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How to move 650lbs safe from driveway to garage

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When my safe was delivered the crew used round poles and a sheet of plywood to move it from the street to the back yard and inside through the back door. (no garage). It went a LOT smoother than I thought it would.
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Under $20

I used a furniture dolly and two people to move mine. Tilt it and place the dolly underneath and then roll it to where you want it then tilt it again to remove the dolly. I have done this on a 635 lb safe and a 1130 lb safe both numerous times. It also helps with the weight being distributed on 4 wheels versus two because if you are moving across tile floors less likely to crack tile if you have a hollow spot underneath (such as where not enough thin set was put down)
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Does the door lift off? If so, take it in 2 parts.
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Appliance hand trucks is what I used on an 800lbs safe.
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Originally Posted by NorthernMichigan View Post
Take off the door. Generally the door composes quite a bit of the safes total mass. My home safe (which was ~550) has the weight nearly cut in half by removing the door. At that point, I have two objects to move around, but I can do it by myself since they are heavy, but not obscenely heavy.
WARNING Never take the door off of a Liberty, Ft. KNOX, (or any safe) UNLESS certain you can put it back on and without damage. It is much easier to get the door off then ON. It also voids the warranty. The OP stated his safe only weighed 650 lbs and that is light for a gun safe - easy to move across any hard/level surface by 1 or 2 guys using any type of rollers, dolly, or just placing cardboard & blanket underneath. Now, for going up or down stairs - it gets more interesting.
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Our safe is a 'regular' size - I think about what most people buy when they don't have a huge collection. The appliance store where we bought it also installed it. That was ONE VERY LARGE GUY with an appliance dolly! He barely fit into the good size closet where the safe had to go, but he got it in place with no problem and bolted it to the cement floor.

Around here there are some really big guys - big all over. And they are super strong. A few of them are in the appliance business, both delivery and repair. They don't need helpers. We figure that at our ages it is cheap to pay them the reasonable rates they charge, and to stand and watch as they make hubby feel like he was a marshmallow even decades ago when he was that young. BUT back then he was flying fighter planes and none of these giants could even think about fitting into one of those. We each have our own place in life, eh?
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I had really good luck with borrowing one of these from my work, but my safe was only 600 lbs unloaded:

I'm going to guess your extra 50 lbs is not going to hurt it too much, but if it's an issue, various equipment rental places have stuff that would work for much heavier things.
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You could always pop the door off to lower the weight
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I can't believe I wasted 45 minutes reading this entire thread!!!

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Originally Posted by Anatolians View Post
i have moved large pieces of furniture like it was on ice with these.
Same here used sliders worked great. Did it myself. Just do it slowly.
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This is one of my safes. It weighs 925 lbs.

Two "rather large" [muscle, not fat] friends, two pieces of plywood and four smaller diameter pieces of plastic conduit. Took them all of five minutes to get it inside the house and in place in the dinette area [near the front door] for me. Plywood was used inside the house to prevent damaging the carpet.
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