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What Was The Last Gun You Bought That Wasn't A SIG?

This is a discussion on What Was The Last Gun You Bought That Wasn't A SIG? within the Guns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; KelTec Sub2000 40sw glock. I know I know. It is folded up in a small brief case, with a Glock 22 and 15 filled mags....

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KelTec Sub2000 40sw glock. I know I know.

It is folded up in a small brief case, with a Glock 22 and 15 filled mags.
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Ruger LCP Custom, Viridian R5 green laser.

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Century Arms Canik TP9v2 9mm DA/SA Striker fired. Interesting firearm and more accurate than I am.
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Walther PPQ M2 5" 9mm. I've got a Sig 938, 911 STX, and a Legion SAO but I gotta admit the PPQ is an excellent shooter with a truly great trigger.
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Originally Posted by willieself View Post
M-1 Garand from the CMP...May 1944 Springfield Armory.
Pics or it didn't happen! Luv me sum Garand action.
Bam bam bam Ching!
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Walther Model 9.

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Last new gun was a S&W M&P10 MagPul rifle I picked it up earlier this week. I took it out of the box, wiped it down, checked the bore, relubed it and went out back to shoot a few rounds. I was shooting offhand at a gong a little over 100 yards away. First shot: Bang! Clang! Second shot: Bang! Clang! Third shot: Bang! Clang! Never touched the sights. So far so good.

I also picked up a new to me Ruger 1911 a few days ago. Allegedly it was NIB and unfired. It certainly appeared that way but who knows? Same thing. Wiped it down, checked the bore, greased it up and took it out back for a quick function check. It ate all the JHP and ball ammo I fed it with no problems and it was hitting POA. Again, so far so good.

Despite all the problems we read about on various gun forums I'm convinced that for the most part the vast majority of guns being bought/sold/traded across the country function as advertised. I'm as vocal as anybody else when I experience the occasional problem but I suspect most owners of all brands are pretty happy with their purchases.

My favorite guns are Sig pistols and Ruger single action revolvers. Those two dominate my collection but I also own Winchester, Uberti, Springfield, Colt, S&W, CZ, Henry, Stoeger, Glock, Remington, and Marlin (I might have missed one or two). There are a lot of great guns out there and life's too short to be a brand snob.
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My latest purchase...S&W 627PC!
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What Was The Last Gun You Bought That Wasn't A SIG?

HK vp9
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Glock 17 Gen 3. I had a Gen 2 that I sold awhile back because I needed the money but kept 10 mags. It only made sense to get another one since I didn't need to buy more mags.

Lucky for me, I was able to get a P226 in .40 not long after that.
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Originally Posted by MoRivera View Post

Actually, a Ruger Mini-14 Stainless Ranch...but the HK was the last non-Sig pistol.
How do you like the HK?
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Originally Posted by Blanca Busa View Post
Pics or it didn't happen! Luv me sum Garand action.
Bam bam bam Ching!
Ask and ye shall receive....just a few I had on the phone...Receiver dates to May 1944 most internals correlate to that. Probably had an armory rebuild after Korea, sights, op rod all date to mid 50's. Got a new barrel in '65. It's a CMP Service Grade with a muzzle gauge of 1 and throat guage of 2. I asked for original wood, but the CMP is getting towards the end of the supply and just about everything going out now has a replacement stock.
It shoots better than I can with open sights. And there is nothing in this world like the sound of an empty Enbloc being ejected. I love it!!!!!

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A Kimber Master Carry Pro.
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Spring field XD Mod 2 FDE .45 cal

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In pistols, a cz -75B stainless and a compact one. Both trigger pinch. I rifle a FN Scar 7s. A beauty to shoot this is.
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