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Seems DAK not as popular as LEM

This is a discussion on Seems DAK not as popular as LEM within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; I bought my first HK, P30SK LEM, and have been on their site a little. Seems HK folks like their LEM more than Sig owners ...

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Old 12-21-2016, 04:40 PM   #1
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Seems DAK not as popular as LEM

I bought my first HK, P30SK LEM, and have been on their site a little. Seems HK folks like their LEM more than Sig owners do DAK.

Love to hear why. HK DA/SA is not very good to me so that may be it.
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The only thing that I don't like on the HK DA/SA is the decocker. When I first tried it out at a LGS it scared the you know what out of me. The position is ok, but when you use it it just drops the hammer - CLACK! I like the smooth and controlled decocker of my P229 1000x better. So IF I'm gonna get me a P30SK it would be one with the LEM trigger.
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SIGs are traditionally a DA/SA gun. The the DAK came much later. I suspect this is part of the reason people think of DA/SA for SIGs.
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Yeah, agree Jake, HK's LEM is my choice as well. We have 4 LEMs and no DAKs. Just hefting a DAK and dry firing at the LGS was enough to review for me. You should try 'em sometime.

DAK probably has some loyal fans, but I wasn't impressed with its 2 reset points, and 8 to 6lb trigger pull's - depending on which reset point you stopped. My LEMs are all 5lb pull's with a consistent reset - easy/peazzy!!

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DAK was widely used by law enforcement agencies across the country.
Many LE agencies required a DAO and the DAK is close enough to it to get approval by many agencies.

Now agencies are starting to switch to 9mm again. If you had been keeping up with all the trade-in P229s and P226s for sale all over the place online, you would have noticed that the majority of them are DAKs. Those are coming from LE agencies.

I personally like the DAK. If I had been a revolver guy making the switch to semi-auto, I might have gone with DAK. I think DAK appealed to a lot of revolver shooters who wanted to, or had to, switch to semi-auto.

DA/SA has been the most popular-selling semi-auto action, outside of the 1911, of course, and well before the striker fired and other fancy actions came along.

And SIG never offered any where near as many of the cool variations of colors and options in the DAKs because, LE agencies typically don't buy anything but basic DAK. So if you want to buy the really pretty SIGs, you had to buy DA/SA as it has been the most popular among civilians.

That's my opinion. (shrug)
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I have the H&K P30SK, 9mm with the De-cocker on the back.
I've carried it chambered for a long time now, using the De-cocker and it's not a big deal for me.
The H&K VP-9 , striker, has an excellent trigger and a quality build. I especial like the twin ears on the back of the slide to grasp when putting the slide in battery. It's a nice feature.
The finish seems to be thicker than my Sig. 320 S.C.?
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Old 01-09-2017, 09:35 PM   #7
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Yep the DAK plain SUKs. HK's LEM trigger is light, smooth, with a fairly crisp letoff. I'll take an SA/DA SIG over a DAK trigger any day.
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Old 01-10-2017, 05:15 AM   #8
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Originally Posted by JakeAU24 View Post
HK DA/SA is not very good to me so that may be it.
Ding ding ding! That's a winner for me. Based on my experience w/ one model I've owned(USPc 45), I thought the DA/SA trigger on the HK was horrible compared to the normal DA/SA Sig trigger. Throw in the SRT and it's like comparing apples to oranges... and the apples have worms.

To be fair, I've never actually shot a LEM HK, only dry-fired, but I don't like the looong take-up and looong reset... which means both the SRT Sig triggers and my enhanced Glock triggers are preferable to me over the LEM. However, I believe the LEM is preferable to the DAK for many because the LEM is a lighter action than the DAK (which I've never shot, either).
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Originally Posted by IANative View Post
. . . I've never actually shot a LEM HK, only dry-fired, but I don't like the looong take-up and looong reset...
LEM Long take up: true
LEM Long reset: false

LEM has double-strike capability, so does DAK. Double strike on LEM is about 12#. Double strike on DAK is about 8.5#.

LEM can be set up at 8#, 6# or 4# (+ or-)

DAK's first reset is 8.5#, its second reset is 6.5#.

You can "half-cock" the DAK with a "half-pull." Helpful if you want to practice dry-firing at 6.5#.

If you want to practice dry-firing a LEM, at whatever pull (4, 6 or 8#) you have set it up, you have to cycle the slide.

The DAK is a long steady consistent pull on the initial live-fire. If you want the second follow-up shot to be at 6.5#, you have to wait for the second click. The first click is at 8.5#.

The LEM is two-stage, first pull. Set up at 8#, it has some pretty obnoxious stacking (pull gets heavier as you engage the FPSB spring). If set up at 6 pounds, it has about 3-4 pounds during take-up, then the wall is at 6# (based upon a lighter FPSB spring). For 4#, you also lighten the trigger return spring setup. The second follow-up shot is short and crisp at 4, 6 or 8# -- depending upon which combination of FPSB and trigger return springs you select.

When LEM is set up at 4#, double taps with LEM can be like a 1911--except there is no grip safety and no thumb safety. The idea with LEM is that the long first pull is the safety. Trigger control is important.

Double taps with a DAK is like firing a Kahr DAO (except you can hear the DAK's reset clicks).
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My P30SK and P30L 9mm have the LEM triggers in them. Love them, my UPS Stainless Compact 9 has the Decock but it is on teh side vs the back
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Originally Posted by 2tango2 View Post
My P30SK and P30L 9mm have the LEM triggers in them. Love them, my UPS Stainless Compact 9 has the Decock but it is on teh side vs the back
I've been keeping my eye out for a P30L with the V1 trigger in 9mm. They seem to be uncommon and quick moving. I'd like to see how it feels compared to my P320F. I didn't like my Da/Sa HK at all.
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