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Is my M11-A1 normal?

This is a discussion on Is my M11-A1 normal? within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Mechanically speaking, the M11A1 is the same as other P229 DA/SA's with the exception of the phosphate finish which tend to be rougher and "crustier" ...

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Mechanically speaking, the M11A1 is the same as other P229 DA/SA's with the exception of the phosphate finish which tend to be rougher and "crustier" than the standard SIG finish on these parts.

I found that my M11A1 DA trigger pull had a heavy, gritty feel to it when it was new but after thorough cleaning, lubrication and ~800 rounds fired (plus dry firing) it's as smooth as and no heavier than my other SIGs.
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I have 2 M11A-1s

One is new. Shot once with the standard short reach trigger then bought the Armorycraft trigger in hopes of improving the DA pull.
It feels better but still very hard.
The SA breaks at 4 pounds even.
My RCBS trigger scale only goes to 8LBs but you can gauge to 10. This DA is so far from that I would suggest maybe 12-13

The other is a late 2012 early 2013 I bought used sold the original slide and bought a new 2016 slide.
The trigger is broken in nicely and is so much nicer than the new M11A-1.
Scale says about 9 DA and 4 SA

They do get better that is for sure

When running combat type drills I can hardly tell the difference between DA and SA!!
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My neighbor became interested in CCW. I took him to our several LGS's and had him rent and fire several pistols.

He fell in love with the rental M11-A1 and insisted on buying a new one. Prior to taking him to the range I put him through a basic gun safety course

(he is former military and didn't need more than a refresher, mostly for my piece of mind)

and dry fire practice. He was very disappointed in the trigger pull weights in his new weapon. It measured out to about the same as yours.

I advised him to practice dry fire drills at home to see if it would loosen up. After a week of daily drills he came back to me and said that it

had loosened up and he was comfortable with it. Upon measuring it again, it was about the same as it was before. He had just become used to it.

IMHO if you practice extensive dry fire drills you may have the same results.
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I recently purchased a new old stock M11-A1 (2013) and out of the box the trigger pull was heavy (11.6 DA & 5.4 SA). Stated pull weights are averages out of seven pulls with a digital scale. I went ahead and had a reputable gunsmith do his trigger work on it and it was returned with 8.8 DA & 3.3 SA. My trigger was originally very rough but now has a consistently smooth pull. As stated previous, you can work it out or have it worked on. Congrats on the new purchase. I love mine.
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It's been said, but for a few bucks you can buy a 19lb mainspring and your trigger pull will drop dramatically. It will still get smoother and lighter with use, you will just have a lighter starting point.
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Originally Posted by neverenuffsig View Post
I don't believe a different trigger will change what its pulling on a gauge will it? I wouldn't think so, but I could be wrong. I see what you are saying with geometry of your finger, but the gauge can't tell the difference in feel. If the phosphate coating is coarse, I can see how it COULD give a higher pull weight. Then again, I've never handled one so I can't say of personal experience. I have 4 sigs, 2 old german, and 2 new sig factory couple years old.
No, I don't believe it would change a gauge reading in any significant way. But it can change "percieved" pull effort.
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My M11 A1 also had a higher than spec trigger out of the box, right around 12.5lbs if I recall. I plan to send mine to the SigArmourer to lighten it up when I have the coin.
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