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