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Is A New Gun Ready To Roll or ....

This is a discussion on Is A New Gun Ready To Roll or .... within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Hi everyone, new to the forum, new to Guns as u can tell and just got after a long research a brand new P226 legion ...

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Is A New Gun Ready To Roll or ....

Hi everyone, new to the forum, new to Guns as u can tell and just got after a long research a brand new P226 legion 9mm . Very proud also of joining the SIG group....

Question to the experts is: is the brand new gun ready to shoot or should I clean up the factory oil (preservative oil? ) and re lube. Should u guys recommend grease for the metal to metal parts or just oil for the entrare gun. This thing is a pice of art and I prefer to trust the SIG experts out there.

Thanks !!

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Disassemble, inspect, clean and lubricate properly.

I do this with every new or used gun I buy before ever hitting the range.
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My P320 9mm subcompact showed up dry and I was not expecting that. I took it to the range and had a fair number of failures to eject. I cleaned and lubed it and no problems since. The bottom line is that I would not assume it came properly lubed.
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With any new gun you want to take it down - clean it and properly lubricate it prior to firing the weapon. There are plenty of threads on this forum expounding the proper method of lubrication. I use TW25.
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Congrats on the new Sig and welcome to the forum.
At a minimum pull the slide off and inspect for lub and do so if needed before shooting, often times I pick a gun up from my FFL and go straight to the range so a complete teardown & cleaning isn't practical but I remove the slide inspect and lube if needed and do the complete job after the range trip.
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Like birdzman, I typically go right to the range after picking up from the FFL. The slide comes off, some oil on the rails and it's go time. A complete teardown, clean, inspect and lube when I get home. Enjoy!
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it's all been said, welcome from az.
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Welcome from Texas.
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Welcome from NV.

Yup, whatever glop is on there off. Then use grease on the sliding parts and oil on things that pivot or turn.

Most important to grease the slide rails, including the top surfaces of the frame. Grease the barrel exterior, including the hood and lug, do the recoil guide rod too - those be the important parts. I would do that on any semi-auto before firing a singleround - unless I was under attack and had no other choice
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My last 2 sigs, especially my 224 extreme that I got from CDNN came VERY dry. i did not go directly to shoot them, and I am pretty glad I did not. My 224 was so dry even the finish soaked up the initial coat of oil that I applied. It was almost 3 years old (based on manufacture date) so I am assuming it was stored somewhere warm and dry? It is good and oiled now, though. Several hundred shots through it without a jam.
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As already stated, I will check the slide and usually oil at the range, shoot rather immediately, and then complete takedown and lube that evening.
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For me, part of the fun of getting a new firearm is the process of cleaning, inspecting, lubricating and performing a full function check before shooting. My last new one (M11A1) was so covered in preservative that I doubt I could have hung on to it while shooting it right out of the box. I've also had some that came dry as the desert which could have been a problem.

In your situation (new to firearms/first pistol) I strongly encourage spending time with it in the comfort of your home, thoroughly reading the owners manual and familiarizing yourself with it's SAFE operation. So many times I see folks at the range, going "hot" with live ammunition and fumbling with a firearm that they clearly aren't familiar with. Very unsafe for one's self and others nearby.

With any new firearm, my recommendation is to take your time, be very deliberate, get thoroughly familiar with it and BE SAFE.
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Thanks everyone, I went thru the manual and couldn't believe there is no recommendation to inspect / clean and lube a new gun before firing. It is dry and indeed needs lubrication. Placed an order of Lucas Grease and Oil. Thanks again !!

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Welcome from MD. Clean and lube it yourself first. Don't trust others.
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Clean, inspect, lube, shoot, clean, inspect, lube, repeat as directed.

When I got my P225A1, I greased the rails and proceeded to shoot it. Once in a while I was getting failure to reset the trigger which was VERY concerning as it was to be my EDC. Upon taking the gun 100% apart I found that the oil Sig had put in the gun at the factory was allowing the sear to adhere itself to the safety lever. After cleaning that gummy oil off, lubing it back up, and reassembly, that same gun has not let me down for several 1,000 rds now.

Point is-never trust things just because they are "new" make sure things are good to go yourself as you know what happens when you assume........
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