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Do you remember how excited you were?

This is a discussion on Do you remember how excited you were? within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; I am on my 7th Sig and can't seem to lay it down. It is my computer companion this month....

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I am on my 7th Sig and can't seem to lay it down. It is my computer companion this month.
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I was after a Kimber at the time and the LGS guy says.. do yourself a favor and give this C3 some consideration. Felt great, looked great, price was great. It came home with me and I soon found out that it shot great. Have bought nothing but Sigs since.
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My first SIG purchase was the M400E, shortly after it came out. I was completely jacked by the purchase, couldn't wait to get the opportunity to send some lead down the pipe, seemed to be a great rifle. However, this purchase was at the point in time that Cohen bashing was at an all time high and my discussions of the purchase on other forums, such as arf, were met with much derision and ridicule. While this reception from others was unnerving, this purchase has proven over time to be one of the best firearms purchases I have made. Since then, I have bought and sold many SIG's, still own more than my fair share, a couple clinkers, but for the most part, great purchases.
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I ignored Sigs for a long time, Iíd held them at the store but for the money they never did anything for me. About 8 years ago I picked up a p238 HD for a CCW. At the time I had a bias for the 1911 platform with a strong preference for firearms with a SA trigger and the p238 allowed me to carry a tiny version of the 1911 that I was familiar with. Had the Colt Mustang been in production at the time, I would have picked that over the p238. In addition to a couple 1911ís, at that time I owned a couple revolvers and a couple Glocks. After shooting the p238 for a while I was very impressed with the quality, accuracy and overall feel of the 238 and I had a hard time keeping it away from my girlfriend.

That year, my girlfriend had undergone treatment for cancer and she wanted to get me something that I would really like as a thank you for taking care of her. Without me knowing, she asked couple shooters that I held in high regard what they would chose if they could only have one pistol, and they both said a p226. She knew I was impressed with the p238HD and so, for Christmas that year I found a P226SSE sitting under the tree. I have to say, it wasnít love at first sight. It was big, blocky, heavy and the grip was enormous. I also found the amount of trigger take up both DA and SA odd. I kept those judgement to myself, and my opinion quickly changed after my first trip to the range. Once I realized that the larger grip suited my hands better, and that the trigger take up wasnít something that even crossed my mind while shooting, I quickly adjusted to the DA/SA trigger. The more I shot it, the more I liked it and quickly I wanted another Sig that was carry appropriate.

Almost 10 years later the Glocks are long gone. The girlfriend that gave me the signess is now my wife and my p238 belongs to her because shes still a die hard 1911 fan. Now that Iíve shot and owned most p series varieties (and almost every other common production pistol on the market) I can say without hesitation, if I could only own one pistol, it would be a p226. I usually pick and chose which pistols make it into the range bag, and my preferences change over time, but that p226SSE has never been left behind.
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I wasn't 'excited' at all ...I'm not 18, so it takes MUCH more than that to get me truly excited. I do remember how satisfied I was with it's accuracy and fit/finish and and attention to detail (craftsmanship). I was a W.German P220 in 9mm with European mag release that I had picked up at a local gun show.

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