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Have you done this???

This is a discussion on Have you done this??? within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; About a year and a half ago I, like an idiot sold my Sig Sauer Super Match at my local gun store. It sat there ...

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Old 04-26-2017, 04:29 PM   #1
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Have you done this???

About a year and a half ago I, like an idiot sold my Sig Sauer Super Match at my local gun store.

It sat there and sat there and sat there.....I couldn't take it and in a moment of weakness bought her back, but at least for what I sold her for.

I went to the range and qualified with her. How could I ever sale her...I don't even recall what I traded her in for.

What the heck was I thinking?????

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Nice SIG!

Everyone has a moment of indecision. Every gun I traded, I wish I had it back.

At least you have a happy ending.
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You just aint whistlin dixie.
I think we all have t one point or another.
I sold a P229 Sport in .357 Sig......
However, it doesn't hurt too bad at all when you get a pretty penny. That always helps
Awesome that you got her back though!!
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Good ending. It is rare that you will get them back for the same price.
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Old 04-26-2017, 05:52 PM   #5
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I'm glad you were able to get her back. She's a looker!

I rarely ever sell or trade anything, but over the years I have sold or traded 8 firearms. But, I only miss two of them, a like new Argentine Sistema M1927 marked "Consejo Federal de Seguridad" (Federal Security Council) and a nice original Winchester M97 Trench Gun.

I never should have bought the other six...
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Old 04-26-2017, 05:59 PM   #6
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Yeah I wouldn't do that again if I were you. Someone like me might walk in behind you and snatch that up. Very nice pistol.
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Old 04-26-2017, 06:08 PM   #7
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That is a good looker for sure. Glad you got it back. I've tried to buy some of my sold/traded guns back but had zero luck. I've since decided to never let another go.
I've never suffered buyers remorse when it comes to guns but have suffered greatly from sellers remorse.
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Old 04-26-2017, 06:15 PM   #8
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well glad to see it back home....it is a beauty
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Old 04-26-2017, 08:53 PM   #9
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Glad you got her back ...nice looking weapon. I am very fortunate in that I don't have to sell / trade one gun to get another.

What the heck was I thinking?????
I don't think you were.

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Old 04-26-2017, 09:31 PM   #10
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I've sold 8 SIGs--I regret selling every single one.
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Old 04-27-2017, 02:08 AM   #11
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She's a keeper. Everyone likes happy endings
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Nice return home.

Following the advice a good friend gave me.......only buy, never sell
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I feel ya brother.

I was browbeat into selling my P220ST to a good friends wife, that I really didn't want to sell. The deal was, she got it only if she took care of it and when she was ready to get rid of it, I get first pick on getting it back. Shortly after her getting it, she got picked up by the S.O. as a transport officer and was required to carry an M&P duty arm.

Bottom line is, it was shot on my range, in my presence only and got locked in their safe. Three years later, I was offered the gun back, including 300 rounds of Federal HST JHP - Federal Premium LE - for exactly what I sold the gun alone.

Sometimes it works out...
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Old 04-27-2017, 06:53 AM   #14
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Yes, actually, I've done that a number of times with my Glock 19 and a Sig P226. I also did it with a Shield. Sometimes we just have to learn the hard way!
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Old 04-27-2017, 09:00 AM   #15
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the only gun I regret selling was an HK P-7 M-13, the only consolation I have, is that I sold it for more than twice I bought it for, long ago though.
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