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This is a discussion on Accidental Discharge within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Bought my p239 two months ago. Since then 500 rounds have been run through it during weekely trips to the range. During this time I ...

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Bought my p239 two months ago. Since then 500 rounds have been run through it during weekely trips to the range. During this time I have encountered three ADs. After the second time I detail stripped the gun and cleaned it, thinking maybe the safety plate to the right of the sear was sticking in some way. I shot it again and all seemed well. Then Friday night I attended a match event at a local indoor range near Seattle, and wamo, it happened again. NOT GOOD. I was asked to clear my wepon and step away from the line. As luck would have it our neighbor's son has a gun store, been at it for alomost 30 years. He stopped by yesterday for a visit. As he was leaving he was silly enough to ask my wife and I how a home project we are working on was going. In the course of that conversation I told him about the DA issue. He knows I am experienced, have a 1911 and an LC9 and so on. What he said back about the DAs was interesting: he told me some people who own AR15s and some SA auto hand guns (my p239 has the SRT option), will hold the trigger "just right" and use the recoil motion "just right," and the gun will appear to auto fire. He calls it "bumping." I can assure you, I have no interest in bumping, but hearing the guns can be made to do that is interesting. For my part I want to go back the another match event and not have the range clear when I walk in. What do I need to do to stop the DA problem? Should I just try to clear my finger after each shot? Should I hold the trigger down after each shot? Should I get a Glock? I like my Sig, but if this problem isn't stopped once and for all, I will move to a "safer" gun. See my post below, "One pull, two shots." Thanks for reading.
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Can you "bump" a handgun??? (it takes everything I've got to NOT comment on the GLOCK, but I have to let it go). Your SiG brethren will advise you well.
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"Bumping" the trigger is a trigger control technique that basically means applying pressure against the trigger in increasingly small increments until the trigger breaks and the gun discharges. For example, let's say you have a trigger that breaks at 4 lbs. You apply 1/2 lb of pressure against the trigger and then relax. Next you apply 1 lb of pressure and then relax. Then 1-1/2 lbs of pressure, again relax. You continue increasing in these small increments until the trigger breaks - you should be a little surprised when the gun goes off. Properly done, you will not anticipate the shot and avoid flinching, pulling or bucking the shot.

As for what your friend is speaking of, some teach that after the trigger breaks and the slide starts to cycle, you start resetting the trigger. If you do this while the slide is cycling, you will have completed the reset, taken up any slack and applied a little pressure on the trigger, but not enough to break the shot. This process allows faster follow-up shots by allowing one to complete the trigger press when the sights are aligned. You're ready to shoot and waiting on the gun instead of the gun cycling and then waiting on you to reset the trigger.

Neither of these techniques will cause an accidental discharge. The shot may break before you want it to (i.e. sights are not aligned or on target), but you still have control of the shot.

As for your double fires, you didn't say if the gun was new or used. If new, call Sig and explain the problem. You also mention it has the SRT installed. Who did the install? If it was a "Certified Sig Armorer" take it back to them. If the weapon is used, did the previous owner attempt a "trigger" job? Mating surfaces of the sear and hammer are critical and may have been compromised. Sigs have several safety features to prevent accidental discharges such as the safety intercept notch, safety disconnect, safety lever and firing pin safety block. The problem could involve one of many parts but needs to be looked at. Personally, from a safety and liability standpoint, I would not use the weapon until the problem had been resolved.

Hope this helps...Sig Marine (Certified Sig Armorer)
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Try changing the grips to something a little larger in size. It may help you control the gun a little better after discharge, preventing the bumping...
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I have had an issue with my Sig P229 and P239. I have been working on firing more rapidly and some times it seems to fire like that but it is my fault. What I have done is release just enough for the pistol to reset and then not meaning to - in an effort to take up the slack in the trigger (which is very little), I've fired the pistol again - I did that, it was not a malfunction on the Sigs part. I had stayed on target on each of these instances so there was no danger other than me being surprised when the pistol went off. I now am very aware of what I am doing and what I need to do to be safe.
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windage40, I wanted to come in here and dispel the suggestions that you are bump firing by accident (because I like to give experienced shooters the benefit of the doubt), but after reading your other post and this one...I think that's what's happening.

The reason I think so is because you say that this only happens when you do a long, DA trigger pull. It's very easy to accidentally pop off a quick follow-up shot if you don't consciously release the trigger all the way.

Next time you shoot, do two things: pull the trigger all the way through to the back, and when the gun fires let go of the trigger completely. In fact, let your finger stop against the trigger guard. Do that a few times and see if it helps you to avoid that second shot.

I've done it before, a couple of times. Even got one on video (was shooting a 1911 with a sensitive trigger): - happens at the 00:37 mark.
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