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impressed by P226 .357 (long read)

This is a discussion on impressed by P226 .357 (long read) within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; I traded for an olderSig P226 in .357sig... it was a spur of the moment thing, traded my FN FNP45for it... story behind the trade ...

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I traded for an olderSig P226 in .357sig... it was a spur of the moment thing, traded my FN FNP45for it... story behind the trade if interested

I have been looking fora pistol to start carrying every day. In the past I had owned a Glock 23(good pistol just not for me) so I traded it in at the local gun shop (mistake#1got screwed) and bought a HK USP 40... got married wife got pregnant wifeasked me to get rid of USP until the baby was old enough to learn aboutfirearms (I did) ... Fast forward 10 yrs hadn't thought much about not having aweapon in the house but got up for work one morning to find that our car hadbeen broken into... Wife says we need something for the house to protectourselves, if they had come in we have nothing to protect ourselves with... Ipurchase a Mossberg 590 (not a mistake... great shotgun) teach the wife how thefunctions of the shotgun, how to shoot safely, taught my daughter about gunsafety and explained to her the importance of leaving the shotgun alone (shewon’t go near it with a 10ft pole)... I tell my wife that I want another HK USPlike the one she asked me to get rid of… she states we really don't have 900bucks for you to go buy a new one. So I figure I would start saving forone and also look around to see what is out there... While at a local gun storechecking out the new HK45, HK45c Iexplain to the salesperson that I don't have that kind of money right now justlooking to buy in a couple of months, he states well while waiting to save somemoney have you thought about a FN FNP 45... 15 rounds of 45 and it's a greatshooting pistol for 550 bucks, in the heat of the moment I take it.

Not to take anythingaway from the FN FNP but I just didn't like it after I got home and had time toreally think it over... it was a much larger pistol than I really wanted butfigured with time you can used to anything. I go visit my brother and wesend about 500 rounds down thru the woods around his house and I just can'tlike this pistol. Afterwards I'm thinking of taking this thing back tothe gun store trading it in for an HK when I save up the extra cash. My uncle tells me about a local site forpeople in GA to trade and sell about anything. I found a guy that had anolder Sig P226 in .357sig for trade so we meet swap guns and I'm a new Sigowner.

I'm thinking great I nowhave a great pistol that is smaller in frame size then the FNP but I startsecond guessing myself and start looking for an HK, (it's what I really want...I think)... I have this older Sig in an odd caliber that nobody seems to like. I start making trade offers for various HK USPc .40sw but nobody takes meup on it... I finally make it to my brothers this weekend to actuallyshoot the pistol and let me say... I'm not looking for a trade any longer. This thing is so well balanced, the recoil is very manageable, the way itfeels in my hand is perfect and the trigger blows away any HK that I have evershot.. The only thing that I don't care for the lack of a safety, I dolike a safety on my guns.

Thanks for reading...

- A very happy Sig owner- Gary

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Great story! and congrats on being a sig owner!!!

My little story:

I was always interested in sigs and i have heard ppl bash and praise them equally as strong. One day i just rented a sig p226 in 40 and it just pointed so naturally for me. Even despite the fact it was a rental and was used and abused and definitly didnt get the maintenance it deserved.

about a month later or so i purchased a new p226 enhanced elite in 40. It has no recoil compared to the rental i used. I think it was because the RSA was shot and needed replacement, so the recoil i was experiencing (i assume) was mostly the snap when metal contacted metal.

Now i just need to get out there and feed her some more!

Happy and safe shooting!!!
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Gassig, I don't know who the 'nobodys' are who don't like the 357sig, but I've been shooting it now for some 12 years or so and find it to be an outstanding round in all respects. The Secret Service, Air Marshals and Texas Rangers seem to be quite pleased with it as well. As you seem to have found out when you actually shot it, the performance is quite impressive. It is accurate, and it stays accurate out to considerable distances for a handgun round. My guess is that you're going to keep this one.
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I have an older P226 in 9mm... I have a sp2022 in 40 which I bought a 357 sig barrel. I was very impressed with the 357 Sig round. It had a very nice feel to it. Congrats on the new acquisition!
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