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GG SRT Kit Issue - Fitting or Tolerances?

This is a discussion on GG SRT Kit Issue - Fitting or Tolerances? within the SIG Sauer Gunsmithing forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Greetings all, I recently scored a great deal on a P229 Legacy (same model as my former service pistol) and to match things up with ...

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Question GG SRT Kit Issue - Fitting or Tolerances?

Greetings all,

I recently scored a great deal on a P229 Legacy (same model as my former service pistol) and to match things up with what I'm used to I decided to add an SRT Kit. I opted for the Grayguns as I also wanted to try the PSAIT since the Sig short reach tended to pinch me on occasion.

Installation was fairly straightforward, no issues, and I've double checked my work twice to make sure it wasn't me...

Unfortunately after the installation, I can no longer re-assemble the pistol as the safety lever is protruding over the top of the frame rail and striking the rear of the slide just behind the firing pin safety.

I'm unsure if anyone else has encountered this issue, and if so how to resolve it... reach out to GG for a replacement part, or should I break out the stones and start fitting?
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If you notice, the Safety Lever's lower leg, is wider on the GGI unit, than the OEM SRT Safety Lever.

Bruce Gray advised this was to make up for not having a dual adjustable trigger, to insure full Safety Lever lift in worn guns. His suggestion would be to substitute an OEM SRT Safety Lever. This was discussed in a recent thread.

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Hello,,, glad you joined us!!!
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Thanks all for the quick response and warm welcome.

Not super thrilled about having a fancy brand-new part that doesn't play well with others, but c'est la vie. I'll throw another few bucks at the problem and see what happens. I have just about every spare factory part in the house for a P series EXCEPT a factory SIG SRT safety lever.

I've reached out to GGI based upon Bruce's input in the linked thread and will see how it turns out. Really excited to get this P229 up and running. After 10 years of Glocks I went to a Sig agency and became a fan... just in time for them to trade our Sigs in for Glocks.

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Originally Posted by Bruce Gray View Post
Howdy! I'm late to the party here, but will answer these good questions for y'all. Our SRT safety levers feature slightly more advanced firing pin lock timing, compared to the factory lever. This is to assure sufficient throw to release the lock, particularly in marginal or worn pistols fitted with overtravel-adjustable triggers. Indeed, our experience making the Legion triggers put a spotlight on potential timing issues that our lever can help correct where needed.

If your slide passes the lever for field stripping when decocked, and the timing is correct per the armorer's test, it will be safe and reliable. If it doesn't pass (because it sticks up and blocks the slide), you probably don't need it and should try the factory lever which we offer on request.

We market these with the expectation of installation by qualified folks who understand this timing. But, certainly, we can do a better job of explaining these concepts to our friends and customers, and I mean no insult thereby. I appreciate your understanding!

Contact Grayguns FIRST if you ever have a question or concern regarding anything we make or do! Thanks! -Bruce
Why not take Mr. Gray up on his offer?
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Originally Posted by ThnkFrst View Post
Why not take Mr. Gray up on his offer?
Beat me to my post edit after fully reading the thread. Sent them an email just a bit ago.

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Let me add a little to this. Are you decocking the hammer when removing/installing the slide? Decocking the hammer will lower the safety lever a little more and is recommended when disassembling any SRT equipped Sig. If once decocked it with go together with little to no drag on the safely lever I would just do that and leave it as such to ensure maximum lift on the safety plunger. If it is still definitely hitting too much when decocked then hit up Bruce Gray and he will be happy to provide you with the OEM safety lever that has slightly less advanced timing.

To slightly correct Willard's statement the lever Bruce provides it to help ensure maximum safety lever lift on guns that are worn or do have an over-travel adjustable trigger or both. Adjusting out the over-travel removes a little bit of safety lever lift that can be had at the end of the trigger stroke. So Bruce's lever advances the timing to get that maximum lift sooner. But at the same time makes interference more obvious for people that fail to decock before disassembly or reassembly. Also of course some guns are tight enough on tolerances that they don't need the advanced lever but that is not common.
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@ProBMXer1313 -
The hammer was in a decocked state while I attempted to re-assemble the slide, the protrusion above the frame rail was fairly significant.

I'd also taken all of the over-travel out of the P-SAIT just to make sure I wasn't having a tolerance stacking issue, but that also didn't rectify the problem.

While I was fast asleep, one of the CSR Gunsmiths already responded to me directly last night and sent a return shipping label to swap out the safety lever. Great customer service so far.
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