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Kahr? (No, That Wasn't a Cough)

This is a discussion on Kahr? (No, That Wasn't a Cough) within the Guns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I've been here for only a little while, and because I'm a SIG aficionado. But we talk about other guns, and I have my share ...

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Kahr? (No, That Wasn't a Cough)

I've been here for only a little while, and because I'm a SIG aficionado. But we talk about other guns, and I have my share of those, too. I find it curious that some brands are never mentioned. I get it, not every brand deserves the stamp of approval -- at least from what I've read.

Still, there's another forum I joined specifically for another gun I own that gets no love. And, like here, other guns are discussed, too. One brand that seems to be getting a lot of attention there is Kahr. A number of the regulars there think very highly of the PM45, among others.

I've never held, much less fired a Kahr. But I confess, I like the looks of them. Here's the 25th Anniversary K9. Stainless steel, American made, single stack (7+1), Hogue grips, three magazines and matching 1791 holster. Priced like a top-end gun.

So, why the deafening silence?

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Really stiff slides and dated styling are usually the 2 biggest knocks on them. They did have a major setback in quality at one point back during the last rush when they were pumping guns out as fast as they could but I believe that was short lived. They make good guns but they just aren’t that well known.
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I've fondled a few Kahr's over the years. They seem perfectly serviceable, but I don't recall having ever firing one. I still haven't jumped onto the Tupperware/striker train, but if I were to be so inclined, I'm not so sure that I would find their 7+1 capacity to be very appealing, when there are more compelling options available.

If you believe that this model deserves more mind share, please share a few more details, along with your personal experience with the brand/model.

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One old my old shooting buddies only had Kahr 45 handguns. He was quite the AR sharpshooter and introduced me to holographic sights.
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I’ve probably owned 6 or so...MK9 Elites and K9 Elites. I don’t care for the polymer models, but the steel frame gives the Elites a nice heft. They shot OK...not as accurate as my P938’s, but not bad. They are a nice CC gun, once you get them past the 500 round break-in. I think they come out of the factory very tight, so the break in is absolutely necessary. My favorite is the MK9 Elite, and if I didn’t prefer hammers I’d probably still have one.
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Kahr pistols were more popular pre Smith and Wesson Shield but after the introduction of the Shield and competitors to it that all changed.
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I had a PM9 some years back. Great to shoot and carry. Also bought a Kahr .380.
Nice shooting but my biggest problem was racking the slides. Really strong.
Hey, I'm old.
Having our gym shut down for most of the year hasn't helped.
Anyway, I dumped them.
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I had a trusted PM9 that I carried a couple years.
I had several polymer and striker fired guns, then decided SAO was it for me.

The Kahr was as good as any I owned from the XDs to Glock.
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I carried a TP-9 for years. I cut the grip down to MK-9 length for a long barrel and short grip, ala the P-9 Covert that they offered for several years (hence the covert moniker). The trigger was long and smooth, but I found the shape of the trigger guard would pinch my fat fingers if I wasn't careful. Machining and reliability was great, but when Sig produced a pistol that carried 10+1 in the size of a 7+1 gun I switched over. I haven't carried my kahr since and have found that a lot of the Kahr purists are stuck in the "it has a great DOA trigger so I'm not moving" camp.

It didn't hurt that I moved out of California at about this same time so a 10+1 with a 15 round backup was music to my ears compared to 6+1 with a 7 round backup in my coverted TP-9 that I had carried in California.

Kahrs are nice guns, but there are a a lot of nice guns that have more features for the same money.
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I carried a CM9 for several years. I never had a single issue in 900 rounds. It did have the stiffest slide of any pistol I ever owned. I traded it when I bought a Kimber Micro 9. It was much more pleasant to shoot.
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Originally Posted by Sigarms228 View Post
Kahr pistols were more popular pre Smith and Wesson Shield but after the introduction of the Shield and competitors to it that all changed.
I have to agree. The shield and then the P365 took all the attention away from Kahr. The shield is such a wonderful gun, the Kahr's just haven't been tempting since it came out.
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That Anniversary 45 is sweet looking, I've had a few Kahrs, a PM40 when they first came out as they were considered really small then, now a MK40 and K9. I must say the all metal Kahr's are heavy tanks. I have never had any problem with any that I have had, but they don't make me feel all warm and fuzzy like a P365 does.
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I carried a PM9 as a BUG for a long time, still have it and a CW9 that I use occasionally. Very accurate, great guns.
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Originally Posted by fpuhan View Post
One brand that seems to be getting a lot of attention there is Kahr. ... I've never held, much less fired a Kahr. But I confess, I like the looks of them.

My K9 gets more CC time than my M11-A1.

ETA: Carry ammo is 124 gr. Speer GD LE +P.

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They're solid guns, have interesting 'double-action-striker' triggers. The really small ones were just too little for me to handle/shoot comfortably. I think they've fallen behind the curve a bit in light of more recent subcompacts, though.

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