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Which gun in car?

This is a discussion on Which gun in car? within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Not sure where to post this but curious if and what gun you keep in your car? I keep a P225 A1 out of sight ...

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Which gun in car?

Not sure where to post this but curious if and what gun you keep in your car? I keep a P225 A1 out of sight but accessible.

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on the seat when driving
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In my opinion, use your EDC—you're already familiar with it, have trained with it and hopefully enjoy it!
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Originally Posted by AZMacaw View Post
In my opinion, use your EDC—you're already familiar with it, have trained with it and hopefully enjoy it!
This is my philosophy too....
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M&P Shield 9
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I keep a pistol on my body at all times. I keep a AR-15 locked to and locked inside my vehicle.
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I have my gun on me AIWB. I don't leave it in my car.
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I have a different take on this subject.
Back in the late 80's while vacationing in Fort Lauderdale Beach my car was broken into and at the time my one and only gun was a beautiful Walther PPKs. It was never recovered. Since then I will never leave a gun in the car. I have no need to. I conceal carry from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep.
I have no need to go to any of the prohibited places in my license.
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I carry my gun on my person. As a rule, I do not leave it in my car.
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The one I am carrying. Which is a p225a1
I can neither confirm or deny having a secret hidden lock box that could hold theoretically contain a p320 for emergencies.
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While driving my EDC goes in a Remora xtra large sweat guard holster lodged between the seat and console. Real easy access and securely held.

When I exit the vehicle it goes in my Milt Sparks VII IWB.
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I never leave a gun in my car unattended
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Several years ago, I was looking for a "truck gun". I had to travel through some rough areas to get to a hospital, when two of my brother-in-laws were both there with cancer. Yes, both at the same time! Not a good time for any and all involved.
Anyway, being that you can't take a gun in, and not wanting to leave it (especially my EDC, a G19 at that time) in the car/truck in any location, let alone that particular area, I did both. What's that, you ask? I bought a S&W Sigma for $250, brand new. 14 + one rd of 40 S&W, won out over a police trade in M&P 10, or similar. The reason that I went with the Sigma was that I could very easily take it apart and take the slide assembly and mag into the hospital and leave the frame locked up in the car/truck. If someone broke in, they may be stupid enough to take the frame. If not, all the better. But back then, it was all but impossible to get a complete slide assembly for that pistol, anywhere. If they did take it, I was planning on buying the same pistol in 9mm and I'd then have two guns in one. Once back at the car, the pistol could be reassembled in less than 30 seconds.
I didn't break any laws, and I didn't leave a weapon for someone to steal and possibly cause harm to someone else.
So, that was my answer to the same question.
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I normally carry on my person. However in the event I need to leave it in my car because of where I am going, I have a Taurus pt111 G2 with the internal lock just for that reason that I purchased for a mere $239. Compact, accurate, reliable with 12+1 rounds and goes bang every time I pull the trigger. If it gets lost or stolen I am not out much. I certainly would not leave an expensive Sig in my car. Just my opinion.
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MPX gen 2 and whatever I have on me.

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