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Advice on upgrading from a P938

This is a discussion on Advice on upgrading from a P938 within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Hi, I am thinking of moving on from the p938 and getting into something larger like a 40 or 45. I bought the P938 new ...

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Advice on upgrading from a P938


I am thinking of moving on from the p938 and getting into something larger like a 40 or 45. I bought the P938 new just about one month and 500 rounds ago.

What is the best approach to minimize the loss on the p938 e.g., trade at the store or sell and buy separately?

What kind of loss should I expect to take?

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It seems like in the last couple of months they have become much cheaper than they once were. My LGS has P938s with a kydex holster for 600 out the door. I do live in NH though, Sig pistols seem to be cheaper here than anywhere else because of how close we are to where they're made. I'd say you could probably get somewhere in the 400-500 range depending on how patient you are and which model you have.
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It's been my experience that selling guns is like selling cars; you seldom get as much on a trade in as you do selling it outright.

Buy what you want and put the P938 up for sale at a price you feel is fair. If it sells, great. If it doesn't sell, you have a good BUG. Win-win.
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My first one I sold and broke pretty close to even. I have one now that I am pondering selling—you think I woulda learned the first time that its simply not a gun for me—I am hoping to break even or take a bit of a loss. Definitely try to sell outright, at least you'll have cash in your hand and that can be a good incentive at times.

Good luck!
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I would tend to echo ThnkFst's advice, unless you just don't have the cash, and don't want to wait. What have you considered in the other two calibers?
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When trading a gun like a car you will have to find a gun dealer who did not sell used cars before becoming a gun dealer. He will give you a royal screwing . If you find a good dealer you may get 50 to 60 percent of what you paid. If you are not happy with that sell it to someone who does not know about guns or keep it . What to buy find a Sig P239 in 40 s&w then buy a .357 sig barrel and a 9mm barrel. Then you will have three guns in one.
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There is a lot of them on the market these days and they are selling at a reduced rate. If you trade it with a LGS you are probably going to get the short end of the stick. I would list it privately for a good price but have a firm number in your mind that you will not go under. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by johnnymoff View Post

I am thinking of moving on from the p938 and getting into something larger like a 40 or 45. I bought the P938 new just about one month and 500 rounds ago.

What is the best approach to minimize the loss on the p938 e.g., trade at the store or sell and buy separately?

What kind of loss should I expect to take?

First, don't think of it as a loss, think of it as a learning point! Everyone here, has given basically the same advice, sell it outright, as you'll get more, than you will by trading it in.
As far, as moving up in caliber, to either .40 or .45, what do you see as its purpose? Is this for defensive carry, or strictly range use? Do you want to stick with Single Action Only, as a 1911 type action, a Double Action / Single Action type action, ala P220, P226, P229, P239 type pistol, or a Striker Fired type action like the P320 all of which are available in one or both calibers.

Many of us, here have been down this road, in some cases decades ago, before this variety existed, so in some cases still trying to decide what is best for us.

Decide what you currently want, and the members here, will give you their takes on what they see, as your best choice! But it is your ultimate decision to choose, what you lay down your money for... so start thinking of your specific needs and desires, and let us know!
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P938 and 238 are small, pocket, carry guns. Perfect solutions to a CCW.

A P239, 225-A1, or a 229 would be the next step. Bigger and badder, but not as comfortable to carry.
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A Sig C3 1911 would be a good upgrade with the same manual of arms.
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First, don't think of it as a loss, think of it as a learning point!
I am blessed to have had many learning points.
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I'd recommend not getting rid of the 938, but saving until you can buy another gun. Think of it like tools for different jobs they're not all meant for the same purpose. I think it's a sweet little gun made for a specific reason.

That is unless you are unhappy with the 938 and don't like it. Try and sell it private party as a trade in or sale to a broker might not get you as fair of a price.
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I've flipped some guns over the years.....and regretted doing so later on with some of them.

Did the same thing with cars.

I adopted a the same approach to both categories and it's really helped. I really think out what my needs & then wants are and kick the tires and mull it over a long while before I make a buy.

This has really helped reduce the impulse buys and better ensures I'll wind up with something that I'll enjoy for the duration of it's service life.

That being said....there is a lot to like about those P938 guns. I'm late to the party with these little Sigs, but really appreciate the ease of carry & accuracy potential they offer vs other "pocket guns". Big boy sights, single action trigger, checkered front strap and etc.

Such a gun as this will always have a spot in "wanted" list. There are times when I just want to carry light. I'll be able to do so with the P938 and pair of reloads and have some impressive performance.
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Like others have said keep the 938 as an alternate carry pistol (if financially possible). There are times when a pistol that small is just what the doctor ordered.

If you want to get something in 40 or 45, I would suggest the P229 (40) or a P227 (45).
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I sold 2 Blackwoods on Armslist for $500 ea. with a few holsters and minor extras. I went from the 938 to the 1911 Ultra. I couldn't be more pleased.
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