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Grease or oil the rails of a P320?

This is a discussion on Grease or oil the rails of a P320? within the P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Pistols category; I’ve been using Battle Born great in a syringe in all my guns for a few years now and have been happy with it. The ...

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I’ve been using Battle Born great in a syringe in all my guns for a few years now and have been happy with it. The syringe makes it easier to get into right spots like the rails.
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very little or no oil ever and only light grease

Advice from an old gunsmith who says that if you want dirt where you can't get to it use oil. It will attract dirt and it will migrate to where you can't see it. Trigger mechanisms can be cleaned with mineral spirits or lighter fluid dried and left alone. A little grease on the slide rail applied with a q tip won't hurt and will stay where you put. Never use oil unless it is a contained system like an internal combustion engine. Firearms are made of hardened steel and you won't wear them out in a lifetime of heavy use. To prevent rust simply wipe with a silicon cloth. I've followed his advice for over 40 years and have some guns that are older than me which have had heavy use and they run flawlessly including several 1911's.
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One of the Mil-Specs for the P-320 is for it to function in all conditions, so the fire control unit is now nickel plated and according to the "Sig Armorer" doesn't need to be oiled, only a small dab of grease on the rails and the slide where the barrel fits through it.
I run my P-320 X5 Legion like this and put a lot of factory ammo through it in practice and competition and the fire control unit is still clean and the gun has never had even one malfunction.
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light coat of slip EWG on all my rails just silky smooth
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Another vote for TW25B, great stuff.
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I have tried many oils and greases. Like slip 2000 and weapon shield. Just bought a can of balistol due to watching too much hickok45 you tube. I probably have more gun oil than I will ever live long enough to use. Have used grease on the sliding parts and oil on the sliding parts, all seem to work well. Important thing is to not let your gun run dry for metal to metal contact.
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Originally Posted by paularmola View Post
Thats way to anal for me. Sorry not casting Thin inside the slide works after every cleaning. After shooting my 229 with a Fat Guide Rod, I thought about using olive oil for health reasons.
Olive oil imparts its own flavor profile so you have to be careful with that.
Grapeseed oil is all the rage.

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I've heard the same question many times about Glocks copper colored grease. Been told it was a long term lubricant/protectant used to prevent corrosion because they didn't know how long each particular gun was going to sit on a shelf before being shipped/sold. Probably the same rationale for white lithium at the Sig factory.

I, too, have heard the mantra about grease for sliding parts and oil for spinning parts.

I have a tube of white lithium grease I apply with a Q-tip to my pistols' rails occasionally. I just don't like the LOOKS of it oozing out around the edges.

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Hereís a little trick for applying grease.

Get a 3cc -10cc luer lock syringe which are much easier to control the plunger vs. a 1cc syringe (you can keep a 1cc as a range bag grease delivery system) and a pre-bent 19-22 gauge blunt tip (larger diameter than 19 is too much grease coming out and smaller diameter requires too much pressure which usually leads to a messy application; the bigger the number the smaller the diameter).

Then transfer some grease from your tub/tube to the 10cc syringe, add the 19 gauge blunt tip and you are ready to go with a precision applicator.

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