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This is a discussion on Female Clothing Suggestions within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Hi, I am gcracker13's girlfriend and I was wondering if the 4 o'clock concealed carry would be best for me. Also what clothing would be ...

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Hi, I am gcracker13's girlfriend and I was wondering if the 4 o'clock concealed carry would be best for me. Also what clothing would be best for concealed carry, as a woman. I would be carrying the p239 .40

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In my opinion, where you carry is personal preference. It's not gender specific. The concealment part is controlled more by your body structure. You want to conceal your weapon so that it is not visible, yet is easily accessible. The types of holsters you plan to use may also aid in the concealment part. If you use a shoulder holster, you would have to wear a jacket or a thick shirt over it. If you use an inside the pants holster then you can pull your shirt over it, and some models will allow you to tuck your shirt in over the holster. It's a trial and error type of thing. A good place to start is an outside the pants pancake holster. Wear a jacket or pull your shirt over it and see how visible it is... Look for bulges and wrinkles, and outlines to the material. If its too obvious, move on to the next type of holster or try baggier clothes. There are hand bags that have a built in holster (Galco). If you carry one of those, there is no need to worry if the gun is visible on your person. For me, I like an inside the pants holster at the 4 o'clock position. I can pull my shirt tails over it and its practically invisible.

Hope this helps...
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Thank you, you have been helpful.
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Color for color, prints do a better job of concealing than solids. Loose is obviously better than tight, and darker colors are generally better than lighter colors. The weave of the fabric can also have an effect as it lays over the holstered pistol. Basicly, an untucked Hawaiian style shirt would be a great cover garment, unfortunately they are not always practical or appropriate for every occassion. Fist makes a line of holsters, Lady Fist , that are supposedly designed with the female in mind.
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Depends on your size really. I carry the same handgun on a daily basis, although in .357sig. I've tried all sorts of holsters.

What you should do is buy/order an Uncle Mike's #16 holster. It will run you $10-15 depending on where you get it. Locally I can buy them for $12.99 + tax. Start with this holster. Since it's cheap you can experiment with 4 o'clock, 3 o'clock, etc. Once you have figured out what position you like or prefer with the 239, you can move on to a premium holster. Uncle Mike's are highly underrated however. They are extremely comfortable. And when you move to a premium holster you can leave the Uncle Mike's in glovebox of your car for those times where you need to store in the car such as government buildings, Post Office, etc. You'll have a holster there, waiting for your gun, instead of having it lay exposed.

I've tried Kydex, Crossbreed, pretty much everything on the market and I prefer the Milt Sparks VersaMax II with this gun at 4 o'clock.
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