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Siglite night sights life

This is a discussion on Siglite night sights life within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Bulljack, IIRC in the beginning, I believe there was a "shorter" warranty period, like 7 years for both Trijicon, and Meprolight. Around the 90s they ...

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Bulljack, IIRC in the beginning, I believe there was a "shorter" warranty period, like 7 years for both Trijicon, and Meprolight. Around the 90s they boosted the term to 12 years, and as many have stated, they can glow for a lot longer period, as long as the vial is not cracked, and the gas escapes. As mentioned, in a lot of cases, you have no idea how old they are from the manufacturing standpoint. My own personal weapons, they have been replaced, between 10 to 12 years, both on my Sigs, and many of my 1911s. Some are on their third set.
I know being in the Philippines, may present problems getting "fresh" product. Your "useful life" is going to be dependent on a lot of different factors.
I imagine here, vendors will rotate their stock, and try to sell the oldest first. Whether they do the same worldwide or not, is probably, yes they do.
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Originally Posted by Bulljack View Post
The letters "AM" means your sights were manufactured in 2013. 'M' being the 13th letter of the alphabet is the code for 2013.
Awesome, thanks.
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The sig-lites on my P232 from 2004 are dead as a doornail.
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It varies.

I would have to see the system used by the manufacturer before I would be comfortable stating what the date code means. Companies use different codes for all sorts of things.
But the assumption is probably not far off.
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I turn mine off when not in use or just don't take them out at night. As far as I know all my old SIGS are still good.
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Originally Posted by Major Tom View Post
I can find no verifiable info regarding Meprolight date codes. If the date code uses both letters, "A" would be "0", don't know what "M" would be. If it is a one letter code, I am seeing where "R" is 2009. This would make "M" 2004. But Meprolight has nothing on their site that defines their date codes.

I would love to see a confirmed valid source for this information.
I got the info from a Glock forum. The guy who posted the info said he got it from a Meprolight employee when he called them up to ask about these letter markings. He said the manufacturing code started in 2000 with the 'A' prefix indicating 20 and the second letter the year made. The post seems legit enough and made sense to me. I did a google and same explanation came up. That's why I assumed it would be the same for Sig since their night sights are also made by Meprolight.

It has also been discussed here:

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I bought a 21yr old Wilson whose Night Eyes still glowed dimly.
Keep in mind color dictates age as well. Trijicon says their green will last about 12 years. But their yellow sights are only good for 10. And their orange ones are same or shorter.

I like yellow dots on the back and green on front. But truth be known I have no intent or real need for night sights. I started buying night sights when I got tired of seeing my original plastic Glock sights fly off. Glocks initially came with plastic sights. The front was held on by a plastic pin that went into the bottom of the front sight thru slide. Too many of them flew off or got knocked off. So Trijicons went on. I like the nice white dots on them.
But I don't really ever plan on shooting at somebody in total darkness. I always figured I needed them in case I dropped my gun I'd be able to find it and know which way to grab it.
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They should have named them Night Stand locater lamps. They are a very assuring glow, a beacon of hope.
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For those who haven't thought of it, those bright night sights can also be used to locate you if some bad guys get behind you at night.

The same can be said of luminescent numbers and hands on wristwatches, which is why we covered them up when I was in the Army.
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I sent the slide from my 2003 p232 to trijicon, and they replaced the sights for $57. Service was excellent and quick.
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