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Would You Trust This M11-A1?

This is a discussion on Would You Trust This M11-A1? within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Originally Posted by Czechvar I'm more interested in the 2nd malfunction...any additional details on that? My thought was that Sig might have accidentally done something ...

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Originally Posted by Czechvar View Post
I'm more interested in the 2nd malfunction...any additional details on that? My thought was that Sig might have accidentally done something while investigating the Extractor issue, and it didn't reveal itself until you used it.
That was my thought, that they didn't put the firing pin block back together correctly and that was causing the fail to fire.

OP, if you're not hard pressed for a self defense pistol, but enjoy your M11A1, then rock on. Shoot it to a point that your comfortable with it to carry it, otherwise enjoy it for what it is to you.
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Yes, any firearm that was intensely diagnosed and repaired by Sig and shoots fine afterwards should be as good as NIB if not better. Shoot more rounds if it makes you feel better, but I think after 1000 rds without issue, it should be GTG.
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OK, so, I know I'm new hear but I would sell it. No matter how many rounds you run through it, you'll always wonder if someday it's going to rear it's ugly head of failure on you. I think you've run enough rounds through it to feel good about selling it to someone else. Perhaps it will never fail for them and they'll never have that negative association. Take the sale proceeds and buy another one that you won't have that past with. It's like an old car that left you stranded one night. No matter how many miles you put on it, you'll still open your trunk one day to find spare parts and tools taking up space because you can't get over the initial breakdown. Trust me, I drove old VW's for years. Spare everything in the trunk.
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Every now and then you end up with a lemon. I'd keep it out of EDC rotation. It's just bad karma regardless of whatever the "fixed" problem was. I'd keep it in range rotation. If not, you can always sell it and get a new one.

Murphy's Law. Tap rack bang if it fails at that key moment might not work. Is your life worth that kind of gamble?
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The not firing in DA/SA...was the trigger stuck, did the Hammer lock back and drop, did the firing pin move?
Hammer would lock, but drop with little force.

Trigger felt disengaged, wouldn't cock fully.

First symptom was multiple light strikes.

Tried the pencil (down barrel) test. Same weird failures.

I don't smith on my pistols (hardly any) and it's a SIG, so . . . .

Lifetime warranty.
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Look at this logically. Sig gunsmiths went through the gun. I'm sure it was detail stripped, cleaned, inspected and reassembled. I'm sure if something wasn't right they would have found it. It was probably just dirt/ debris or whatever. You have proof. (1000 flawless rounds) after Sig worked it over. Look at it this way, would you trust a CPO from Sig? I would, after a few hundred test rounds.
I'm not trying to talk you into it, just saying how I would feel about it. You could always send it to the sig armorer and have him do his carry action job on it and fine tooth comb it. Still be cheaper than trading it away.
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Even with a perfect pistol, you can always have a problem that can cause a failure.

Something caught in the trigger, hammer...

Bad ammo...

At the end of the day, we must be able to clear a miss fire and keep the gun running.

It sounds like you had a bad hammer spring and it got replaced ? You should be good now.
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Originally Posted by GoneBallisticInAlabama View Post
If you have put 1,000 rounds through it with no issues, I would say it is fixed.
I wouldn't have a problem carrying it.
I concur
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