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Help with P229-357 vs 9mm

This is a discussion on Help with P229-357 vs 9mm within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; IFFV68, I like several other members here have the Sig P229 in 9mm, .40 and 357 Sig and for shooting enjoyment between the 357Sig and ...

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Old 01-06-2017, 04:34 AM   #16
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IFFV68, I like several other members here have the Sig P229 in 9mm, .40 and 357 Sig and for shooting enjoyment between the 357Sig and .40 I prefer to 357Sig over the .40 because my perception of the recoil of the .40 I find to be "snappier". I honestly hardly shoot the 357Sig due to the ammunition costs and availability locally and I don't reload. I've debated on going to the 357Sig for the better ballistic performance but have been hesitant due to the availability of the 9mm round. If the intent of the additional chambering of 357Sig or .40 was for range use and you intend to shoot a lot of rounds per outing I would choose the .40 Caliber just due to the ammunition costs and availability. Honestly either caliber is a good choice as long as it is your choice.
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I have only shot my dad's 357 guns and the P229 was the softest shooting. It's like it was made for the caliber

His guns are HK USP Compact, P2000, SIG P229, P239, Glock 31,32,33.
So out of those seven the P229 felt the best. Probably because it's all metal.

He's waiting for vaporware now (357 barrel for his MPX pistol).
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It's been a while since I've shot a P229 in 40, but it handled the round well. I own 2 229s in 357 and 4 in 9mm, and really like all of them. The 357 guns are for wilderness carry/long distance shooting, but for EDC I prefer 9 unless there's a specific reason not to. I would go .40 for increased penetration if I thought intermediate barriers were going to be an issue (i.e. highway patrol officer that has a higher likelihood of shooting into cars), 357 for distance (50-100 yard pistol shooting), but if those aren't factors then the low cost and low recoil of 9 carry the day.

That being said, the 229 handles 357 very well, and while it's not as soft as the 9, it's very manageable.

Bottom line: any of the 3 calibers will do well, just pick the one that best meets your shooting needs. Then post pics ?
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SIG .357...

Because there is NO Substitute!!!
: )
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Oh Shoot! (Pun intended). How did I miss the part about the HK????

I carry a P2000 V3 .40/.357Sig as a part of my rotation. I owned the 9mm and it was super soft. The higher caliber variant that I now carry felt even better.

I will shamefully tell you that .357Sig out of the P2000 is like butter. It's not as tame as my legacy P229, but boy is it fun. Through some Gold Dots or Underwood rounds in there and it's a party!

I genuinely have no issues with getting rounds on target under hammer pairs or controlled pairs or dumping a mag. HK really did good on that pistol.
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Old 01-07-2017, 03:53 PM   #21
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like i said in another thread, 229 9mm fun, 229 .357 more fun.....
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A 229 in 357 is the only pistol I own two of.
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With your eyes closed and similar high quality defense ammo I highly doubt you could tell them apart. In the P229 they are both very manageable. But IMO nothing tames the 40 like a full sized USP.
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.357 Sig is a fantastic round. If it were cheaper, it would be the only thing I would ever shoot.

Compared to .40, it is louder and has a larger fireball, but to me the recoil is not as snappy.
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