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1911 vs 226

This is a discussion on 1911 vs 226 within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Hey all! New to this forum here! Thought I could use some insight on my next purchase. I currently own a Glock 43 and 19, ...

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Old 04-16-2017, 04:28 PM   #1
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1911 vs 226

Hey all!

New to this forum here! Thought I could use some insight on my next purchase. I currently own a Glock 43 and 19, and a Springfield XDM 45.

I really wanted to get a 1911 and after holding many in my hand, the Sig Emperor Scorpion fit like a match! I love everything about it looks wise! I have only shot a Kimber Master Carry Pro .45 and was pretty accurate with it. Can anyone compare those two 1911s together? Recoil? Malfunctions?

And while I have ya here, I know I said I really like the Sig 1911, but I just did some research on the 226 and it also catches my eye. Im just not sure if I should get a 1911 or the 226? Someone needs to help with the decision!!!!!

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome from Alabama. I love Minnesota and it is on my top 5 list of places to relocate to.

IMHO It would be the P226 ....Hands down.

I do have a few Kimber's and I love them as range toys. Personally, I would never carry a 1911 design for protection. FWIW, I EDC OC a German P228.

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Just based on the other guns you have and are used to shooting, I would go with the P226. The reason is, none of them have external safeties and the 226 is closer to the workings of what you have. Plus if you get DA/SA you still get to have the single action which is as good as a 1911 after the first shot. plus you get 15+1 rounds. Just my opinion.
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Old 04-16-2017, 05:04 PM   #4
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I am VERY partial to my Sig 226 (and 229, and 224, and...). I vote for the 226.

Hey @Blackhawk13, did you catch the playoff game last night? I hope the Blackhawks score one before it is over?
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What role will the gun fill?
Seems the caliber may make your decision for you, with round count being a secondary contributing variable.
The obvious answer being either now, the other later.
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Old 04-16-2017, 05:20 PM   #6
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Originally Posted by CatmanIsGod View Post
Welcome from Alabama. I love Minnesota and it is on my top 5 list of places to relocate to.

IMHO It would be the P226 ....Hands down.

I do have a few Kimber's and I love them as range toys. Personally, I would never carry a 1911 design for protection. FWIW, I EDC OC a German P228.

Care to explain the bolded? No other gun design has been carried as much, as long, is as battle proven and worked as well as the 1911. I think over 100 years is pretty much a decent amount of time for it to have proven itself?

As to the OPs question the 1911 does take more training to be proficient with as you carry it cocked and locked. It has a thumb safety. One must shoot it and train with it enough to be able to subconsciously remember to snick that safety off on the draw in order to fire the gun. If you can't or don't do that the chances of you squeezing and squeezing the trigger only to wonder why your gun didn't fire go up dramatically. A Sig 226 does not require as much 'thought' and you can draw, squeeze and expect to hear a bang. But there is no more natural feeling, natural pointing gun than a 1911. And this is my opinion as well as a centuries worth of others as well.

Cat maybe the above is your reason for 'never would carry a 1911'?
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This is an extremely tough question. I absolutely LOVE both. I would never go without them so it makes it tough. I would go with the 226 however just because I prefer that manual of arms and the caliber/capacity advantages are also nice. .357, .40 and 9mm all at your fingertips with the 226. With extended mags like in my tacops in 9mm it holds 20+1. Hard to beat the versatility. My Scorpion 1911 on the other hand is like a fine wine, I cant help but smile while holding or shooting the thing.
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The answer is obvious: Get them both.

More seriously, or not, I EDC a p226 and own 2 of them in the various calibers. They are IMO the finest handgun ever designed. Simple, reliable, hi capacity, good looking, fun at parties, etc.

I am also in love with the Emperor Scorpion and will be buying as soon as they are in stock locally.

Yep, you definitely need 'em both.
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Old 04-16-2017, 06:20 PM   #9
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I have some nice 1911's, including a Wilson Combat in 10mm, don't carry 'em. Got a P226 40 SSE, nope, stainless frame is heavy, though it shoots nice. Have four P229 40's, one of them is my main carry. When it's too big, a P938 fills in. I go against some advice and carry DA/SA as well as SA, even at 72, I have enough active brain cells left to keep that sorted out.

Some think a DA/SA has an advantage for carry, no need for a manual safety. Many strikers are the same, but first trigger pull on the DA/SA is typically 8 pounds or more, heavier than a striker, so less chance of Glock leg (or now P320 leg). With an exposed hammer, unlike a striker, you rest your thumb on the hammer as you holster, that essentially eliminates an chance of a holstering negligent discharge. The SA pull is good. And can be made near as good as a custom 1911.

A good part of your decision would be what your primary use will be? I'd take my WC if hiking in the woods, if a 45-70 guide gun was inconvenient. (we have black bear and cougar), if it was for brown or white, I'd be inconvenienced. But for conceal carry, I'd choose the P226 (in 40) or better still, consider the P229, either over a 1911.
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This is tough for me... I did alot... And I mean alot of research....

And interviewed several friends who own both....

My first gun was a P226 which I love... Ended up with a sig 1911 in quick succession...

I shoot more accurate with the ( 9 mm) 226 now...... But the 1911 shoots smooth and is comfortable as well...

I would say the 226 is more "what you are used to". At the moment.... So start with that.. For now...


Good luck..

Both sigs are quality guns

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I'm not a pro or anything, but the trigger on my kimber is really really light compared to my 226 and 220. I kind of like it and would love to figure out how to make my sig that easy to pull. No comparo here, I like the way my sigs fit me more than the 1911.
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I actually have a 43,19 and sold a XDm in 9mm. I own(d) 226's and many 1911's.

From the list you give I would suggest a 226. I carry my 226 legion to the rifle range mostly now. I carry my 1911 in the winter months. If you like your XDm 45 you will love the 1911 and should go that way. Ammo cost is a consideration. If you like your glock or want a 9mm then 226. Grip angle was the biggest hurdle for me to overcome when quick draw coming from the g19 to 1911 or 226.

Sig over Kimberly for me now.

Have fun, hope this helped.
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Old 04-16-2017, 06:47 PM   #13
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Compromise. Get the 226 Legion SAO
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Commander sized 1911.

Nuff said.....
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Get both. Both are very good pistols.
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